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AMC by Jenn

Erica and Jack are arguing about their wedding arrangements. Reggie convinces them that they need not have silly arguments and realize, instead that their love for each other is the most important thing. Erica reveals to Kendall, however, that she is having second thoughts about marrying Jack. Jack has called a shrink who specializes in domestic violence because of his concerns for Greenlee staying with Ryan.

Kendall goes to SOS to attempt to seduce Ryan and help him get back with Greenlee. Greenlee hides and overhears their interaction. Ryan eventually responds the way Greenlee wants by admitting to Kendall that he does not care for her and only loves Greenlee. Babe is bartending and witnesses Kendall admitting that she's slept with JR. She tells Kendall she is concerned for her. But Kendall tells Babe she does not buy her nice act. When Ryan and Greenlee get home and everything seems right between them, he surprises her by telling her he wants a divorce. Sam and Maddie are ready to escape and book a flight until Zach finds them and prevents them from leaving. Maria realizes she needs to pull herself together and be a better mother to her kids.

ATWT by Eva

Alison tells Will she can't be friends with him anymore because their friendship is too intense for her. Jennifer agrees to let Barbara plan her wedding and design her dress. Barbara is so happy about the idea but deep down Jennifer isn't happy about it at all. Will feels left out of his family when he arrives to talk to Jennifer and hears that she is going to have a baby and marry mike. Will is hurt when he hears Paul make a toast and call Mike his new brother. Will leaves Mike and Jennifer's house before anyone can see him. Casey and Celia have a big fight because Celia told Alison that she suspected Will trashed her apartment. Holden continues to worry that Keith is a danger to Lily and the kids so he asks Jack for his help. The goon that has been following Keith around Oakdale punches him in the face and threatens to tell Lily just how far Keith will go for money.

B&B by Glynis

Ridge makes contact with his family after spending the whole night away. Brooke worries when she is told that a miracle has happened. Taylor promises that she will never leave again. The twins panic when they hear what has really been going on with their father. Stephanie thinks that the dead stays that way and nothing will change that.

Days by Danielle

Belle and Mimi talk with Eileen, a fellow wife whose husband was also deployed in the war, when Eileen stops at the church to pray. Mimi asks Belle what she would do if only one of her two loves makes it home. Rex spots a scorpion on Shawn’s leg and he and Lucas knock it off. Rex urges Lucas to give Sami another chance but Lucas feels that what happened is Sami’s own fault. Rex spots someone heading for their camp and he and Shawn confront them. Sami sees Tony face to face for the first time when he saves her from the execution and slaps him. Tony orders the captors to feed Philip and keep him safe so Sami will agree to his deal. Sami demands proof that Tony will follow through with his end of the deal so Tony shows her footage of a brief happy moment from when Marlena and Roman were in the castle. Sami agrees to the deal and Tony gives her, her own handgun.

Marlena’s confession is interrupted when Shawn Sr. and Will stop by to see her and Roman in person. Roman pulls Shawn Sr. aside to tell him about Caroline and Victor. Kate urges Will to continue his anger towards Sami while Marlena defends Sami to Will. Patrick climbs down into the pit and tosses the sheet rope back up to Hope who ties it to a radiator before opening the front door to let in fresh air. Patrick ties the rope around him and then grabs Billie before telling Hope to pull them up. Patrick heads back into the pit and after reviving Bo, sends him up as well. When Bo reacts to seeing Hope by feeling relieved that she got out of the pit safely, Hope realizes that Bo thought he was sleeping with her instead of Billie and Billie knew it. Billie admits to Bo that she was the one in the pit. Hope confronts Billie and punches her.

