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AMC by Jenn

Kendall wakes up after spending the night with JR, somewhat interested in him but primarily concerned with marrying Zach just to hurt Ethan. She wants to help JR get Chandler Enterprises back, which she can do if she marries Zach and he takes Cambias from his son. But JR wants to be her extra-marital partner in addition to their business deal. Ryan and Ethan run into each other at SOS and Ryan reveals that he believes that Kendall deserves better than Ethan and that he might still have feelings for Kendall.

Tad and Adam are both researching "Diana Cole" and have found that she has a perfectly clean record and that Babe has no cause for suspicion of her. It may have something to do with the fact that David has "altered" her identity and made sure that she will get to be the Chandler's nanny and get JR to trust her. Jamie and Brooke are at the hospital after their aunt Phoebe has gotten sick and died. Jamie reveals to Babe that he knows all about the upper class snobbery his aunt had and that how that he's fallen in love with Babe, he's not into it any more. Noticing that Adam may have had a minor stroke, Brooke demands that he either gets himself checked out, or he won't have her in his life anymore. She tells him taht she has already lost Edmund and Phoebe and doesn't want him to be the next death she has to face.

ATWT by Camille

Mike and Jenn confront Kate about her lies and telling Craig about the baby. Lucinda shows Holden a bank report of JJ's trust fund which indicates that Keith tried to access it the same day Julia died. Holden confronts Lily at Metro about her dating Keith and then tells her to ask Keith about JJ's trust fund. A jittery Alison asks Will to spend the night. Celia tries to get Casey to tell Alison that Will may have been the one who trashed her apartment.

B&B by Glynis

Prince Omar leaves knowing that he can give everything but what his loved one needs most. Thomas loves that his step-mother loves him like a son. Taylor is brought to her old stomping ground. Brooke has finally won over her stepchildren. Stephanie sees that her son has been faking all these years. Ridge is sad when he sees that he was the one that moved on in his marriage. The doctor calls to tell Brooke that someone is missing from his room.

Days by Danielle

Bo passes out and Billie desperately tries to revive him. Bo imagines seeing Hope tell him to hang on for the sake of their family and Bo comes to, resuming the lovemaking. Tony is revealed to be alive and well and he and Bart watch Bo and Billie making love via a hidden camera video feed. Hope and Patrick rush to the house in Ogden. Hope and Patrick enter the kitchen of the Ogden house and hear Bo calling Hope’s name and Billie calling Bo’s name. Patrick flips a switch he finds on the wall and the trap door opens. Patrick and Hope witness Bo and Billie making love. Tony is holding Victor and Caroline in a cell. Victor tells Caroline that he wishes he could show her how much he still loves her. Caroline refuses to break her vows to Shawn Sr. The captors are convinced that Sami is a spy and prepare to execute her. Sami begs for her life while trying to convince her captors that she is on their side. Tony calls the captors and tells them to halt Sami’s execution; to keep Philip alive but still chained up, and to capture but keep alive Rex, Brady, Shawn, and Lucas. Sami overhears one of the captors call Tony by name and demands to talk to Tony. Tony offers Sami the chance to have her parents back alive if she serves as the rescue mission’s welcoming committee and Sami reluctantly agrees.

Kate tells Roman and Marlena about Sami “sleeping” with Brandon and then skipping town. Marlena and Roman are worried that Sami will get into more trouble. Marlena is suspicious of Kate’s part in Sami’s failed wedding but Roman and John insists that Kate couldn’t have been involved. Marlena and Roman talk to Eric over the phone. Marlena asks about Belle’s marriage and she and Roman learn about Philip’s capture and the rescue mission. Kate and John avoid mentioning John’s addiction and quickly change the subject when Marlena mentions that medication strong enough to help heal John so quickly must be highly addictive. Roman takes Kate aside to question her about her involvement in Sami’s failed wedding and Kate admits to not wanting Lucas with Sami but avoids admitting her true involvement.

