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AMC by Jenn

Jack and Erica are both having doubts about getting married. Kendall and Greenlee debate about what to do about it. At first only Kendall is bound and determined to make sure they get married, afraid that with no husband and no life, Erica will focus all her energy on her daughter and drive her nuts. But Greenlee later also envisions what Jack will do to his three children if he ends up with no wife and no life. At that point, they round up all of Jack's and Erica's friends and throw a pre-wedding shower. Everybody is happy except Jack and Erica. Erica announces that she is cancelling the wedding. Lily is hiding Sam in Greenlee's old penthouse and not telling anybody where he is. Ethan offers to give JR back all of the Chandler fortune if he leaves Kendall alone. JR refuses his offer. Amanda Dillon is becoming friends with Babe and encourages her to believe that she should never have to be kept from her child and let JR do what he wants to do to her.

ATWT by Eva

Jennifer is very angry because Dusty forced her to work with Carly or leave Street Jeans. Jennifer's anger leads to a huge fight with Mike. Katie plans a wedding shower for Mike and Jennifer as a way to get them to forgive her for telling Craig about the baby. Celia is determined to be Will's life coach. Celia tries to find a date to the prom for Will so he can forget about Alison. Alison apologizes to Will for thinking that he trashed her place. Will tells Alison she was right about the fact he can't be friends with her anymore. Lily searches the guesthouse and finds a ring Jack gave to Julia among Keith's things. Carly can't get thoughts of Les and the attack out of her mind. Later Keith meets with the man he owes money to and tries to give him the ring Jack gave to Julia as payment for his debt. The goon doesn't accept the ring and gives Keith 24 hours to come up with the money he owes him. Lily follows Keith to his meeting and walks into a dangerous situation.

B&B by Boo

Thomas worries to Gaby about the state of mind his father is in. He doesn’t know how to help his father. Taylor is able to get passed the shock of her children seeing her and manages to pull them all together in a family hug. Brooke calls Bridget over and breaks the news that Taylor is alive. Bridget is extremely happy for Taylor’s children and doesn’t notice at all that her mother is worried about her marriage now.

Days by Danielle

Abe arrives at the hospital because he burnt his hand while trying to make himself some tea. Lexie tries to dote on him but Abe is frustrated that he can’t do anything for himself. Tek offers to comfort Lexie while alone and when Lexie takes Tek’s side in Jan’s case, Abe questions the nature of Lexie and Tek’s relationship since he feels that his marriage to Lexie is failing. Abe and Lexie run into Jack and Jennifer at the hospital and Jack fills them in on the castle events. Jennifer asks Lexie to give Jack a full physical and while waiting, Jack admits to Jennifer that he slept with Madison but Jennifer forgives him. Bonnie arrives to support Mimi. Tek threatens Mimi with going to jail because Jan gave a taped statement claiming that Mimi tried to kill her. Bonnie threatens Jan in an effort to get her to recant but Jan refuses.

Nicole uses a surgical textbook and an orange to practice techniques. Nicole talks to a patient who is now permanently scarred because her surgery didn’t work and begins to have second thoughts of harming Chloe. Chloe dreams that the surgery worked and she and Brady can finally be together. Nicole sneaks into Chloe’s room and upon overhearing Chloe talk in her sleep about being with Brady, Nicole fantasizes about losing Brady to Chloe and decides that she must go through with her plan. Brady frisks Stan and knocks loose his gun but Stan claims he bought it for protection. Lucas confides in Brady that he recognizes Stan from Salem but Brady advises Lucas to hold off confronting him. An explosion knocks everyone off their feet and Stan uses the opportunity to sneak away. Lucas spots Stan and follows him but loses him when the smoke gets too thick. Brady, Lucas, and Rex team up in search of Stan but meanwhile, Stan walks right up to where Shawn is hiding and Shawn jumps him from behind.

GH by Amanda 

Lorenzo is hurt by Carly's refusal to take the kids and run away with him. Sonny blames himself for Michael turning into a killer. As Mac arrests Helena and rescues Emily, she taunts Luke that she owns his soul. Jason and Sam and Sonny and Carly each have a close evening. Then both guys go to Mac to confess to killing AJ. Nik gets out of jail. Durante gives Alexis the funds to repay what she took from the Cassadine accounts. Luke is jealous when he sees Skye and Lorenzo together. Ric suspects the truth about Alexis' involvement with Durante.