GH by Amanda

Jason stops Michael from running away. Luke sets a trap for Helena, using himself, seemingly helpless, as bait. Lucky storms through the Cassadine mansion yelling at an unseen Helena to tighten the noose a bit. Sam accuses Reese of falling for Sonny. Emily tells Nik about the rape, but breaks down, confessing she can't see him without seeing Connor. John has a plan to frame Sonny for murder. Carly realizes she doesn't want Sonny to find another woman. Emily walks into Luke's room as Helena holds a gun on him and Tracy and turns into a hostage. Ric subpoenas Michael.

GL by Boo

Cassie, Jeffrey, Edmund, and Dinah take off for D.C. to try and catch Alonzo while he is still in the states. On the way, the car breaks down. Jeffrey and Cassie take off to find help as Edmund is forced to stay and take care of Dinah. Lizzie overhears Gus tell Buzz that Alan is now locked in the room that he was locked in and takes off to rescue her grandfather with Coop in tow. In the basement of Spaulding Enterprises, Lizzie hesitate before letting Alan out. She wants to punish him for locking Gus in the room, even though Alan swears that it wasn’t him that locked Gus in there. Coop finally convinces Lizzie to let him open the door, only to have Alan immediately pounce on him. Lizzie and her grandfather get into a huge argument before Lizzie storms off, making it clear to Alan that she doesn’t want to be a part of the Spaulding family any longer. Back at Elizabeth & Company, Coop comforts Lizzie and assures her that she doesn’t have to be like her father and her grandfather.

Gus explains to Buzz what has happened over the past few days as a drunken Brisco enters to order a beer. They see their chance and manage to get Brisco’s uniform from him. Gus takes off for the prison with the uniform. Mallet struggles to keep Harley awake since she has a concussion. The two talk about their past and start to get some things out on the table. Lena sees Gus enter the prison and agrees to take him to Harley. Gus enters Mallet’s office to find Harley’s head in Mallet’s lap trying to go to sleep.

OLTL by Mary

Nora has a conversation with Bo about Daniel, and the murder investigation. Marcie is confronted by Mrs. Tanaka. Antonio testifies in his custody hearing. Jessica hears a voice in her head, and it is the voice of Tess wanting Jessica to let her out to deal with Antonio. Jessica testifies for Antonio. Daniel suffocates Jen, after she finds out that he is the one who killed Paul Cramer.

Passions by Shirley

Ivy moves out of Sam's house, but doesn't want to stay in "Grace's" boarding house, either. Luckily, Rebecca is feeling generous and offers her shelter in the Crane mansion, which she gladly accepts. Sheridan is so angry at Luis for not supporting her over Beth that she throws him out of the cottage. After a good cry she decides to do a web search on DNA tests and stumbles over the only reason Beth's DNA could possibly match Marty's. Now, if she can only convince Luis that it's true. Theresa is adamant that the only way she will drop the charges against Gwen is if Ethan divorces her first. He is drunk enough to be offended by that and tells her he most certainly will help Gwen take Jane away from her if she doesn't drop the charges. The subject of Theresa outing Ethan as not being a Crane keeps coming up, and all her protestations of innocence fall on deaf ears, except for Gwen and Rebecca's, since they know for sure she didn't do it.

Super Edna wouldn't let anything stop her in her quest to clue Beth and Alistair in on the news that he is Beth's real father, wanting to stop them before they commit incest. She is a wild woman, and finally makes it to the secret room, with the help of the Angels, and let's them both know the news. Beth is thrilled, but Alistair tells them no one can know about it. He assures Beth that's not because he's ashamed of them, but because it might clue Sheridan in on the fact that Marty's DNA matched Beth's because of it.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis can’t relax realizing that her job is on the line. Daniel sees that he will definitely be doing jail time for his actions. Nikki decides that it would be nice for the women in her family to take a trip. Victor is powerless when it comes to the possibility of an infection. Drucilla worries about making too many decisions for her daughter. Sharon smiles lovingly as she watches her baby rest after her operation. Jack refuses to let an old love back out of a living arrangement. Devon gets an idea for a really great gift for Mother’s Day. Neil is sure that one day his daughter will see what great parents she really has.

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