Thursday 5/19/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/19/05 Short Recaps



AMC by Jenn

Jack and Erica put their plans into motion for their wedding being held in Boca Raton, FL. All of their kids arrive. Greenlee is by herself without Ryan. She spies upon Kendall on the beach meeting Zach. Kendall does not realize that Greenlee saw Zach there, and realizing nobody wants him at the wedding, pretends she has not seen him and doesn't plan to see him again. But Greenlee finds Zach, corners him and locks him in a room so he can't bother Kendall nor disrupt Jack and Erica's wedding. Lily finds out for the first time that Erica has been married 9 times before marrying Jack and inquires if she will break her promise to Lily's father like she did all her other husbands. Erica and Jack assure both Reggie and Lily that they plan to be together forever. Bianca and Miranda arrive. Everybody is happy. But then Ethan suddenly appears looking like Bianca has invited him and Kendall walks away upset.

Back in Pine Valley, Ryan is drinking alone at SOS, waiting until he can get an appointment for a vasectomy. Simone is with him not knowing what's going on with him. While Babe is bartending, JR comes up and harasses her about how she's ruined Jamie's life and how Jamie's decision to give up Phoebe's inheritance will ruin both of their lives. Ryan intervenes and Babe thanks him for putting JR in his place. But Ryan goes off and has a secret meeting with a strange woman. Simone spies upon him and notices what he is doing.

ATWT by Eva 

Henry asks Katie to go to Hawaii with him for their honeymoon instead of going to Jennifer and Mike's wedding. Katie is reluctant to go because she feels she must watch Mike get married so she can close that chapter in her past. Henry pleads with Katie and in the end she decides to go to Hawaii with him. At the Walsh mansion, the guests arrive for the wedding. Casey continues to be nervous by Gwen's presence at the wedding as a waitress. Will begins to feel envious of Casey's relationship with Celia. Lily and Keith keep getting closer and Keith wonders why Lily won't make love to him. Carly gets nervous when Margo informs her Jack is taking Les to prison. Carly decides to find out where Jack is and when she arrives she discovers that the transport van has had an accident. Carly pulls Jack away from the van just before it explodes because of a gas leak. Les is still inside the van when it explodes and the impact of the explosion knocks Jack and Carly to the ground.

B&B by Boo

Bridget finally gets to see Taylor and the two catch up on each otherís lives a bit. Stephanie and Ridge talk about Taylorís return and what an impact it is going to have on everyone. Stephanie wastes no time in trying to convince her son that his place is with Taylor, not Brooke. Brooke in return, wastes no time in pointing out to Taylor that things have changed now. Ridge is her husband now, and they have a family together. She asks Taylor to do the right thing, and find another place to live.

Days by Linda

In the OR, surgery begins. When Dr. Weiss asks for the scalpel, she hands him the infected one from her pocket. She thinks evilly, “bet that would make Chloe’s skin crawl.”

A distraught Nancy says, “I just cannot shake the feeling that this surgery is too risky.” And in the OR - the doctor begins, but Nicole suddenly freaks out over the blood and decides she needs to leave - now! Just as she sneaks out the door, the doctor see that something is wrong with the instruments. He stops the surgery ordering that Chloe be sewn up immediately. But he fears that the damage has already been done! It is now that they notice “Nurse Baxter” is gone! Nicole runs thru the Waiting Room and Nancy screams, “stop!” She demands to know what is going on and Dr Weiss appears saying, “I am sorry; there was a problem.”

GH by Lisa

Carly turns the tables on Durant when he questions her on the witness stand. Durant forces Michael to take the stand for questioning. Tracy is horrified over Luke's latest stunt but still refuses to return the money. Dillon fears Tracy's wrath. Tracy wakes up in Las Vegas married to Luke. She returns home unable to explain where she has been. Luke arrives at the Quartermaine mansion. Nikolas thinks he has a way to help Emily through the aftermath of her rape.

GL by Elizabeth

Beth goes to Ross for help in dealing with Lizzie. Blake uses reverse psychology on Coop. Lizzie agrees to go away with her mother temporarily. Cassie can’t get past immigration and goes to Dinah for help. Dinah plays ‘Princess Cassie’ one last time and enjoys it more than Edmund does. Blake tells Ross that she and Sebastian are planning on taking over Spaulding Enterprises. Billy has to trust Jonathan despite his initial doubts. Josh gives Reva a large gift and she’s not excited. In fact, she tells him she doesn’t want it. Tammy continues to push Sandy away. Josh thanks Jonathan for being a ‘team player.’ Jonathan continues to get threatening messages.

OLTL by Mary

Lindsay testifies for R.J. in the custody hearing. Rex realizes that the poem that Matthew had written for Jen was printed out on the same printer that he had gotten his note. Bo confronts Nora about Daniel. Daniel and Mark go to a gay bar in New York City. Bo and Rex follow them.

Passions by Shirley

As Gwen, Rebecca, and Ivy celebrate their latest win over Theresa, Ethan was realizing he really does love Theresa more and is remorseful for his part in the whole mess. He confides in Ivy, who is dismayed and tries to talk some sense into him. Meanwhile, Theresa is at home with Pilar, swearing she will kill them before she lets anyone take her children from her. Nothing Pilar says sways her in the least. Sheridan and Luis continue their descent into a breakup, since he still refuses to concede that she might actually know what she's talking about. She leaves, telling him she wants to be alone, as Tabitha gleefully watches and pulls strings to get the distraught woman into her web.

Sam decides calling Grace might not be a great idea since he can't be sure she wouldn't take off again, causing Jessica even more pain. He does decide he needs to spend more time on her and her problems, tho, and that means no Ivy, at least for the time being. Kay offers her support as Jessica listens in on their conversation, but once Sam is out of the room, Jess decides she is leaving, leaving Kay to tackle the situation herself.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

John sees that his daughter is displaying sympathetic feelings that he would rather she didn’t. Victor gets everyone that he knows to search for a missing child. Sharon comes up with reasons for the phone disconnecting. Bobbie orders a shake down artist out of the bar. Mackenzie won’t let a crush have his cake and eat it too. Katherine sees that young love is hard to find. JT feels that he has jumped through enough hoops lately, and now it will stop. Nikki beams as her children show care and concern for each other. Cassie can’t see but thinks that she is in the right place. Lily recognizes the cause of a loud crash!

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