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AMC by Jenn

After Ethan arrives, Kendall is upset and so is Erica. But Bianca tells her sister that she should hear Ethan out, realize he came all the way from Paris, he loves her and that she needs to call off her plans to marry his father. But when Bianca finds out that Ethan refused to give up his share of Cambias to his father in order for Kendall to marry him, she urges him to know that having Kendall and people who love him in his life is more important than his battle with his father. Greenlee hides Zach and nobody else knows he's there.

In Pine Valley, Amanda sets Di up to look like she stole money out of the Chandler safe and puts it under her mattress. For some reason, JR knows Di was set up and refuses to fire her although Adam tells him he must. Amanda then tries to seduce JR. He assumes she has something going on with Jamie. But it does not look like Jamie has any plans except to be with Babe.

ATWT by Eva

Mike and Jennifer get married in a beautiful ceremony Katie arrives late and cries as she watches Mike and Jennifer say their vows to each other. The wedding also reveals a secret Casey and Gwen swept together. Carly and Jack survive the explosion with just some cuts and bruises but Carly becomes even more afraid she will lose Jack again. A body is found in the debris of the explosion . Jack assumes the body belongs to Les since everyone else survived the explosion. Keith doubts that Les is dead despite the fact there is a body. Craig gets the money to help Rosanna escape the casino and rescue Cabot from James. Rosanna tries to stall for time and stay at the casino but someone arrives to take her to the work camp. Will's feelings for Celia may be more then friendship. Mike finds Katie crying and he stops her when she tries to leave and demands to know why she made a sudden entrance and interrupted his wedding.

B&B by Glynis

Bridget hopes that she gets to keep her stepfather. Thorne believes in miracles when he actually gets to touch one. Eric is speechless when he lays his eyes on an angel. Ridge confirms that the family will never be apart again. Nick feels that the right thing will be done if this saintly woman is as wonderful as everyone says. Brooke reluctantly leaves her husband with another woman. Taylor pleads her case. Stephanie worries her son will commit adultery.

Days by Danielle

Maggie convinces Celeste not to ruin Jack and Jennifer’s happiness by telling them of her vision. Nicole narrowly misses being caught once by the OR nurse and another by Craig but gets out of that one by bribing a janitor to claim that she saw no one in the supply closet. Bo is reunited with Roman, who tells Bo about Caroline and Victor, and together Roman and Abe gang up on Tek for not making an arrest already in Jan’s case. Belle and Mickey are able to talk Mimi out of pleading guilty but their talk of strategy is cut short when Tek, having been ordered by Roman to make an arrest today, arrives at the hospital to arrest Mimi. Tony has Sami brought to the bunker after the guards take care of Sami’s bullet grazed arm. Brady, Rex, and Shawn are brought to the bunker where they are reunited with Philip. The group is confident that Lucas has gone to the ISA and help is on the way but Lucas ends up being caught by the guards as well. Tony has the guards bring Lucas by the door so Sami can see that he is the one who shot her.

GH by Amanda

Nik fills in for Connor in a counseling session, hoping to help Emily gain closure. As Sonny's trial proceeds, character evidence against him mounts. The Quartermaines deal with Luke marrying Tracy and Skye's professed love for Lorenzo. Nik has a hard time dealing with what the man with his face did to Emily. Ric makes a statement saying Sonny did not kill AJ in court.

GL by Ashley 

Harley learns that Lena has been working with Alan. She is furious and wants to turn herself in. Mallet stops her by kissed her passionately. Marina finally lets Danny in to help her deal with Harley's situation. Gus, Alex, and Alan make it to Olivia's hideout in Oklahoma. Gus kidnaps Emma in order to get Olivia to come back to Springfield. Bill finds Olivia as well, and she tells him she needs him. He, however, only wants her honesty. Harley tells Mallet that she is not in love with him anymore.

OLTL by Boo 

Bo and Rex find Daniel in a gay bar and figure out his motive for murdering Paul and Jen. They have to wait another day for an arrest warrant before they can arrest him. Bo tries to get a hold of Nora to warn her, but he canít get through to her. He worries what this will do to her. Nora finally agrees to let Matthew stay with Natalie instead of taking him home with her. She then turns to R.J. for some friendship and comfort. David and Dorian meet at The Palace and figure out they are each otherís computer dates. Kelly and Kevin patch things up while Todd and Blair try to figure out how to heal from all that has happened to them. Asa puts a plan into motion with instructions to shot anyone that finds out where he is, or what he is up to.

Passions by Shirley

Luis continues to grovel at Beth's feet, acting as though she were the one in the right and his "true love" Sheridan is bonkers. Even noting that Marty looks like Sheridan, he continues to stab her in the back, telling Beth she even believes the two women are sisters somehow. Meanwhile, Tabitha has managed to draw Sheridan into her parlor, where she begins to plant the seeds of doubt as well as an idea as to how to make sure the DNA tests were right. She figures once the woman has proof Marty is really hers, she will turn her back on Luis because of his betrayal of her.

Kay knocks some sense into Jessica, or tries to, anyway. She is determined to keep her little sister from getting hurt more than she already has been, and she wants to make sure her Dad's heart isn't broken as well. In Las Vegas, Ned and Fancy continue to spar, with him finding a way to get into a charity gambling event at her expense, and her fuming after a thorough dunking at his hands.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick keeps the details of the events of the coffeehouse to himself. Christine is suddenly aware of how much help her client really needs and plans to apply herself to save him. Tom admits that a fun time means fishing. Nikki assures her son that he is the best father that his children could ever wish for. Katherine’s story has no meaning when it falls on deaf ears. Ashley can’t think of anything more boring than fishing for the evening. Phyllis fights for control of her child. Cassie is sent straight past her family and into the operating room. JT steps in it again with a pushing incident.

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