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AMC by Jenn

Maria cannot cope with the fact that Brooke has full authority and respect from her children when she does not. But she realizes that Edmund sold her out and Brooke did not lie. JR is very trusting and friendly to Di. But Adam does not trust her and knows she has some hidden agenda. JR goes to threaten Jamie in an attempt to find out what Tad's belief about Dixie still being alive is all about. JR introduces his son's new nanny, Di, to Babe, assuming they've never met. But Babe remembers her from the prison and that somebody tried to kill her. Greenlee tells Ryan they need help but he refuses to see a shrink and is pulling away from her.

ATWT by Eva 

Katie's attempt to help Mike and Jennifer reconcile fails but surprisingly Jennifer manages to persuade Henry that Katie does love him. Henry forgives Katie and the two kiss and make up. Keith refuses to allow Tom to dig up Julia's body in order to do another autopsy to determine if Julia was strangled. Barbara, Paul, Dusty, and Sierra put their plan in motion to get rid of Craig once and for all. The police find drugs inside Craig's shipment of jeans.

B&B by Leigh

Bridget fills Nick in on all Taylor's attributes, and how much Ridge loved her. Bridget and Nick tell Brooke they've decided to postpone their wedding. Ridge swears the woman he saw was Taylor. The doctor brings Taylor's death certificate to Ridge, who then wonders what's happening to him. The doctor does tell Ridge and Stephanie that no one knows who the doctor is that signed her death certificate, and Ridge demands to speak with whoever signed it. An angry Stephanie reminds Ridge there was an open casket at Taylor's viewing and he saw for himself she was dead. Ridge calls Nick and tells him he needs his help, Nick immediately leaves Brooke's, and at the same time Ridge up and leaves the hospital. Nick brings Thorne and they meet Ridge at Taylor's grave … Ridge has brought shovels and tells them he needs to make sure. Ridge, Nick and Thorne start digging up her grave.

Days by Danielle

Belle and Mimi return to Mimi’s loft where they share their worries about their respective partners and Belle’s displeasure of Kate dating John. Mimi decides that she will tell Rex the truth when he gets home but then fears what Kate will think of her. Belle feels that if Marlena were here, there wouldn’t be so much turmoil in the family. Mimi wonders whether Shawn will tell Philip about him and Belle before bringing him home. John and Kate and Roman and Marlena continue to narrowly miss each other as they move about the lounge. The couple spotted by Roman turned out to be the couple married 50 years. Roman and Marlena recall how they didn’t act on their feelings when they first came to the lounge and Roman kisses Marlena to make up for it but Marlena stops Roman and rushes off. Roman finds Marlena and apologizes before they both vow not to have that happen again. John returns to the terminal to get his cane and spots Marlena. Marlena spots him and they run into each other’s arms. Kate comes looking for John and after spotting him in Marlena’s arms, almost faints when she turns and sees Roman. John and Kate ask for answers about Roman and Marlena’s ordeal and Roman asks for answers from John and Kate.

Hope and Patrick return to the hospital. Hope still blames herself but Patrick tries to convince her otherwise. Hope and Patrick search the hospital for Bo so Hope can make things right with him but don’t find him. Patrick tries to help by getting Hope to compare her and Bo to Salem’s super couples. Hope sees Jack from behind and assumes that he is the doctor so she decides against asking Jennifer about Bo. Jack decides to spend the night with Jennifer and Abby in Abby’s hospital room so that he can spend more time with his family. Jack, Jennifer, and Abby blow out the candles on the birthday cake together. When Jennifer leaves to get forks, Jack and Abby decide to dig into the cake with their hands. Hope stops Jennifer when she comes out and Jennifer tells her about Jack. Abby tells Jack about how Jennifer is starting to like having Patrick around. Jennifer is about to tell Hope about Bo and Billie but Jack walks up and punches out Patrick. Bo and Billie sneak up on the house in Ogden. Bo tries to convince Billie that this lead is a trap but Billie insists on plowing ahead. Bo and Billie discover that the house is dark and vacant but decide to search the house anyway. They are about to leave when they hear the sound of a girl calling out mama and Billie throws open the door, thinking its Georgia. The sound turns out to be coming from a doll that is hanging from the ceiling. Billie walks toward the doll and falls through a hole in the floor.

