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AMC by Jenn

Tad goes to talk to Di at the Chandler house. Although he has no suspicion about her, he warns her about working for JR and living in his house. He seems to still be thinking about Dixie. Amanda Dillon arrives at the Chandler house. JR doesn't recognize her. But Tad does and Di talks to her. Maria tells Zach and Ethan that she thinks they are both nice guys and have treated her good and asks why they cannot resolve their differences. They discuss that but Zach is still determined to marry Kendall and take everything from Ethan. Greenlee finds Kendall and asks her to brainstorm on how to resolve Greenlee's and Ryan's marital issues. Kendall goes to find Ryan, discovers that he is concerned about her getting mixed up with either Ethan or Zach, and she asks to hook up with him again. Maria goes home, hears Myrtle encourage her to trust Zach and discovers her kids have ran away.

ATWT by Eva 

Celia tells Alison she thinks Will trashed her apartment so he could be her hero. Later Alison asks Will how he could do such an awful thing to her because she thought they were friends. Will is puzzled when Alison slams the door in his face. Dusty continues to worry that Jennifer won't be able to handle motherhood and work. Dusty's worries are confirmed when Jennifer arrives late for a press conference. Holden snoops in Keith's room and overhears some very interesting information that makes him fear for Lily's safety. Faith tells Holden that Keith is moving into Lily's guest house. Lily wonders if Lucinda is right to suspect Keith killed Julia after Keith admits he borrowed money from J.J.'s trust fund because he is broke.

B&B by Boo

Stephanie tries to get Brooke to realize that Ridge is still in love with Taylor and has never grieved for her. She thinks that is why Ridge has done the things he has done lately. The woman at the wedding triggered all of this. Brooke disagrees, she thinks he is acting this way because he was hit on the head. Taylor has been dead for a long time. Ridge has moved on. Ridge explains to Taylor that he married Brooke when he thought she was dead. Taylor is upset, but understands. They agree that they will straighten everything out now that Taylor is home again. Bridget and Nick discuss how wonderful a small wedding would be.

Days by Danielle

John offers to help Kate pack her things so that he can tell her privately about how much she’s meant to him and how he’ll always love her. Marlena wrestles with the decision of whether to tell John and Kate about making love with Roman. Roman tries to convince her not to but then Marlena declares to John and Kate that she must tell them something. Belle and Mimi visit St. Luke’s to pray for Shawn, Rex, Brady, and Lucas. Brady has left the group to do recognizance work. Shawn vows to act smarter from now on so as not to jeopardize the mission. The group ducks for cover when an armored vehicle scans their base camp with a searchlight. Upon seeing Billie and Bo making love in the pit, Hope wants to leave them there but Patrick convinces her to stay. Billie asks Patrick for help since Bo has once again passed out but then she also passes out. Patrick smells the gas being piped into the pit and frantically searches for a way to get Bo and Billie out. Sami refuses to help Tony with his plan if it means harming Philip. Tony decides that he must undo his mistake of bringing Sami over and orders the captors to execute her.

GH by Lisa

Carly apologizes to Reese after witnessing Reese's ability to calm Michael. Alexis overhears Michael telling Jason he saw Carly kill AJ. Carly breaks down in Sonny's arms. Alexis and Durant team up against Sonny. Courtney's plan against Rachel backfires. Emily admits the truth to Nikolas.

GL by Boo

Mallet makes things worse for Harley when he fires the guard that threatened her. The guard manages to get Harley alone and beats her pretty badly. Josh changes his mind and tells Sebastian that he is interested in the plot with Blake to bring Alan down. Josh has a hard time keeping up with the mood swings that Reva is going through. They end up having a huge argument with Reva storming out telling Josh good-bye. Bill almost discovers Olivia’s secret prison for Gus, but she manages to get him out of there before he does. After a love-making session, Olivia almost breaks and tells Bill what she has been up to. Gus starts a fire in the room Olivia has locked him in. Alan sees the smoke and rescues Gus. Gus thinks that Alan is the one that locked him in the room to begin with. The two almost come to blows before Gus throws Alan back in the room and locks him in. Alan begs Gus to let him out, reminding him that he is claustrophobic.

OLTL by Mary

Dorian tries to get David to come back to her, but with no luck. Jessica is subpoenaed to testify for R.J. Natalie gives John some information that he can use to find the killer. Kevin and Kelly gets closer. Viki doesn’t feel well. Daniel and Nora meet with the Governor, and his assistant. Daniel plants the blood on a handkerchief in Jen’s car. She catches him. Bo questions Nora about Daniel’s actions.

Passions by Shirley

As Beth tries to kill Sheridan with the knife Alistair gave her, Luis finally decides to go back and see what they are up to. Sheridan manages to knock the weapon out of Beth's hand and when he gets there, he chooses to believe Beth's story over Sheridan's. She is totally fed up with him for his betrayal yet again. Alistair is thrilled with Beth's performance and promptly takes her back to his mansion for a romp in the hay. Edna is on their trail, however, determined to keep her daughter from sleeping with her own father.

Gwen and Rebecca catch Ethan kissing Theresa, but although he seemed to be totally into it, he blamed it on Theresa. Gwen wants her to drop the charges and let the animosity between them drop, but Theresa says she'll only agree to that if Gwen will divorce Ethan. They let her know that's not going to happen, and that they will go ahead with taking the baby away from her. She refuses to believe Ethan is capable of being so evil, not realizing how tightly Gwen and her mother have him by the short hairs. As Whitney sings her song, Fox continues to wonder what caused her to change so radically from the woman he fell in love with, to the point she could blithely give their baby away without a second thought. However, as Whitney makes her way home she passes Chad's window, and the sight of his silhouette against the blinds as he holds their baby brings up third and even fourth thoughts.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Sharon refuses to help the opposition in any way. Malcolm knows that teenagers that want to be together will find a way to do just that. Daniel gets angry when it is suggested that he has been flirting with a young girl. Gloria takes her problem to her oldest and wisest son. Guida turns out to be a take charge kind of gal. Neil gets his back up when his brother critiques his parenting skills. Cassie’s life may still be in danger. Nick isn’t sure that he should reveal his daughter’s true condition to the rest of the family. Ally tells how her friend really felt about an older guy. Mac is told to leave the apartment.

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