Friday 4/29/05 Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Maria goes to the award ceremony for Edmund, although uncomfortable. Erica surprisingly becomes supportive to Maria. When she's given the award for her husband, Maria announces that it should be given to Brooke, since he loved her and gave her everything. Erica urges Kendall not to marry Zach. But Kendall doesn't seem to care what happens since she trusted Ethan and got burned. She tells Simone that she may have Ethan. Zach asks Livia to represent him in his battle with Ethan. Ethan asks Jack to represent him. Babe expresses concern about knowing that somebody is trying to kill Di and that it could cause her son to be unsafe around her. After getting no support from JR or Adam, she asks Tad to look into that for her.

ATWT by Eva

Carly 's fear of Les is so strong she is scared to be alone because she sees his face every where and jumps at the slightest noise. Barbara, Dusty, Paul, and Sierra's plan to get rid of Craig works like a charm. Craig gets on a plane to Thailand promising Margo he will never return to Oakdale again. Rosanna is also on her way to Thailand. Who Knows if Craig will find Rosanna. The results of the second autopsy reveal that Julia died from a severe allergic reaction to bees. Keith informs the police that he, Les and J.J were the only people aware of Julia's allergy to bees. Later we see Keith at the cemetery telling Julia that soon they will all have peace. Keith takes a bottle of bee pollen out of his pocket..

B&B by Glynis

Nick decides to commit a crime to help put his brotherís mind to rest. Ridge decides that he is the one that will look alone into a dark coffin. Eric is disturbed by ideas that his daughter-in-law might be alive. Stephanie gets a call from the hospital that leaves her confused about her sonís destination. Bridget takes it upon herself to tell a teen bad news about his father. Thomas is happy that at people are talking about his mother again.

Days by Danielle

Roman and Marlena fill John and Kate in on their ordeal and the perceived loss of Victor and Caroline. Roman notices that Kate is wearing a different ring and John explains that he and Kate are engaged. Brady, Rex, Lucas, and Shawn are forced to parachute into enemy territory in order to keep the element of surprise. Brady leaves the group to check how far they are from their target area. The enemy soldiers are depriving Philip of water. Stan arrives at Philip’s bunker where the enemy soldiers trick him into sitting down next to the pillar where they chain his hands as well. Sami flashes back through her romantic life with Lucas and sobs at the thought that they will most likely be killed. The security guard and Hope pull Jack off of Patrick. Jack accuses Patrick of still working for the DiMeras but Patrick denies everything. Hope questions Jennifer about Bo and Billie’s whereabouts, now even more intent on finding Bo so she can be the one to tell him about Caroline and Victor. Bo ties several knots in a sheet to form a rope to pull Billie up. Billie is almost back to the main floor when the floor beneath Bo collapses and they both fall to the ground below. Billie tries to wake Bo but then notices that Bo’s head is bleeding. The trap door closes and Billie realizes that Bo was right about this being a trap.

GH by Amanda

Alan ponders how to save ELQ; his best hope is Tracy, who is now Luke's prisoner/bait for Helena. The police search for Carly while Jason and Sam keep her one step ahead of the cops. Carly just wants to go to Michael and get him out of his shell. Jason refuses. Skye urges Luke to let Tracy go. Mike and John try and get through to Michael. His response sends him to the hospital where he returns to catatonia. Lorenzo solicits Skye's help in finding the killer, in return he'll save ELQ. Helena comes after Tracy. A hospital in London requests Christina's medical records. At the hospital, Carly is arrested while visiting Michael.

GL by Ashley 

Harley learns that Gus is missing and decides to take matters into her own hands. She needs Mallet's help and prepares to seduce him. Lena tells Alan about Harley's new memory. Dinah sneaks on Edmund's plane, but Edmund never gets on it. Cassie shows up at the airport and begs him to stay so he can save Will. The plane begins to take off while Dinah is still on it. Frank and Jeffrey question Michelle and Danny. Danny wants to know if Michelle called off her wedding to Tony because she wanted to be with him. He tells her that part of him would love to go back with her, but part of him can't. He has worked too hard to move on, and he loves Marina. Danny tells Marina that he wants to be with her. When Cassie and Edmund return, Edmund calls Alonzo in secret and reveals that he is using this as a way to get Cassie back. Gus struggles to escape the place he is trapped in.

OLTL by Glynis

Evangeline decides to spring a surprise. Nora demands the truth or she is walking. Natalie makes it hard for the man that she loves to kiss another woman from now on. Daniel lies to save his marriage. Jessica admits to losing time. Jennifer orders someone who loves her out of his life. John refuses intimacy.

Passions by Shirley

Fox is still demanding that Chad give "his son" back to him, but Chad tells him he is the father, and a fist fight breaks out. Afterwards, Fox lets it be known that he will do whatever it takes, legal or not, to get the baby back, still not aware that he is not the father. Whitney tells Theresa to back off from pressing charges against Gwen or she will make Ethan hate her forever. Her friend thinks it over, but is determined she will get him back if Gwen is in jail for years. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Gwen are working on Ethan, trying to get him to take Baby Jane away from Theresa and give her to Gwen. So far he is resisting, but these two women can always lead him around by the ring in his nose.

Sam tells Ivy to leave, and she does, noticing Jessica's smug, self-satisfied look as she does. Sam lays down the law to his youngest daughter, but she will have none of it. He leaves and tells Kay to keep an eye on her, and the two end up in a wrestling, slapping match when Jessica tries to leave again. Ivy, meanwhile, is determined to make Jess pay for tearing her and Sam apart, while Tabitha wonders if she chose the wrong sister for an apprentice.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Michael told Tom he'd won the lottery, not Kevin, then demanded he stay away from them all. When Tom threatened to bother Gloria, Michael wrote him a cheque for 10,000.00. Nikki got Nick and Sharon to agree to let her take Cassie to visit Victoria in Italy for at least two weeks in the summer. Victoria blamed Victor for her having to leave GC again, since he'd ruined her chances at Jabot. Victor was devastated and swore that everything he did was with good intentions. Bobby and Brittany received another mystery gift in the mail; a beautiful baby cradle with no card. Dru and Phyllis squared off about Daniel and Lily, again. Dru warned that as long as Daniel associated with rapist Kevin Fisher, he was not to see Lily. Daniel got drunk at the party in the park and tried talking to Lily, who slighted him. Cassie promised to keep an eye on him while Lily, Devon and Sierra left the party. Daniel passed out and Cassie decided to drive them home in his car. Nick and Sharon received a call from Olivia telling them Cassie had been admitted, following an accident.

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