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AMC by Jenn

All of Phoebe's friends and family gather at her funeral and reminisce all their memories of her. Aiden finds Sam and Sam reveals that he's glad he'll have to stay in Pine Valley because he will get to be with Lily. Kendall finds out that Ryan has had a vasectomy without telling Greenlee.

ATWT by Eva 

Celia invites Will and Gwen to Casey's house for a barbeque. Will accepts the invitation because he thinks he is ready to have some fun. Katie admits to Jennifer she still loves Mike but she won't do anything to ruin Mike's happiness with her because everyday she falls more in love with Henry. Jennifer thinks that Katie and Henry should stay away from her and Mike for a long time. Later Mike and Jennifer arrive early for their engagement party at Metro which Katie didn't have time to cancel. Lucinda tells Lily that Keith owes money to the mob because he borrowed money from them to pay gambling debts. Carly is still scared by thoughts of Les. Jack isn't thrilled about Carly's new job but Carly persuades him she needs to focus on something besides her attack. Keith tells Lily he plans to leave Oakdale.

B&B by Boo

As Taylor, Ridge and the children re-connect, Brooke worries to Bridget about Taylorís state of mind. She realizes that a lot has happened since Taylor left. She is very happy that Taylor and the children are back together, but makes it clear that Ridge is her husband now. Bridget and Brooke discuss what it must be like for Taylor. Taylor is shocked to learn that Ridge and Brooke have a son together. Stephanie visits Nick on the Shady Marlin and asks for his support in their decision to have Ridge institutionalized. She also asks him to look out for Brooke and the children while Ridge is gone. Nick didnít realize that Ridge was that far gone, but agrees to do whatever he needs to do to help. Later when Bridget comes home to the Shady Marlin, Nick is left speechless when Bridget confirms that Taylor is alive.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie calls Mickey to come down to the hospital to help Mimi but Mickey warns that he may not be able to help. Belle tries to console Mimi as Jan vows to make Mimi pay. Belle tries to convince Jan to tell the truth but Jan becomes agitated and goes into cardiac arrest while vowing to make Belle pay if Shawn dies at war. Abe walks up on Tek comforting Lexie and yells at Tek for taking too long on Jan’s case. Abe tells Lexie that he disapproves of her friendship with Tek. Jack asks Lexie to test him for sexually transmitted diseases and Lexie gives Jack a clean bill of health. Jack enlists Lexie’s help to turn an exam room into a romantic reunion for him and Jennifer. Jennifer convinces Maggie to keep fighting for Mickey. Billie arrives at the hospital only to learn that the girl with a rare blood marker that Billie thought was Georgia, is actually Chelsea who is in need of a blood transfusion. Billie agrees to the transfusion anyway.

Bart worries that Sami will change sides if she learns that Lucas is there too but Tony is convinced that Sami will be willing to harm Lucas since it means hurting Kate. Shawn mentions Lucas while he and Stan wait in a foxhole for the bombing to stop but covers by claiming that he meant Lucas would be worried about Philip. Shawn asks Stan for proof that he is on their side and Tony, through the hidden transmitter, tells Sami to use the secret weapon. Shawn decides to trust Stan when Stan gives him Philip’s dog tags. Philip, now nourished, fantasizes about Belle unlocking his chains and then making love with her.

GH by Lisa

Jason explains to Carly why Sonny confessed to killing AJ. Carly and Jason disagree with Reese where Michael is concerned. Sam has surprising news for Jason. Ric is appalled by Alexis' actions.

Emily tries to distance herself from Nikolas, who professes his undying love. Emily later goes to Nikolas after deciding she is not going to let Connor destroy her. Skye uses Alcazar to make Luke jealous.

GL by Ashley

Dinah, Jeffrey, Edmund, and Cassie make it to the hotel in D.C. Cassie doesn't want to share a room with Edmund so she decides to bunk with Dinah. Dinah sends Jeffrey in to see Cassie, but he encounters her just getting out of the shower. Edmund continues playing both sides of the Alonzo situation. Dinah decides to put her own spin on things and tells one of Alonzo's guards that Cassie and Edmund are here to keep their son from Alonzo. The guard arrives to see Cassie and demands that Will be in San Cristobel next week. Jonathan receives a threatening message at Lewis. Josh has a meeting with Blake and Sebastian about bringing down Alan. Josh wants to buy the station from him. Reva arrives at Nate's bar and orders a drink. To her surprise, Nate walks out and offers her a job as a bartender. She accepts and has the time of her life working. Tammy tells Jonathan that they need to fix their relationship.

OLTL by Mary

will be late

Passions by Shirley

Edna goes on a shopping spree despite Beth's warnings, and while the ritzy store clerks look down their noses at her when she walks in, a peek at the loot in her satchel soon has them falling all over themselves to take care of her. After picking up a new wardrobe, she heads to Dr. Eve to set up the physical fixes she needs. Meanwhile, Beth is feeling secure in the knowledge that she has finally won, that Marty is hers and Luis will soon be, but Daddy Alistair pays a visit with news that upsets that dream.

Theresa has a nightmare about the witches (Ivy, Rebecca, and Gwen) boiling her and taking her baby. Waking, she finds Gwen's court date has been moved up and she figures she will have Ethan with her again sooner than she thought. Ethan, however, after a couple of questions of Eve, decides he has come up with the way to keep Gwen out of prison. Trouble is, he doesn't seem as thrilled as he should be.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Katherine decides to teach her granddaughter a few things about men and how to handle them. Daniel knows what it feels like to be hated by everyone like his friend has experienced. Neil tires of telling his teen to stay away from a troubled kid. Cassie remembers more and more about the accident. John can’t get over his wife’s lies and deceptions. Lauren isn’t thrilled to set up a date with someone that has been ignoring her for a while now. Tom buys a gift. Lily gives up and agrees to do as she is told. Mackenzie finds it hard to believe that she is missed.

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