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AMC by Jenn

Erica and Jack cannot reach a resolution on whether Kendall should be prevented from marrying Zach and whether Greenlee should divorce Ryan. They both admit that they are having doubts about getting married themselves. Ryan tells Greenlee he wants to stay married and work out everything they need to work out. He tells her he will see a doctor, but he does not reveal to her that it's for the sole purpose of having a vasectomy so he cannot have children. Tad and JR and others are feeling the effects of the anniversary of Dixie's death. Tad goes with Aiden to find the Jane Doe whom they suspect could possibly be Dixie. They run into Zach who is looking for Sam in order to score points with Maria, and ask him to back off. Brooke goes to make peace with Maria and talks to Maddie about how she remembers herself at Maddie's age having similarly negative feelings about her mother-figure, Phoebe, but later realized Phoebe was the best mother she could ever have. She tells Maddie she may discover that very thing about Maria.

ATWT by Elayna

Jen is worried after she oversleeps, but Mike assures her that after his talk with Dusty, he will be more understanding. Meanwhile, Dusty is at the Street Jeans office meeting with Carly in order to hire her to help out. Carly is not sure why they would be looking to hire another designer since Street Jeans is Jen’s Company. Dusty explains that Jen is pregnant and getting married. Based on that information, Carly is more then happy to join the Company. Jen enters to find Dusty and Carly with their heads together. After Carly leaves, Jen lights into Dusty for making such a big decision without her. She is dead set against working with Carly, but Dusty tells Jen she had better figure out a way to get onboard, because they are hiring and keeping Carly. Later when Carly arrives back ready to work, Jen is the only one in the office, and tells a surprised Carly that she was not involved in the hiring decision, and has no interest in working with Carly. Casey and Celia reunite in front of Gwen, who is visibly bothered by their closeness. Casey even seals their reunion by asking Celia to the prom. Of course, she happily accepts. Will finds out from Mike that he and Jen are getting married and having a baby. His nonchalant reaction surprises Mike. Will runs into Casey and Celia at the diner and is rude to Gwen, and takes off in a huff. Celia makes an excuse to Casey, and leaves to go find Will. She later finds him on the roof, but soon Celia finds herself telling Will to stop feeling sorry for himself. Holden apologizes to Lily for his reaction to Keith, and ends up admitting to being jealous. Keith tries to put off Vin who is after Keith for the money he is owed. He sells his watch to pay Vin some of the money he is due. He runs into Holden right after and accuses him of following him. Lily is developing strong feelings for Keith, but is bothered by seeing him with Vin, and wondering if he is hiding something from her. She talks to Carly about her feelings, but Carly is unsure whether Holden is over Lily. Later, when Lily stops by Keith’s with a picnic basket, she can’t help but snoop. She comes across Julia’s wedding band from when she was married to Jack hidden in a desk. She then hears Keith right outside the front door about to come in.

B&B by Boo

Brooke continues to try to absorb all that has happened in the last hour or so. Taylor being alive has unsettled her deeply. Taylor wants to see her children as soon as possible. Ridge takes off to pick up the kids, leaving Brooke and Taylor alone. The two have a long talk, with Brooke at least once pointing out that she is ‘family’ with Ridge and the kids now. Taylor asks for details about her children. Brooke tries to bring her up to date as best as she can. Ridge confuses Eric and Stephanie when he arrives to pick up the girls. He can’t explain anything to them right now, but rushes the girls out the door with a promise of a wonderful surprise. He calls Thomas at work and tells him to meet them at home immediately. Taylor anxiously watches Ridge and the twins through the curtains when they arrive back home. Bridget and Nick are finally able to convince Jackie that they love each other and will get married with or without her blessings. She accepts what they tell her, and hugs Bridget as she welcomes her to the family. Bridget and Nick then spend a wonderful day in the park, trying to forget all that is going on lately.

Days by Danielle

Hope uses the Internet to confirm that a side effect of toxicity is hallucinations and feels relieved when Bo wakes up from his nap and starts talking about Hope being in the pit with him even though he called out Billie’s name in his sleep. Hope blames Bo for Shawn’s predicament and declares war on Billie when Bo defends his choice to go off with Billie. Billie tells Patrick that she doesn’t regret sleeping with Bo. Billie gets a phone call from the hospital telling her that she is a perfect match. Billie tells Patrick that Georgia has been found.