GL by Elizabeth

Lizzie and Marina team up when it comes to pushing men out of their lives. Buzz organizes a game night. Bill, Alan and Gus find out that Olivia has left town. Gus informs Frank that Olivia should be a suspect in Phillip’s murder case. Bill begins to wonder if perhaps his wife is the killer. Gus goes to Alan for help and is given the impression that they are both working to put Phillip’s real killer behind bars. Harley & Mallet discuss old times and realize someone may have helped them stay apart. Frank finds out where his sister has been staying and isn’t happy about it. Harley and Mallet have a lot to think about when they realize someone interfered in their relationship. Buss tries to play matchmaker. Alan goes behind his son’s back to keep Harley from ever returning to town. Bill heads to his mother for advice on what to do about Olivia. Danny vows to do whatever it takes to get Marina back.

OLTL by Suzanne

Blair and Todd had their usual fight about his obsessions, and he stormed out.  Todd ran into Jessica, who was acting strangely, and he kept bugging her about that and about what's wrong with Viki.  Todd planted a bug in  Kevin's office at BE to try to find info about Asa, but it backfired on him later when Blair learned from Kevin and Kelly's chatting, through Todd's bug, that Margaret raped Todd. Tess was at UV with Ginger, who tried to hit on Duke when Adriana stood him up. Rex demanded Paul's personal items from Kelly; she was at first annoyed but relented when she found out from Bo what was going on.  Rex found a paper that said Ted D. gave him $5000.  Bo filled Rex in that they found Paul's blood on Jen's bandanna in her car, but Rex still thought she was framed by this Ted and vowed to get him.

Nora was disgusted when the governor phoned to congratulate Daniel on solving the Cramer case (by finding Jen's body).  Daniel tried to make it right with her, but she kept brushing him off.  Marcie and the others from the Love House found out about Jen's "suicide", so they all went with Michael to the crime scene.  Everyone left personal effects and flowers as a shrine to Jen.   Paige was not happy to find that Nora was at the crime scene being comforted by Bo, but she kept her jealousies to herself and comforted Bo.  Daniel arrived and started telling everyone that Jen must have committed suicide because she felt guilty about Paul's murder.  Everyone was disgusted with him.  Nora and Bo were suspicious of him.  Mark tried to ask Daniel why he didn't tell him about Jen, but Daniel pretended not to know him.  Mark started being suspicious and worried about Daniel and the murders. Nora found Daniel being hugged by the mayor's pretty assistant, Bailey, so she asked him later if he was having an affair.

Passions by Shirley

Ethan gives in to the pressure from the women all around him and serves Theresa with custody papers. She responded in hurricane proportions and even managed to give him a well-deserved slap in the face. However, she is tossed off the estate by Rebecca and Ivy at their first opportunity. Whitney ended up nursing her baby to keep him from crying, and although both Chad and Fox have hopes it means she's coming around, she soon sets them straight, telling Chad to take the baby and get out of town.

Eve's glimpse of Alistair ushering Edna and Beth from his bedroom in the middle of the night got her and Julian wondering what's going on, especially when Alistair answers Eve's questions with lies. They go straight to Sheridan with the news, and she thanks them profusely for bringing them the information she needs to prove Marty is hers. Luis still isn't so sure of that, however. Edna and Beth celebrate their good fortune at home after Tabitha finally gets her feet unstuck and leaves. Not going to far, however, she chuckles gleefully at their joy, knowing it is very short-lived.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Phyllis believes that she has discovered that troublemaker that bought her son beer. Drucilla is angry that the marketing person is jeopardizing her project. Lily experiences the best kiss ever. Nick gets a deadline as to when his daughter will be out of the woods. Ally reveals the details of an arrest to a friend. Brad extends a friendly hand to an old friend. JT demands to know why he is suddenly renting alone. Neil offers to push a bit if the marketing person doesn’t get back to work soon. Daniel gives permission for a multitude of kisses. Mackenzie refuses to talk privately with her ex-roommate to make him sweat.

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