GH by Lisa

Jason has a minor breakthrough with Michael, as does Sam. Reese has a warning for Sonny. Carly refuses to leave her sons. Elizabeth remembers more about AJ's murder. Monica remains adamant about divorcing Alan. Skye receives bad news about the Quartermaine fortune. Luke hatches his plan to lure Helena out of hiding. Skye, Dillon and Georgie leave Tracy just as they found her.

GL by Boo

Reva arrives home to learn that Jonathan now has a job with Lewis Construction. She and Josh try to talk out some of their problems and are able to work through a few. Jonathan agrees to work undercover for Lewis Construction to get the scoop on Spaulding Enterprises. He continues to get instructions from a mysterious source. Tony is pronounced dead while Danny and Michelle are taken to Cedars. Marina misunderstands something that Danny says and thinks that it is Michelle that he wants by his side instead of her. She sadly steps aside to give Danny what she believes he needs. Ray is devastated when he learns of Tony’s death. He gives Tony his last rights. Cassie and Jeffrey share a kiss before Cassie breaks away and tells him that she isn’t being fair to him. Edmund tells the boys, Cassie and Dinah goodbye. Dinah is determined to go with him to San Cristobel. Cassie is shocked to get a legal document informing her that she is in danger of losing her son.

OLTL by Mary

John has a discussion with Michael concerning Natalie. Antonio rescues Jessica, and Jaime from the fire. Blair wants to make love to Todd, but he can’t seem to get his mind off Margaret. Margaret finds out that she is going to have a beautiful baby boy. Michael has a talk with Evangeline, and tells her to talk to John. John goes to see Natalie, and they end up in a kiss. Kevin tries to convince Kelly to work for him at Buchanan Enterprises.

Passions by Shirley

Chad is home with his new son for about 10 minutes when Eve and Julian stroll in. They try to get him to rethink his decision, but he says it's the only way he can be near Whitney. Fox comes in and hears that and the fight is on. So far it's only verbal, but you know these two guys. Whitney went to Theresa's to talk to her, and her friend had the same advice as her mother had - tell the men the truth about the baby's paternity. Whitney changes the subject to Theresa's new-found freedom to live with her two kids in peace, but Theresa quickly dispels that idea, leaving Whitney wondering what is wrong with her friend that she seems determined to destroy what she has.

Rebecca and Gwen work on Ethan, trying to get him to find a legal way to get Jane from Theresa and give her to Gwen. He wants to make Theresa pay, but figures the contract they signed is no help. Rebecca demands he keep his entire attention on getting Jane, not worrying about helping Fox get "his son" back. Sheridan is determined to prove she was held captive in Beth's basement, but even after she shows Luis the window that was hidden behind the new paneling in the basement, he wouldn't believe she is right. They finally give up and go home, while Edna tries to figure out how to keep Beth from sleeping with her own father. Sam demands Ivy leave the house after finding out she knew all the things Jessica was doing and didn't let him know. Jess is gloating while Ivy is crestfallen.

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead

Michael assured Kevin and Lauren that he needed to meet with Tom alone to make up for abandoning Kevin to him years before. Lauren tried to get him to open up about his emotional scars, but Michael insisted he wasn't ready for that and asked her to give him some time to himself after his meeting. Tom eavesdropped as Ashley warned Gloria they'd hired a nurse to care for John, and Gloria insisted she'd never give up on her marriage or her husband. Tom approached Ash when they were alone and said he hoped things got better for her. A disturbed Kevin punched the bag at the gym and warned Mac that he would stop Tom from hurting anyone again. Michael went to his office, unaware Tom was waiting in the dark inside. Sharon admitted to Nick that she had a bad feeling about Cassie's night out, and regretted not saying 'I love you'. Nick suggested they take advantage of their time alone together by making love. Cassie spotted Daniel at the coffeehouse and told her best friend that, regardless of what it took, she'd make him notice her by the end of the night. Daniel got beer from a friend and told Devon he planned to party that night. Devon and Sierra couldn't talk Lily out of going to the party. Lily tried talking to Daniel but, when he blew her off again, she agreed it was best they not see each other. Nikki begged Victoria to stay in town but she booked a flight back to Italy. They hugged and bonded. Jack and Victor each blamed each other for the fiasco with the near-hiring of Victoria as the Jabot CEO. Victoria interrupted the fight and announced to everyone that she was leaving Genoa City.

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