Kate lashes out at Belle and when John defends Belle, Kate apologizes. Belle, relieved to hear that Kate plans to go back to Roman and John will remain with Marlena, decides to appease John and try to make amends with Kate. Kate lashes out at Belle again, refusing to forgive her but Marlena stands up for Belle. Roman confides to Marlena that he removed all the hidden cameras from the penthouse but reluctantly agrees to support Marlena’s desire to tell John and Kate the entire truth. Rex confides in Shawn and Brady that he and Lucas formed a plan to get Stan on the defensive in hopes of making him crack while Lucas hides, ready to shoot Stan if necessary. Lucas begins to sense that Stan seems familiar. Stan taunts Brady, Shawn, and Rex by claiming that Philip told him all about each guy’s respective love lives but Brady refuses to believe that Philip confided all this personal information in Stan.

GH by Lisa

Jason is shocked when Monica claims she saw what really happened the night AJ was murdered. Carly is overjoyed when Michael begins to open up to her. Jason tells Sonny and Reese that Monica saw the murder unfold. Justus insists to Carly that accepting a plea bargain would be the best thing for her to do. Reese wants Michael to get professional help but Jason thinks it would be best if Michael never remembered what he did. Justus threatens to go after Alexis in court if Ric doesn't back off from forcing Michael to testify. Alcazar wants Carly, Michael and Morgan to leave the country with him. Carly and Alcazar share a kiss.

Luke reveals that he placed a tracking device in the money Helena picked up. Nikolas tries to make a mental connection with Emily, who has armed herself with a knife. Helena taunts Emily about the rape. Although tormented, Emily remains strong and holds the knife on Helena. Emily triumphs over Helena, who is arrested.

GL by Elizabeth 

When it comes to her safety, Harley trusts the wrong person with information on her whereabouts. Reva runs into Nate once again and he gives her a lesson. Jonathan goes to Tammy for help and she is shocked to learn he may have a learning disability. Tammy is seen at Nate’s bar and may have a secret of her own. Gus realizes who his true kidnapper is and warns their spouse. Gus makes a connection between Olivia and the smell of jasmine. Lena continues to feed Alan information about Harley. Mallet covers for his ex-wife as it becomes more apparent that he still has feelings for her. Olivia gets ready to leave town with Emma.

OLTL by Suzanne

Paige, Nora, Riley, and Lindsey are all at the Palace wondering where either Jen or Daniel is. Rex tries to rescue Jen at the garage, but she's already dead. He phones Bo, who fills everyone in on the bad news that Jen committed suicide. Lindsey, R.J., Bo, Nora and Riley go to the morgue to see Jen. Lindsay is completely distraught and blames both Riley and Daniel. Mark is upset that Daniel says he wants to keep their secret forever, so he plans to leave Daniel. Natalie tries to console Rex, who is very upset. He figures that Jen has been murdered. Daniel goes to the crime scene and then goes to the morgue to hug Riley. David tries to have a movie night with Viki, but she phones Dorian to come over (lying about her health to do it). David and Dorian kiss, but they still can't agree to patch things up.

Passions by Shirley

Whitney is stuck with her baby, who just keeps fussing and getting louder at it. She keeps hoping Chad will get back quickly, but he's tied up in battle on the pier, with Fox. The hungry baby keeps crying, but Whitney has no idea how to make formula, and when we next hear about them, an ambulance has been called because something happened to the baby. Chad and Fox arrive and run past the police line to get to the baby. At the Crane mansion, Julian and Eve enjoy a romantic evening, but they still can't stop worrying about what will happen to their sons and daughter, and the new grandchild. Eve goes to get some water and comes across Alistair leading Edna and Beth out of the mansion.

Alistair gets Edna to promise to keep quiet about him being Beth's father by giving her some silver and a huge check, but both women help themselves to his pocket change that they find in his suit pockets in the closet while hiding from a nosy Julian. Sheridan, sure she had figured out how the DNA test could show Beth is the mother of Marty, but Luis talks her out of it because the thought of her father romancing Beth's mother is too wild to contemplate.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Mackenzie worries how her little game is going to turn out. Tom introduces himself. Daniel is warned to get the hell out of the hospital. Sharon lunges but is held back from doing any damage. Phyllis gets the bad news that her son will be doing hard time. Kevin can’t handle the pressure his mother puts on him. Ashley confides in a stranger, and then regrets it. Olivia suggests a new precaution. Jack realizes an out-of-towner is still in town. Gloria sets up her son to win her some points.

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