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AMC by Jenn

At Edmund's award ceremony, Maria gets drunk and causes a scene. Ethan helps her and talks to her about how she should not blame herself nor care for Zach. Erica tells Zach he must be there for Maria and save her from his son. Zach tells Erica he does not buy that she cares about Maria. Jack lashes out at Ryan for what his brothers have done to Jack's family. Mary Smythe joins him. Ryan yells back at them, saying neither of them are real parents to Greenlee and he assures them he will not have any children with their daughter. Kendall tells JR she is still seriously considering marrying Zach. Knowing that she'd have a loveless marriage with Zach, he offers to be her romantic partner. Brooke shares with Adam her conflict of interests in regard to Maria and Edmund. He reveals that he might be interested in her. She witnesses him having another one of his attacks. When Maria lies down in her hotel room and Ethan is with her, she seduces him, believing he is Zach.

ATWT by Camille

Lucinda tries to enlist Holden in helping her get Keith out of Lily's life. Bee Pollen is discovered in Les's car. Margo tells Katie about Craig's set up and subsequent banishment. Dusty tells Jennifer that
Street Jeans is back in business. Keith takes Lily for an airplane ride. Alison returns home to discover her apartment has been burglarized. Celia suspects Will trashed the apartment. Jennifer asks Mike to marry her and he accepts.

B&B by Glynis

Nick makes his friend see that they were actually helping by committing a crime. Ridge realizes that his wife is a dummy. Omar passes judgement. Thorne tells his parents that lately he has been digging Taylor. Taylor appears with all the brightness of an angel.

Days by Danielle

Hope vents to Patrick about Bo not telling her about the lead and for going off with Billie anytime she asks. Billie performs mouth to mouth on Bo to revive him. Billie stands on Bo’s shoulders to try and reach the trap door but is forced to climb down after being unable to reach it when Bo becomes woozy. They soon realize that gas is being piped into the trap. Roman first asks Kate if she still wants to be with John while at the airport and Kate insists that now knowing that Roman and Marlena are alive changes everything. Upon returning to the penthouse, Kate uncomfortably watches John dote on Marlena. Marlena and Roman exchange worried glances as Kate continually rushes to John’s side when his back spasms. Roman worries that he’s lost Kate to John when he finds a nightgown he bought for Kate in John’s bedroom. Marlena intercepts Kate so she can dote on her own husband. When Roman asks Kate to come home with him, Kate admits that she sold his house. Roman forces Kate to decide whether she wants to stay at the penthouse with John or go be with him tonight. Brady returns to the group with an American contractor who was able to escape being captured by the rebels and has been tailing them ever since. Rex and Lucas team up as decoys to cause a distraction so Brady and Shawn can rush in and get Philip. Stan slips up by referring to himself as “her” but Philip assumes that Stan is talking in code. Philip passes out while telling Stan about an idea to escape. The captors stand Stan up against the wall and prepare to execute him.

GH by Amanda

Seeing Carly being arrested prompts Michael to not only speak but call her and Sonny "Mommy" and "Daddy." Ric faces the loss of Alexis, Christina, and his own unborn child. Helena does not kill Tracy, but threatens her. The Quartermaines are ready to draw and quarter her for hiding a fortune. Emily freaks when she sees Luke "manhandling" Skye. She then goes to Jason and confides her fears to him. She's scared to be with Nikolas when he's freed. Helena arrives and pulls a gun on Luke and Tracy. She then shoots Luke after outlining a new plan to cover herself with the cops. Emily apologizes to Skye. Sonny blackmails Ric to gain Carly's freedom. Michael has nightmares of Carly killing AJ.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley attempts to seduce Mallet, but he catches on to her plan. Michelle, Danny, and Ray say goodbye to Tony at Laurel Falls. Afterward, Michelle tells Danny that she wants to go to Africa and take Robbie with her to see Ed. They have a quick goodbye, but Marina emerges and tells Danny to go to the airport and say goodbye for real. They only way he will be hers is if he lets Michelle go. Danny is grateful for Marina. Alan seems to have some insight as to where Gus is. Gus continues to struggle in his "cell." He punches his arm through the armhole and grabs his captor's arm. It is Olivia on the other side. Alan tells Alex of Harley's new memory. Alex asks Bill what kind of perfume Olivia wears. He replies that it's jasmine. Danny goes to the airport to say goodbye to Michelle. They tell each other that they've always loved one another and always will. They say goodbye, and Michelle gets on the plane with Robbie. Harley asks Mallet to give a note about Gus to Alan. He tells her he will, but never does it.

