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AMC by Jenn

Ethan takes Maria to his room after she's had too much. But she sees him as Zach and tries to seduce him. Knowing that she does not know what she's doing, he fends off her advances. After Erica works on Zach to go up and be with Maria before his son takes her from him, he goes to see her. Ethan leaves them alone and needs to find Kendall. He asks Simone where she is. But she cannot reveal to him that Kendall is with JR. Kendall at first tells JR that she doesn't want to have a "business" marriage with Zach and sleep with JR. But she kind of indicates that she wants to be with him. So he takes her home.

Ryan asks Tad if he's found out any information about his sister, Erin. Tad tells him she's missing but there's no proof that she's dead. Ryan goes out on his own and runs into a mysterious woman. Brooke notices that Adam is sick and takes him to the hospital. Jamie meets them there and informs them that Phoebe Tyler was taken to Intensive Care and might die. Erica tells Jack that he has some anger issues to work out in regard to Ryan's two brothers and is taking it out on Ryan.

ATWT by Camille

Katie asks Henry to go with her to Mike and Jenn's so that she can confess to telling Craig about the baby. Henry finds an old picture of Katie on Mike's coffee table. Mike tells Henry and Katie that he and Jenn are getting married. Jenn has cramps and Barbara is there to take her to the doctor. The doctor tells Jenn and Mike that Katie was a lot of questions about Jenn's pregnancy. Mike and Jenn realize that it was Katie who told Craig about the baby. Keith has an unexpected visitor at the hotel. Jessica tells Lucinda about the second autopsy on Julia's body. Les tells Lucinda about JJ's trust fund. Lily gets to the hotel just in time to hear the visitor tell Keith that he did the job and "took care of her" and now he wants to get paid.

B&B by Glynis

Ridge knows that his love never dies when he finally touches her. Nick is preoccupied with questions about an uncertain death. Taylor gets to continue a kiss that was thought to have ended in death. Prince Omar realizes that he could never really fulfill all the wishes of a loved one after all. Thorne defends his crimes. Bridget finds it heart breaking that one would want to hold their dead love after all these years.

Days by Danielle

Roman starts to tell John and Kate about sleeping with Marlena but then decides against it when Kate declares that she truly wants to be with Roman. Kate gives John back his engagement ring. Bo tries to plug up the gas pipe with his t-shirt but it is propelled right back out and sends him crashing to the floor. In Bo’s altered state, he thinks that Billie is Hope and refers to her as Fancy Face. Billie decides that since this might be their last moments, she should take advantage of the situation and pretends to be Hope to get Bo to make love to her. Hope calls Shawn’s loft in hopes of finding out Bo’s location but talks to Belle and Mimi instead where they tell her about Shawn, Rex, Lucas, and Brady’s rescue mission. Hope eventually thinks to check their home answering machine and listens to Bo’s message. Hope heads to Ogden and Patrick insists on joining her. Shawn and Brady storm the bunker only to find that it’s the contractor’s bunker and not the one that is holding Philip. Brady sends the contractors to the plane with Lucas and Rex. Brady and Shawn return to base camp with the news that they couldn’t find Philip and that Shawn’s shoulder was grazed by a bullet and he twisted his ankle as they were leaving. Philip imagines seeing Belle saying goodbye and telling him it is okay to die but it only makes Philip more determined to get home to Belle. Stan tries to convince the captors that he is on their side but they plan to execute him anyway. Stan tries to stall by asking for a blindfold and the guard notices Stan’s disguise as he starts to put on the blindfold. The guard pulls off the entire disguise and reveals the real Sami.

GH by Lisa

Sonny demands that Ric get Carly released and threatens to have Alexis arrested for kidnapping Kristina if he doesn't. Ric meets with the judge but fails in his attempt to get Carly released from custody. Alexis realizes she made a mistake and prepares to return home with Kristina but is arrested for kidnapping before she has the chance to do so. Sonny tells Ric the only way Alexis will ever see Kristina again is if Ric throws the case against Carly. Sam informs Jason she overheard Michael telling Reese that he saw Carly kill AJ.

Emily fears Monica killed AJ. Alcazar warns Carly that Jason's loyalties are divided. Carly is upset to learn that Michael saw her in AJ's room. Helena leaves before realizing Luke is wearing a bulletproof vest. Skye sees Luke's seemingly dead body and professes his love for him but slaps him when she realizes he's alive. Emily admits to Elizabeth that she has to tell Nikolas the truth about the rape.

GL by Elizabeth 

Reva works hard on her new idea for the show only to get fired. She doesn’t take the news well and calls Jonathan for support. Josh realizes that his step son is serious about his new job. Blake and Sebastian enlist Josh’s help to take Alan down. Lizzie’s party is a bust. Tammy is surprised that Sandy won’t reveal any of his past to her and has a hard time accepting it. Dinah returns to find that Edmund has been lying to Cassie about more than one thing. Lizzie informs Coop that she will miss him if he quits his job.

OLTL by Mary

Kelly and Kevin summon Dorian to Llannfair to tell her that she is going to begin working at Buchanan Enterprises. Dorian is upset. Viki is happy. Marcie, and the other members gather for a memorial service for Hudson, and Julie. Daniel plots to plant more evidence against Jen so she will be arrested for Paul’s murder. Nora gets more annoying phone calls. Bo shares information with Rex about “Ted”. The killer strikes again, and this time it is Natalie.

Passions by Shirley

Once again, an implied action turned out to be a childish prank as Sheridan, whom we last saw supposedly finding Beth on a date with Alistair, really only found Alistair. Turns out Bethie managed to duck under the table before she got there. Confronting her father, Sheridan wanted to know if he was following her, but he assured her he is on a date. Going back to their side of the club, Luis angered Sheridan yet again by seeming to choose Beth's side over hers. Gwen advises her to keep an eye on Beth anyway. Theresa realizes Fox is in the club and moves Whitney to a private booth before he can get to her. Whitney is still determined to drink herself into a stupor while her friend tries to talk her out of it. Ivy and Fox commiserate on losing "his son" to Chad.

Eve instructs Chad on diaper changing, then stays with her grandson while Chad and Julian go on a baby supplies run. Tabitha and Endora continue keeping an eye on everyone at the Blue Note, happy at the pain and heartbreak they see. Edna calls her to help with Beth, and Tabitha decides to go see what she can do. Sam swears he can never forgive Ivy for putting his daughter in danger and lying to him about it, and TC and Liz arrive at the club for a nightcap, not realizing what all is going on around them.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis leans on her son for information on what happened the night of the accident. Sharon realizes that she was right not to want to let her daughter out of the house. Gloria has learned that her authority as wife of the house has been overridden. Brittany had a restless night worrying about the trouble her husband has been getting himself into. Drucilla gets her confirmation that her daughter’s friend is a bad seed. Daniel admits to getting hammered on his own. John prefers to have a professional work on him instead of his wife. The therapist catches Jack’s eye on the way into the house. Bobbie denies being the one sending anonymous baby gifts. Christine arrives just in time to handle police questioning.

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