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AMC by Jenn

Erica finds out that the masked man who's taken her away is Jack. He holds her captive on a boat. She demands he lets her go. But he tells her he's not going to give up or let her give up on them. They are both too stubborn to make any compromises. Greenlee walks in on Ryan's and Kendall's conversation about his having a vasectomy. But she is still unaware. Kendall tells them that they have problems when they must keep secrets from each other and leaves. Greenlee is not angry at her husband for having reservations about having children. But she still knows nothing about the vasectomy and has the mistaken impression that he is seeing a shrink. Kendall tells Zach that she plans to go through with marrying him. But he tells her that there might be a downside for her if she marries him.

Jamie and everyone are shocked to find out that not only did PHoebe give him the ultimatum in her will that he must get rid of Babe in order to inherit, but that she will leave JR in charge of Jamie's financial future. JR loves that. Babe tells Jamie she will not cause him to lose his money. But Jamie tells her she is more important than the money. After finding out that Tad's niece, Kelsey, is his biological mother, Sam Gray goes and talks to Tad and asks to live with him. But Tad takes him home to Maria, explaining that she is his mother in every way that counts and he needs to work out his differences with her.

ATWT by Elayna

Emily tries to convince Paul to forget about Rosanna and what went wrong in their marriage to make her leave. She wants Paul to get back out into the dating world, but Paul is dead set against romance. Emily wants to convince him he is a catch, and she promises to help him find the woman of his dreams. They end up becoming buzzed and having a really fun time, but after Emily leaves Paul pulls out his wedding band when he was married to Rosanna to look at it. Holden’s doubt of Keith intensifies when he runs into Les at the Police Station. Holden seeks out Jack who is having lunch with Carly. Holden comes in demanding Jack look into Keith, as Julia’s murderer, but Jack will have none of it, because he is sure that it was Les. He is angry with Holden for suggesting they let Les off after what he did to Carly and JJ, but Holden just wants him to reconsider him for Julia’s murder. Carly supports Keith as well, and is a little curious as to why Holden is so jealous, and suggests he call Lily. Meanwhile, Lily and Keith have set up camp for the night in the woods near a place Keith used to play as a child. They continue to bond some more. There bonding turns passionate as they kiss every chance they can get. When Lily excuses herself for a moment, Holden calls her cell phone and Keith turns the phone off, as he lays out the sleeping bag for Lily and him. Craig has seen Rosanna in Bangkok and convinces a woman to let him in to see her. Rosanna is shocked to see Craig, but wants him to leave. Craig is confused at what she is doing there, and does not want to leave her there. She finally explains she is there because James has Cabot. Craig is amazed thinking Cabot had obviously died in the fire. She explains the events leading up to her trying to make a call to Paul, which James found out about, which caused him to leave her there and leave with Cabot. Craig promises to help get her out of there, and to help her get Cabot back, as we hear James outside the door, back to get Rosanna.

B&B by Boo

Brooke tries to convince Ridge that the family he and she have worked so hard to make needs to stay in tact and that Taylor needs to be moved to another location. Ridge is so happy that Taylor is alive, and able to raise their children with him that he doesn’t see the problem. He thinks they can all be one big happy family. Taylor continues to catch up on her children’s lives and all the gossip involved with them. She makes Thomas very happy when she agrees to just hold him for a few minutes. Bridgett continues to worry to Nick about how all of this is going to affect everyone she knows. Nick tries to keep her mind off of it, but only succeeds for a short time.

Days by Danielle

Lexie becomes uncomfortable when Tek professes his never changing feelings for her. Lexie vows that they must remain friends only but doesn’t like witnessing Tek make plans to go out with another woman. Brady reveals a stash of satellite phones that he stole from John’s office and allows Rex to call Mimi and Shawn to call Belle. Rex allows Stan to use his phone and Sami decides to call Kate to check on Will but Kate is rude and hangs up on her. Lucas declines Brady’s offer to call Will or Sami so Brady uses the phone to call Nicole where they talk about how if Chloe were still alive, he’d go back to her but since Brady believes Chloe to be dead, he proclaims his love and desire for Nicole. A computer and then life size vision of herself in a nurses’ outfit that convinces her to go through with the plan to harm Chloe taunt Nicole. Dr. Weiss asks Nicole, believing her to be Nurse Baxter, to sterilize the instruments before Chloe’s surgery because the last patient had flesh-eating bacteria. Nicole decides to only pretend that she sterilized the instruments. Billie stops by Kate’s place to get Lucas’ key where she tells Kate about sleeping with Bo and Kate tells her about Roman and the others returning to Salem. Billie notes that Kate is in love with both John and Roman and urges her to think of whom she’d rather be with before leaving. Kate puts John’s picture face down before joining Roman in the bedroom.

GH by Amanda

Although Sonny insists that Reese is protecting him for less than noble reasons, that he, Sonny, killed AJ, Ric isn't buying anything, except how devoted Sonny is to his kids. Carly considers how to get away safely. Monica allows Alan to rest in her house, but is still divorcing him. Skye says she in not attracted to Luke. Emily and Nik plan to burn the place where she was raped. Michael begins to remember killing AJ and tells Jason. Then, he insists on going to the police station, interrupting Sonny's protection plans. Lorenzo intends to nab ELQ. Nik and Em begin to reconnect.

GL by Ashley

Mallet finds a way to get Harley off the transfer bus, and she realizes that he did it because he loves her and always has. Gus confronts Alan about setting up the transfer, and Lizzie runs to defend him. She wants to keep Coop safe after hearing Alan’s threats against him. Edmund tells Cassie that the only way she will keep her son is if she packs up and goes into hiding. After much thought, she agrees. Dinah will be going along with them, and she hints to Ross that she might be leaving. He wants to know why. Coop grows angry with Lizzie and storms off after realizing that she lied to protect Alan.

OLTL by Mary

They all gather for Jen’s funeral including Jen’s brother Will. Nora confronts Marcie about her remark that you may be married to someone, but you never know them. Michael arrives to take her to the funeral. Todd finally confesses the truth to Blair about Margaret, and the rape, and her wanting his baby. Viki, Will, Matthew, Riley, and Rex speak at Jen’s funeral. Marcie sings. Michael performs an autopsy on Jen.

Passions by Shirley

Sheridan is itching to face Beth down with what they now know about her and Alistair, but Luis is still dragging his feet. However, a phone call from Beth gives him second thoughts and sends him running to her home to see what it is she has to confess. Sheridan doesn't care, she just wants him to hurry home and bring their baby with him. Eve is Ethan's secret weapon in court, and she gives Gwen a medical excuse for trying to kill Theresa and kidnapping her baby. It's up to the judge now, but it was Ethan's motion to the court that stopped Theresa in her tracks - he wants the charges dropped against Gwen, and total custody of Jane for him and Gwen.

Fancy saves Ned's neck by giving the loan shark her watch, worth much more than what he owed the man. Ned is shocked to see the Harmony area code on her phone when she receives a call she doesn't answer. It's clear she is a Crane, but Ned's identity hasn't been brought out yet. Can you say "Noah Bennett"?

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis denies that her son has a drinking problem. Lily has a great idea for a hideout for Daniel. Sharon blames the hospital for an out-of-control fever. JT has fooled his senorita into having a fiesta with him. Victor gives his granddaughter part of the blame for putting herself in such a predicament. Daniel thinks that staying in town and hiding is crazy. Nick starts the search for his daughter. Michael demands an answer to his proposal immediately. Mackenzie is frustrated when it looks like she has been overreacting. Lauren is heading to the altar.

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