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AMC by Jenn

Jack and Erica resolve their differences and discover that their wedding will take place at the Boca Raton Resort underneath a tree that is symbolic of their family. Jack calls Reggie, Lily, Kendall and Greenlee. They all get ready to go to Florida. But Ryan refuses to accompany Greenlee. Kendall tells him she does not want to keep the secret from Greenlee that he plans to get a vasectomy. Lily reveals that she really likes Sam Gray. Aiden appears concerned. Anita tells him there's nothing to worry about. Reggie sees the two of them kissing and is surprised. Danielle tells Reggie she is not ready for sex and does not want him pushing. He agrees and she confirms that she loves only him.

ATWT by Boo

Barbara threatens Henry to keep Katie away from the wedding, or she will. Jennifer is upset to learn that Niki won’t be at the wedding and now she doesn’t have a maid of honor. Mike & Katie are both surprised when Jennifer asks Katie to take Niki’s place. Katie agrees to be the matron of honor. Celia convinces Casey to take her to the wedding so that they can all hang out with Will. Will is very grateful that his friends will be there and able to rescue him from his mother. Carly continues to have nightmares and be very skittish about Les. She gets a premonition from a dream she has and is worried that she will lose Jack again. She runs to the station only to find that Jack has gone with the transfer van that is taking Les to the state pen.

B&B by Boo

Nick pays a visit to Brooke and tells her that he is on her side. He is there for her and will always watch out for her and her best interests. Brooke is happy to have the support. Bridget visits Ridge and shares the joy he feels. She tries to remind him that he has now built a life with Brooke, but Ridge is too happy about Taylor’s return to think about the complications that this causes now. Stephanie and Taylor re-connect and talk about all that has changed since Taylor has been gone.

Days by Danielle

Mimi is convinced that her life is doomed and decides that she must plead guilty and turn herself in. Billie insists on being the one to tell Chelsea about her parents. Jack investigates and finds that the Bensons had hired Mickey to be their estate executor but that Chelsea has no relatives and they were broke. Mickey promises to set up a fund to pay for the funerals and medical bills. Belle visits Hope to tell her about Shawn’s phone call. Billie visits Bo at the police station to defend her actions in the pit. Billie decides to give up the search for Georgia but Bo convinces her not to quit. Hope walks in on them standing arm in arm and accuses Billie of tricking Bo into consoling her. Hope vows never to forgive Bo if something happens to Shawn. US Marines find Brady, Stami, Rex, and Shawn. Tony sends his henchmen to pose as marines to get Stami back to the bunker. The other marines escort Brady, Rex, and Shawn to their tent, intent on sending them home but Lucas sneaks up to the tent and frees them. Tony threatens to call off the deal with Stami until he receives word that the “Salem Squad” has escaped and is on their way to rescue Philip.

GH by Amanda 

At Luke's instigation, Dillon and Georgie lie and say they eloped. Port Charles prepares for Sonny's trial. Alexis warns Ric she'll divorce him if she does not convict his brother. Sam and Reese discuss Sonny and Sam tells Jason she is not pregnant. Courtney is subpoenaed, delaying her wedding to Jax. Luke gets Tracy out of Dillon's room and gets her drunk.

GL by Elizabeth

Edmund kisses Dinah which angers Cassie. Dinah confesses to Edmund that she has deeper feelings for him that she’s let on. Cassie makes a life changing decision after a heart to heart with Tammy. Tammy realizes that she loves Sandy. Bill & Gus arrive at the cottage to fin Olivia gone. They team up once more to save Olivia & Harley. Mallet continues to fight to keep his ex-wife safe. Harley realizes that his helping her is more about fixing the past & wanting to move forward with her than anything else. Frank warns his sister and Mallet that they will have an uphill battle. Olivia becomes a wanted woman when Frank puts out an APB for her. Alan increases the pressure on getting Harley transferred to Hellis. Marina & Danny grow closer, despite a surprise from Michelle.

OLTL by Mary

John, Bo, and Rex discuss Daniel Colson, and his being the “Ted” that they have been looking for. Matthew writes a poem for Jen, and reads it to Nora. Mark sends a CD to Daniel’s home, and he lies to Nora, and tells her that it is for her. Daniel leaves to go, and meet with the Governor. Dorian and David both find their perfect match on the computer. Evangeline, and Natalie have yet another confrontation over John.

Passions by Shirley

Sheridan and Luis seem to have come to huge roadblock in their path to happiness, since she is absolutely convinced Marty is her son and Beth and Alistair kidnapped her and stole her baby when he was born, while Luis can't quite seem to bring himself to believe it. Sheridan doesn't understand how a man who claims to love her more than all else has so little support for her, yet falls for every weak alibi Beth gives him. An interested bystander is gleefully watching the blowup of their relationship, since Tabitha has been trying to separate them permanently for centuries. Sam and Kay have a heart-to-heart about Jessica's problems, and she offers him the way to help his youngest daughter - she tells him to call Grace and tell her to come home, without David. He seems to be mulling it over, at least for a while.

Theresa's anger and pain overtake her and she goes after Gwen, causing the judge to have her arrested for assault and contempt of court. However, Gwen, seeing a means of impressing Ethan, talks her into dropping the charges. Theresa isn't impressed, telling her she will never have her child, no matter what the judge said.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Sharon loses contact with her daughter when the phone goes dead. Daniel searches high and low for a little girl. Brad ends up paying for and eating dinner with one of his least favorite people. Kevin is tickled pink at the thought that he is spooking a sexy suspicious gypsy. JT almost throws in the towel for the last time. Bobbie doesn’t care if he has a girl or a boy. Victor offers to work his magic to make things right. Mackenzie gives in and goes on a date. Victoria orders her house cleared when arguing erupts. Phyllis walks in on 2 men fawning all over a possible rival.

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