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AMC by Jenn

Jamie tells Babe that she is more important to him than Phoebe's money. At first, she argues and is afraid he'll end up resenting her if she is the cause of his sacrifice. But he's able to convince her that he is sincere and in it for the long haul. Kendall and JR dance around talking about what their feelings about each other are all about. But he tells her she should not trust Ethan. At that point, she goes to give Zach an answer to his marriage proposal. Jack and Erica admit that they love each other but are both stubborn. Maria admits what Zach means to her but knows she cannot get back with him because her kids come first.

ATWT by Elayna

Holden is still bothered by the fact that he can’t reach Lily by cell phone. When Luke returns home from his trip, he is confused as to why Lily isn’t there. Holden tries to divert his questions, but soon Luke realizes Lily is with Keith, and that upsets him prompting him to tell Holden he and Lily are not acting like his parents, but more like people who not sure any longer what they want out of life. Soon, Holden and Luke bond when Luke thinks Holden is jealous of Keith, which Holden tries to deny. Later, Emma is upset when she finds out Lily has left for the night and suggests he try to reach Lily again by phone because Lily would never leave herself disconnected when away from her kids. Once again Holden can’t reach Lily prompting him to say he no longer knows what to believe with Lily. A storm results in Lily and Keith stopping themselves from making love, which Lily thinks is for the best because she needs closure in her marriage before she gives herself totally to Keith. As they start to make their way back to Oakdale, Les calls Keith and Lily answers. Les tells Lily to watch her back with Keith because he killed Julia and admitted to planting the bee pollen in his truck. Lily defends Keith and doesn’t want to hear anything he has to say. Les leaves her with a message to Keith that he will take anything Keith loves and put it in a meat grinder and give him a front row seat. Lily is shaken, but Keith blows it off, and diverts her attention by telling her he will wait for her for as long as necessary because he wants her and when he wants something he gets it. Katie seeing Barbara overwhelmed with wedding plans offers to help against Barbara’s desires, and goes to work with the caterers. Mike shows up without Jen, who had to stay at the Street Jeans office to finish up some work, and he and Katie end up doing a cake tasting, which Barbara witnesses. Later when Mike kisses Katie on the cheek, Barbara sarcastically can’t help but ask if Mike knows he is kissing the wrong bride. After Mike leaves to pick up Jen for her fitting, Barbara again is disturbed when she silently witnesses Katie trying on Jen’s veil and holding up the dress while gazing into the mirror. Craig is determined to help Rosanna out of Bangkok with Cabot. Rosanna is unsure whether to trust him, but when James arrives wanting to take her to a labor camp, she will do anything to stall him. Once James leaves, Craig convinces Rosanna to give him her account and password information, which she begrudgingly gives him after she feels she is out of options. She leaves Craig with a plea that if he ever loved Cabot as his son, he will not take her money and leave her there.

B&B by Boo

Stephanie and Eric discuss the importance of getting Ridge some help before she takes off to talk to Ridge about it. Ridge lets Brooke sleep in so that he can spend more family time with Taylor and the children. Brooke is upset to learn that Ridge made a decision to allow the girls to come home early from school without discussing it with her. Ridge doesn’t give her much time to talk about it and rushes out of the room to join Taylor again in the front room. Bridget visits with her mother and is very relieved that Brooke is so confident that nothing has changed between her and Ridge. Brooke knows that her relationship with Ridge is solid and they will work through whatever they have to. Stephanie is shocked beyond words to see Taylor alive, but right away tells Taylor that her place is here with Ridge and the children.

Days by Linda

Today, Craig and Nancy are with their daughter as the time for surgery fast approaches. &# 9;Chloe has a dream in which her face is a mass of scars when Brady sees her - and she refused to have surgery. But after the doctor reassures her - she decides to go ahead with it. Nicole is still lurking remembering her conversation with the surgeon who wanted her to sterilize the surgical equipment he just used. She is stopped by another nurse who announces that sterilizing instruments is her job! Nicole thinks on her feet and tells this nurse that the doctor was very upset about these instruments not being sterilized twice and Nicole covered for her and said that she was doing them - even twice to make sure they were really sterile. The nurse buys is and sends Nicole to get Chloe for surgery. She goes in with her face covered with a mask and hopes nobody recognizes her! Back to Salem - and to the Carver home where Celeste has a nightmare also - she walks into Abe and Lexie’s house and calls out for them - but nobody answers - then Tek joins her and says, “the Carver family does not exist anymore!” In another room, Lexie wakes up to an empty bed. Abe is sitting at the end of the bed and she asks him if he is all right. He starts talking about the fact that he can no longer make love to her and shocks her by asking for a divorce.