OLTL by Mary

Rex and Jen share a kiss. Riley tries to drown his sorrow in a glass of whiskey. Marcie convinces to not shut out his family, and friends. Riley takes Daniel, and Nora up on their offer to stay with them. Matthew is thrilled. Michael and Natalie dance in the rain. They are confronted by Marcie at the Angel Square Motel. Marcie is upset. Natalie convinces Marcie that it is her who Michael wants and loves. Marcie apologizes. John and Evangeline have a long overdue conversation. Blair can’t get Todd to respond to her. He thinks about Margaret. Margaret makes a baby book of hers, and Todd experiences.

Passions by Shirley

The Blue Note is the place to be in Harmony today. Rebecca, Gwen, and Ethan meet there to plot against Theresa where "Pilar's spies" can't overhear. The two women lob grenades at Ethan all evening, trying to get him to help them get Jane away from Theresa so Gwen can raise her, but so far he's holding steady. Whether that continues is anyone's guess. Alistair and Beth are there, with him trying to talk her into his bed. She demurs until she sees Luis and Sheridan come in, and by then he's decided he'd rather not. He wants to stay and watch all the fireworks. Sheridan is still upset that Luis is taking Beth's side against the woman he loves, and gets mad enough to walk away from him, right to the table Alistair and Beth are sitting at. Uh-oh!

Whitney blows off steam on the docks as Theresa searches for her, and Fate has her there to save her friend just as the railing breaks under Whitney's weight and she goes tumbling off. Never fear, Theresa's here! They head to the Blue Note, too, so Whitney can drink her cares away, but after fighting with Chad about getting "his son" back and losing again, Fox ends up there with the same idea. Ethan and Sam have a heart-to-heart about their lost loves, or at least their waning ones, but Ivy shows up trying to talk Sam into forgiving her for helping his daughter sneak out, take drugs, and sleep with the slimeball Sam is trying to bring down. She didn't have much luck, thank goodness.

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Devon and Sierra couldn't stop Lily from worrying that Daniel had wanted to tell her something important, and that she may have missed her only chance to hear it. Sharon and Nick arrived at Memorial Hospital, where Olivia told them about the accident Cassie had been involved in. Nikki rushed there and the three learned that things could be bad for Cassie if she didn't wake up soon. Phyllis flirted with Jack, urging him to admit that he wanted her back. As Jack was introducing Gloria and Phyllis, Olivia phoned and told Phyllis she needed to get to the hospital. Bobby was bothered by the mysterious baby cradle, then angered when Brittany tried to hide a bill from the hospital. When he insisted he could pay the bill, and showed Brittany a wad of cash, she was concerned. He went to the hospital and demanded the accountant let him pay the bill with cash. The man insisted that no one had phoned Brittany to harass her about repayment, prompting Bobby to suspect it had been Vinny. He ran into Nikki, comforted her about Cassie, learned she hadn't sent the baby gifts, and promised to keep in better touch. When Phyllis and Jack arrived at the hospital, Sharon attacked Phyllis, blaming Daniel for what had happened. An emotional Phyllis spoke with a badly wounded Daniel, and was bothered when he couldn't remember much of what had happened. Dt. Weber pulled Phyllis aside and told her that Daniel had better hope Cassie lived, since he'd been driving under the influence. Sharon, Nick and Nikki dissolved in tears as they entered a hospital room where Cassie was on life-support. Kevin chastised Michael for paying off Tom, while Michael urged him to focus on his own mental healing, and let him worry about Tom. Kevin worried he'd try to contact Gloria. John came home from the hospital with Ashley, who was annoyed by Gloria's presence, even when John insisted he'd allowed her to stay and help care for him. As John and Gloria talked alone, and he told her not to expect too much, too fast, Tom lurked in the bushes outside, watching them through the window.

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