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AMC by Jenn

Ryan tells Greenlee that he will always love her but they need to divorce because he is afraid that he has the same genetic sickness as Jonathan, Braden and their father. Jack enters their home and tells Greenlee that she needs to listen to Ryan that they need to divorce. But she tells her father he must back off and tells Ryan that she will not give up on him nor believe he would ever hurt her. Jack tells Erica and Kendall that Greenlee and Ryan made a good choice to divorce. But ERica totally disagrees with that and believes that Jack is just punishing Ryan. Erica confides in Kendall that she is not certain she can go through with her wedding. Kendall does not believe she is serious. Ethan appears and demands that he talks to Kendall. She tells him they have nothing to talk about. He tells Erica if she loves her daughter, she must prevent her from marrying Zach. Erica tells Kendall that she has to get over Ethan and not marry Zach. SHe and Jack argue and ignore Kendall while she puts on an act like she is choking.

Amanda tells Jamie she'd like to socialize with him and JR. But he informs her that he and JR no longer get along and he is engaged. Adam tells Brooke she saved his life by demanding he see a doctor. He tells her he will follow doctor's orders and be able to live for a long time. But she tells him he will kill himself with the hate and anger he has toward so many people. Sam runs away from his mother and Zach, finds Lily and tells her about his family's problems. She tells him he must find his sister and trust his mother. Maddie tells the cops that Zach tried to hurt her. But they don't buy that. And Maria tells her daughter that she needs to stop her attitude.

ATWT by Elayna

Mike and Jen are still reveling in their newfound peace without Craig, but Dusty is becoming agitated at Jen not following through on some work commitments. Mike goes to talk to Dusty explaining the pregnancy is making Jen extremely tired, and she is doing the best she can under the circumstances. He wants Dusty to give her some space, and to realize she will put in her 40 hours, but after that Dusty needs to respect the fact she has a life. Mike thinks he has gotten through to Dusty, but after their conversation, Dusty leaves a message for Carly asking for her help. After Celia and Casey have a big fight regarding her having told Allison about Will being in the apartment, she ends up leaving the 50’s dance at Yo’s they had been attending, and ends up on the same rooftop as Will, who is walking precariously close to the edge. At first Will is angry at Celia because he claims that Allison was the only one who understood him, and that he would never trash her apartment. He gets Celia to believe she made a mistake and wants to help correct it, but Will doesn’t want her to because he says Allison is more mad at the fact he was pretending to be her friend, while all along he was setting things up in hopes they would become more. Celia and Will start to open up to one another about how each feels lonely much of the time. They bond, and Will opens up to her about his family, but in the end when Celia needs to leave, he begs her not to tell anyone about him being up on the ledge. Celia is unsure, but agrees to, if he promises to always know if he is lonely or sad that he can call her. Will tells Celia that he will talk to Casey and make things right for her. Later after talking to his mom about relationships, Casey calls and leaves a message for Celia to call so they can talk things out. As he walks back into the house from his porch, we see he is being watched. Holden and Lucinda discuss Keith, and Holden tells her that Keith’s friend checks out, and he feels silly about airing his concerns to Lily who is obviously getting closer to Keith. Lucinda questions whether Holden is still in love with Lily, but Holden tells Lucinda that she needs to forget about Keith and focus on Les as Julia’s killer, and to accept the fact he and Lily are no longer a couple. Meanwhile, Lily happens upon a meeting between a mysterious man, Vin, and Keith outside Yo’s. Keith claims to not know the man, and tries to divert Lily’s suspicions by suggesting he is on edge because he is becoming jealous of Holden’s interest in Lily’s love life. Later at Lily’s house they end up passionately kissing, which they both pull back from, and decide to take things more slowly. After Keith has left for the night, and Lily is locking up, she sees Keith outside her house talking to the man, Vin, whom he claimed to have not known.

B&B by Glynis

Brooke slowly recovers from the shock of seeing Taylor alive. She worries about what this will mean to her and Ridge. Ridge and Taylor seem to think that everyone will just accept that Taylor is back now, and she and Ridge will be a family again with their children. Thomas and Stephanie remember Taylor together. Thomas is sad that he is starting to forget things about his mother, like the sound of her voice and a story she used to tell him every night. It upsets him that he and the twins didn’t get to say good bye and tell her how much they love her. Stephanie tries to comfort him and tells him that Taylor knew. Jackie argues with Bridget and Nick about the wedding. She thinks they are moving too fast and that Nick still has feelings for Brooke that will cause problems in the future. Nick and Bridget stand strong in their commitment to each other.

