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AMC by Jenn

Erica surprises Zach by proposing to him and offering him everything he wanted from Kendall, in exchange for his leaving Kendall alone. He refuses. When she leaves his home, a disguised person grabs her and carries her away. Greenlee works on Jack to realize he must get back with Erica. Ryan reveals to Kendall that he will never consider having children because he's afraid he'll turn into his father and brothers and continue the cycle. But Greenlee knows nothing about his plans to have a vasectomy. Maria and Anita reveal to Sam that Bobbie Warner and Kelly Martin are his biological parents and Maria and Edmund adopted him. The lawyer comes to read Phoebe's will. And she says she will give all her money to Jamie under the condition that he gets rid of Babe.

ATWT by Eva

Jennifer makes amends with Katie after arriving at Metro and discovering Katie planned an engagement party for her and Mike. Mike and Katie talk things out and decide they will always love each other but they can let go of each other and be friends. Jennifer apologizes to Will for not letting him know earlier about the baby and the wedding. Jennifer also explains to Will the reason she is allowing Barbara to plan her wedding and design her dress is because she helped get rid of Craig to make her life easier. Keith explains to Lily that the reason he didn't tell her the truth about owing money to the mob is because he was afraid she would never forgive him and he would lose her. Lily decides to take a vacation with Keith. Holden objects strongly to Lily having Keith anywhere near the kids. Keith is very upset that Jessica was able to delay Les's trial. Craig discovers Rosanna is being held prisoner inside a Bangkok Casino.

B&B by Boo

Bridget and Nick discuss what Taylor being alive will mean to the whole family. Nick is sure that Ridge will stay with Brooke. Bridget isn’t so sure. She knows it will be a tough decision and worries who Ridge will choose. Taylor slowly absorbs the news that Brooke and Ridge have a son together. A son that is about to celebrate his first year birthday. Brooke and Ridge leave her alone to catch up with the children. She tells the kids all about the palace and the man that saved her life. When Thomas asks if she loved the man, she tells him that Ridge is the only man she will ever love. Brooke and Ridge talk about how different their lives are today than they were yesterday. They seem to be on the same page as far as making a place for Taylor in their lives until Brooke announces that she will be looking for a place for Taylor to stay tomorrow. Ridge isn’t too happy with that announcement.

Days by Danielle

Lexie was able to revive Jan but now Jan is in another coma and therefore cannot be questioned by Mickey. Tek decides to take more time to weigh the evidence before arresting Mimi. Bonnie insists on following Mickey to his office so he won’t be alone with Maggie who is there helping with research. Abe accuses Lexie and Tek of having a relationship while he was gone but both Lexie and Tek deny it. Once alone, Tek points out to Lexie that they were more than just friends. Roman carries Kate through her front door to celebrate their official honeymoon. Kate has a hard time making love to Roman but when Roman thinks Kate is distracted because of her sons, Kate opts to let Roman continue to think that as she covers up a picture of her and John by the bed. John tells Marlena about his drug addiction and they vow to kick the habit together before making love. Marlena decides that she must tell John the truth about her infidelity before he finds out from someone else. Shawn, Rex, and Brady decide that they have no other choice but to trust Stan. Stan declares that he has a plan to rescue Philip and Tony, who along with Bart has been listening in on Stan’s conversations, celebrates that his plan is working to use Sami to lure Shawn, Rex, and Brady into his trap.

GH by Amanda

Emily's attempts to find her way back to Nik, to being able to love the man who has the same face as her rapist did, only gives her a bad case of foot in mouth disease after she asks Luke about Laura's rape. Sonny refuses to recant his fake confession or let Carly run away with the kids. When he gives his fake confession, Ric won't believe it. John is transferred to Alaska. Carly and Sam fight over Jason. Emily takes Nik to the site of the rape and relives her memories. Sonny won't let Justus try and cut him a deal. Ric suspects the truth about the murder. Michael overhears Carly say that he killed AJ.

GL by Ashley 

Harley realizes that Mallet wrote her two years of apology letters after their breakup. She believes that this changes everything and begins to look at him in a new light. Alan leads Gus to believe he can help Harley by trying to track down Olivia. What he doesn’t know is that Alan is arranging for Harley to be transferred to Hellis Correctional facility. Josh discovers Reva at Nate’s bar and wonders why she is there. Reva tells Nate that she has a lot of fun working for him. It is something she needs to do away from everyone else. However, she spies Tammy in the bar and wonders why she is hanging around. Frank mourns Harley’s life as it is now. Coop notices that he isn’t doing so well and enlists Lizzie’s help with Harley’s situation. Alan threatens Lizzie, who realizes his plan with Gus, to keep the information quiet. When Mallet is away from the office, a guard arrives to transfer Harley to the new facility. She has no choice but to go with him.

OLTL by Mary

will be late

Passions by Shirley

We were introduced to some new characters, Fancy and Ned, and it looks like they are bound to fall in love and spend their lives in heartache and pain in Harmony. Edna is still celebrating her good fortune until she goes to Eve's office to arrange for the operations she needs and finds out Eve knows she was at the Crane Mansion the night before. She runs to let Beth know their secret might be out after all. Meanwhile, Sheridan is jubilant at the fact she now has the proof she needs to reclaim her son from Beth, thanks to one of the Crane maid's information, and Luis seems to be becoming a believer, too. Alistair warns Beth not to be so sure all's clear.

Ethan stands Gwen up for her court date, much to her chagrin and Theresa's joy. His absence causes the judge to revoke her bail, meaning she is to go directly to jail until her trial is over. Theresa thinks she has won, that Ethan stayed away because he wants Gwen in jail so he can be with his true love and family. As Gwen is about to be led off in handcuffs, Ethan walks into the courtroom, briefcase in hand, to save the day.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis is angry and protective all at the same time. Daniel realizes that he can’t do years behind bars. Mackenzie is told to move her things to make room for a new tenant. Katherine’s eyebrows rise when she hears a familiar voice on the phone. JT gets attention with the tale of a new friend with Frequent Flyer miles. Sharon soothes herself with pictures of her firstborn. Lauren agrees to a good time, but something is wrong. Damon announces that he is leaving town. Nick believes that they have turned a corner. Lily insists on running off with her friend.

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