GH by Amanda 

Although Nik is eager for Emily's visit, she dreads it, afraid to tell him the truth. All of Sonny's kids seem to get along together well; however, their mothers suffer from chaos. Alexis is distraught over losing custody of Christina, but won't let Ric cut a deal with Sonny. Carly is going stir crazy in jail, but Lorenzo promises to get her free. Brooke has compassion for AJ and is thrilled that Diego seems to have accepted his father, Lorenzo. Ric notices that Reese is overprotective of Michael. The priest tells John that Sonny must be arrested. Jason is not thrilled with Carly's method of getting released. He works to find out which Quartermaine murdered AJ. Nik won't listen to Emily's protests that she is not herself anymore. When she asks for a divorce, he moves towards her and she screams. Michael runs from Carly.

GL by Elizabeth

Dinah figures out what Edmund’s plan is and tells Jeffery that he’d better find a way to help Cassie if he wants to keep her. Reva lies to her family about her job, and finds herself naked in a strange man’s bed. The viewers find out who Gus’s kidnapper is for sure. Bill lets Olivia know that he thinks she’s a good person, even though she’s not to sure. Sebastian is on the hunt for Gus, but makes time to see if Josh is onboard with his plan to take over Spaulding. Josh tries to make sense of his wife’s actions. Bill reminds his sister that he’s always there for her. Gus realizes that his captor may be as desperate as he is.

OLTL by Mary

The Killing Club Murderer latest victim is the new waitress that Carlotta had hired at the diner. All is upset by the occurrences. John goes after the killer, and is attacked himself. John is upset when he thinks that it was Natalie that had been killed. Viki invites Dorian to eat dinner with her, but they argue as usual. Todd and Blair go out to eat at the Palace dining room, they leave before the meal is served. Jessica has a meeting with Antonio. Antonio goes to the diner to help out with the murder. Tess emerges. Tess, and Ginger vow to snare Duke away from Adriana.

Passions by Shirley

Things are jumping at the Blue Note. Sheridan finds Beth at Alistair's table and realizes she's the woman he said he was with. Beth denies it, threatening to have Sheridan committed and legally blocked from being with Marty if she doesn't shut up. The bell for round one sounds and the women are locked in mortal combat, although no one else in the club seem to notice. Finally, Alistair, hiding in the shadows, gives Beth the weapon that can remove his daughter from their lives forever - a knife! Fox confronts Whitney about why she gave his son away so Chad could adopt him, but she'd rather sing than tell him the truth. This upsets TC and Liz, but they decide not to make a scene for once. A tipsy Ethan warns Theresa to drop the charges against Gwen or his wife and monster-in-law will force him to take Jane away from her. Her response? A huge, passionate kiss, which he doesn't seem to be avoiding. Rebecca assures Gwen that Ethan will do what they want since he now hates Theresa, thanks to her lies and outing him to the tabloid showing he's not a real Crane. Gwen reminds her that they, not Theresa, did that.

At Edna's house, the distraught mother calls Tabitha to come sit with Marty while she hunts her daughter down and stops her from kanoodling with her own father. Leaving Endora with a nanny doll come to life, Tabby hurries on over, but soon regrets doing so. Edna opens her "prayerpit" full of angel statues and candles and begins to pray for help against the evil befalling their home, but it's Tabitha that gets zapped by the arriving angels. Edna leaves the house, content in the fact God is on her side, while Tabby remains stuck to the floor with the angels keeping guard over her.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Brittany is furious that her husband is involved with crooks again. Gloria is not intimidated by her stepchildren. Daniel approaches a friend for an update on what happened the night before. Lily gets busted for talking to the enemy. Victoria is reminded of the value of family support. Cassie denies that she was hanging with a drunk at the party. Nikki evicts a tenant. Kevin sees his mother needs help with the hired help. Neil unleashes his fury, knowing that another family will be even angrier with him. Detective Webber is available to ask questions the second a patient wakes up.

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