Days by Danielle

Mimi visits Jan in the hospital to beg her to wake up. Tek confronts Mimi in Jan’s room and is witness to Jan waking up and calling Mimi a murderer. Mimi calls Bonnie for help as Tek talk to Jan alone. Shawn, Rex, and Brady confront Stan who pretends to be a journalist but claims that while he was being held hostage with Philip, he can’t lead them back to Philip’s bunker. Brady has Rex run off to tell Lucas to observe from a distance and Rex returns to declare that Stan is a fraud. Billie denies going after Bo at first but then admits that it was a mistake. Hope demands that Billie stay away from Bo until she has found Georgia before taking Bo to see a doctor. Patrick tries to defend and console Billie until while alone, Billie admits to Patrick that she did know Bo thought she was Hope but that she couldn’t stop making love. Belle stops by to talk to John and is reunited with Marlena. Belle seeks Marlena’s advice and Marlena tells her that she must learn from her mistake and make things right by waiting until Philip comes home to be with Shawn. Marlena is reminded of her infidelity as Belle and John gush about how Marlena would always honor her vows.

GH by Amanda

Nik's escape attempt fails. Helena's does not. She makes it to the elevators with Emily at gunpoint, then takes her to where Connor raped her. As Ric offers to cut a deal to get Carly a reduced sentence to keep Michael off the stand, Michael indicates that he was the killer, not Carly, shocking Reese. Skye gets Lorenzo to provide funds to save Emily. Although Mac shows up and sees Helena alive, she still escapes by threatening to have Emily killed. Michael responds to Carly. Monica tells Jason she saw who killed AJ.

GL by Elizabeth

Gus sneaks into Mallet's office to see Harley. They are ecstatic to see one another, and Mallet leaves them alone while he investigates some papers he received about Harley. Harley and Gus share a long passionate kiss, and he assures her he will get her out of there. Mallet gets papers ordering him to transfer Harley to a more dangerous prison. He decides to make a plan in order to keep this from happening. He calls the person in charge and lies, saying that Harley has already been transferred. Danny decides to tell Marina about sleeping with Michelle. Marina becomes upset because he lied to her. She walks away. Cassie and Jeffrey get stranded in a shack while seeking shelter from the rain. They begin to hug, and Edmund and Dinah burst in to find them there. Dinah and Jeffrey run back to the truck, while Edmund stays behind to ask Cassie what happened. They end up hugging and kissing. Tammy and Sandy get stranded in an unknown bar. To kill time, Tammy tries to ask Sandy about his past, but he avoids the questions. Frank consoles a hurting Marina.

OLTL by Mary

Dorian tries her hand at baking cookies but burns them. Adriana comes in, and lends her some assistance by turning off the alarm via the security panel on the wall. Nora, Matthew, Bo, and Paige are at the Palace dining room. Matthew wonders where Daniel is. Nora, as usual makes up an excuse for him. Bo informs her that he is not at the office. Daniel has just killed Jen. Lindsay wonders where Jen is. Jessica realizes that she has DID just like Viki. Viki collapses. Kelly finds David working a crossword puzzle, and reminiscing about Dorian. He realizes that he has to get Dorian off his mind.

Passions by Shirley

Just when it looked like Sheridan had figured out why Beth's DNA matched Marty's, Luis came in and talked her out of it. Meanwhile, Edna, after trying to use her very rusty wiles on Alistair and making no impression, tells him he owes her tons of back child support, and if he doesn't pay up she'll let the world know he's Beth's father. Not wanting Sheridan to know, he agrees, handing her a check that made her eyes boggle. Ethan continues to threaten Theresa with getting custody of Jane if she doesn't drop the charges against Gwen, but he can't even fool himself with that one. Later, however, Ivy uses her deceptive wiles to talk him into doing just that. And she calls Theresa a liar and schemer! She and Ethan continue to accuse Theresa of giving his paternity information to the tabloid, no matter how much she denies it, and Gwen and Rebecca look on uncomfortably. They realize that if the truth comes out, Gwen will be the one being booted out of Ethan's life. However, Theresa seems to have set her mind on finding out who really did it.

Whitney watches Chad's shadow on his curtain as he tries to calm the baby, with no luck. She finally gives up and goes on up, just in time to have him leave her there with the boy while he runs an errand. She does a good job of ignoring the baby for a while, but finally realizes she will have to pick him up to quiet him. When she does, she realizes what a huge mistake she made. He is perfect and beautiful, and she seems to regret giving him away.

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Lily loses her temper when there seems to be no sympathy for a friend. Gloria feels that her husband has been getting too much of a workout. Malcolm delivers some sad news about a teen’s arrested development. Christine is accused of dragging her feet with important matters. Devon leaves the house to cool a hot situation. Daniel is warned to stay away from the hospital. Glen is accused of taking sweet revenge on a troublemaking citizen. Nick decides that it is time to bring the siblings together for a meaningful talk. Phyllis makes her son make a promise that he just might break.

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