Later Lexie hears the doorbell ring. It's Tek, and he says he is there to brief Abe on the Spears investigation. When Celeste enters the room and see Tek she promptly faint - right in his arms. Lexie tells her mother about Abe’s request for a divorce. Tek knocks on the bedroom door and Abe sarcastically informs him that another detective was already briefing him. Tek tries to explain he didn't want to stress Abe out and that's why he hadn't told him about the investigation, but Abe makes it perfectly clear that Tek is not welcome. Celeste walks in to overhear Abe muttering about Tek's relationship with his wife.. She encourages Abe to fight for her daughter but being blind and impotent he feels weak and incapable of doing so. He asks to be alone to think about it. Meanwhile, across the ocean, we find Stami - remembering Tony’s promise not to hurt Philip. Stami also wants Tony to once again promise that he will not hurt any one of them. Brady overhears Stan on the phone and wonders what that was all about. Bart comes to Tony and in forms him that the U. S. Armed Forces are getting closer. Back to out ragtag group of rescuers as the shells are exploding around them from the enemy. Tony only wanta to get the entire group into his trap as he tells Bart, “they won’t know what hit them.” Brady, Rex and Shawn gather together and Brady tells them the journalist has the map. Lucas follows the trio after looking at a picture of Will and Sami. Bart gets a call with a big problem that could ruin their entire plan. The rescuers are surrounded. We see Shawn, Philip and Rex being captured!

GH by Lisa

Sonny tries to assure Michael that he will make everything all right. Sonny and Carly decide the best thing to do is for Carly to leave the country with Michael and Morgan. A guilty Michael refuses to leave the country with Sonny in jail but agrees to after speaking with Sam. Mac arrives with a subpoena for Carly to testify at Sonny's hearing which derails her plans to flee with the children. Ric informs Sonny that there will be a trial after all. Sonny realizes Reese is responsible for the change and that it gives him a chance to avoid prison while still protecting Michael. Alexis warns Ric that she'll leave him if he gets Sonny off the murder charge.

Nikolas demands that Tracy return the Cassadine money but she refuses. Emily dumps a vase full of water on Tracy. Nikolas and Emily make a connection but it's broken as memories of the rape surface. Luke is determined to steal back the money from Tracy. Skye forces herself not to get involved in another one of Luke's schemes. Luke turns to a reluctant Dillon for help.

GL by Elizabeth 

Cassie tells Jeffery that she’s leaving town to protect Will. Ross becomes worried about his daughter and warns Edmund not to hurt her. Coop & Lizzie make up. Bill finds out where Olivia is hiding and enlists the help of Danny. He ends up with more than he bargained for. Edmund walks in on Jeffery & Cassie kissing one another and is devastated. In retaliation he kisses a smitten Dinah. Beth warns Coop to stay away from Lizzie, for unusual reasons. Ross counsels Lizzie on the importance of being true to herself. Jeffery makes secret travel plans.

OLTL by Mary  

They all gather at Lindsay’s art studio after the funeral. Nora confronts Marcie about her knowing something that she isn’t telling her. Jessica goes to see Dr. Jamison, and they discuss DID. Todd and Blair discuss Margaret being pregnant with his child. Michael finds out that Jen was definitely murdered. Rex, after searching Daniel’s office finds out that Daniel’s first name is Ted. Daniel is appointed Lieutenant Governor.

Passions by Shirley

Beth managed to bamboozle Luis, as usual. Her "confession" was that Alistair had paid her to break up him and Sheridan, and he swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. Once he arrived home without Marty, however, Sheridan faced him down for once, asking why he always falls for whatever stupid excuse Beth gives him. She spent her time getting the house decorated to welcome Marty and talking to her mother after a trip to get some balloons, and not having her son come home was the last straw. Chad and Whitney meet up in the park while Chad was trying to figure out a name for the baby. She reminded him of his desire to name his first son Miles Davis, so that's what he did. Fox stumbles on the happy scene and blows up, going directly to the office and rifling Chad's desk, stealing the big project Chad had just finished.

The judge decides Gwen didn't mean to kill Theresa, it was the drugs doing it, so she drops all the charges. However, a worse blow was to follow, when she then gave temporary custody of Jane to Ethan and Gwen. The distraught mother who just got her beloved baby back from being kidnapped by Gwen has to watch her and Ethan, as well as Ivy and Rebecca, joyfully hugging and rejoicing at the news.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

JT feels that girls don’t act honest and sincere although they demand that from men. Gitta explains about the amulet she always wears. Daniel’s offer to go and find a missing girl is refused. Victoria touches base with her father and learns that nothing has changed. John is given the order to go home and be put to bed. Michael can see that his family is up to something but he really doesn’t want to know what. Jack lays into the CEO for allowing a brilliant chemist to leave the company. Gloria offers to come along when a sexy therapist offers to put her client to bed. Nick tries to get his wife to think of happy thoughts for the future. Mackenzie is not in the mood for ear biting.

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