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AMC by Jenn

Kendall tells Ethan that in order for their relationship to work, he has to let go of his hate for his father, forget about the wealth, give it up, and be the man he was when she met him. He tells her he cannot do that. It breaks her heart. Ryan tells Greenlee there's no way he's going to have a child with her, no matter what she says. Erica asks Jack to help her talk Kendall out of marrying Zach. He says he'll only do that if she helps him talk Greenlee out of staying with Ryan. Anita tells Zach that he should not give up on having a future with Maria. Sam and Lily go off and talk and seem to like each other.

ATWT by Rosey

B&B by Leigh

Ridge insists it was Taylor he saw being held by the masked man. The doctor who cared for Taylor admitted he wasn't the doctor who signed Taylor's death certificate, which makes Ridge believe even more she's alive. Bridget and Nick try to reassure the twins who are worried about who attacked Ridge and wonder if he's still out there lurking around the house. Ridge's revelation about Taylor spawn wonderful memories for Thomas.

Days by Danielle

Nicole vows that she must go through with the plan to botch Chloe’s surgery tomorrow to ensure that Brady will stay hers for the rest of her life. Nancy tries to talk Chloe out of the surgery to no avail. Nancy threatens to end Nicole’s nursing career if Nicole, whom Nancy believes is sick, does anything to jeopardize Chloe’s health. Chloe is given a sedative before bed and dreams that even though her face is even more scarred after the surgery, a kiss from Brady restores her original beauty.

Abby and Jennifer realize that Jack is truly standing in the room with them and the family is reunited. Jack tells Jennifer, Abby, and Maggie about the ordeal and his fears that Victor and Caroline didn’t make it out of the castle. Mickey brings Jack Patrick to the hospital to see Jack. Roman stops Marlena from asking Kate and John for a ride, suggesting they use their satellite phone to call a cab that they’ll pay for when they get home only to find that the phone battery is dead. Marlena’s idea of asking John and Kate to borrow their cell phone is vetoed when she spots them kissing again. Roman and Marlena start to leave the airport but a guard stops them to ask them to wait for a call back from Shane. Roman and Marlena decide to wait in the airport lounge where they run into an old friend and reminisce about coming there for the first time. John and Kate start for home, unaware that John left his cane in the waiting area, but then decide to relax in the airport lounge for a while before heading home. John requests a bottle of champagne to toast his engagement to Kate and the waiter alerts everyone to the newly engaged couple amongst them but Roman and Marlena can’t see who it is through the crowd. Roman thinks he recognizes John and Kate once the crowd disperses but isn’t sure. Marlena suggests that they go over and congratulate the couple as a way of making sure that they know them and Roman and Marlena start heading for John and Kate’s table.

GH by Amanda 

Suspicions fly against virtually everyone in AJ's murder. A DNA analysis offers hope. Michael remains silent. Luke comes home. Tracy begins a search for the money AJ stole while Ric hunts Alexis.

GL by Elizabeth

Tony and Danny fight one another, and one of them ends up falling off of a cliff. Bill comes clean to Olivia about his night with Harley and he is surprised by her reaction. Olivia meets her mother in law while half dressed. She also gets pressure from Alan to forget about reconciling with Bill. Mallet and Alan come face to face with one another while Alexandra visits with Harley. Vanessa asks a child to leave the person they love. Harley needs help from Gus and tries to get it. She ends up finding help in an unlikely spot. Gus continues to be held against his will. Lizzie urges everyone to get on with their lives without Phillip.

OLTL by Mary

John is in his office thumbing through pictures of Julie Tanaka’s car crash which ended her life. There is a knock on the door, and it is Marcie. John stops her before she has a chance to leave. They discuss the killings. She offers her help. He accepts. Daniel , and Nora get into another argument over Jen. There is a phone call, but when Nora answers it, there is no one there. Daniel calls the person back, which Nora overhears. Tess thumbs through R.J.’s papers trying to find evidence against Antonio. John pays Evangeline a visit, and they smooth things over.

Natalie gets take-out for John, and leaves it on John’s desk. Jen pays Riley a visit, and they get into another argument. Rex tries to comfort her at the diner. Michael pays John a visit at the office, and tells him that Natalie is in love with him. Tess falls to the floor, and is knocked out. The papers on the floor catches on fire.

Passions by Shirley

Chad is finally ready to take his new son home, but TC and Fox are determined to stop him. Eve pleads with Whitney to tell them the truth, but the girl refuses to do so. Sheridan talks Luis into taking her to Beth's house to apologize to Beth once again for causing so many problems, but since Beth is gone, she goes upstairs and has a heart to heart with Marty, telling him she is his real mother. Luis listens in, not amused. After her talk, Sheridan looks for Edna and finds the basement, where memories of her time held captive there flood over her and she begins to look for proof it really is the place. Edna is desperately trying to reach Beth with the news that Alistair is her father, while Alistair busily works to seduce his unknown daughter. Beth tries to talk her way out of his plans, but Alistair Crane doesn't take "no" for an answer.

Sam brings Jessica home to find Ivy waiting, pretending she had no idea where his daughter had gone. Tabitha, Kay, and Simone come over when they hear the news and all try to figure out why Jessica is doing the things she is doing. Sam discovers the tattoo Spike put on Jessica's stomach and hits the roof, then blows up completely when Jessica tells him Ivy has known what she was up to all along.

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead

Mac told JT she was finished chasing after him since he couldn't be honest about his feelings for her. Bobby told Brittany their financial troubles were ending, but wouldn't say why. JT told Brittany about Mac's anger towards him. Brittany urged him to be open about his feelings, or lose the girl. Sharon agreed to let Cassie attend the 'movie night' then took her to town to pick up her skirt from the cleaner's. Victoria told Victor he'd ruined any reason she had to stay in town, and refused Nikki's request that she give it some time before returning to Italy. Nick told Victoria to stay and insisted Nikki needed it. Victoria told him he'd robbed her of her birthright and had no right to ask her to stay now. When Cassie caught them arguing, Victoria told her she unfortunately had to leave town again. Tom stalked Gloria at the hospital where Ash and Jack got John to agree to see her. While she talked with John, Tom made small talk with Ashley. Gloria told John she would stand by him during his recovery, even if he tried to push her away. Kevin admitted that Tom had come to town wanting money from the lottery winnings. Michael told him he was a brave brother and said they'd face Tom together. When Tom called, Michael demanded he meet him at his office, then vowed to Lauren and Kevin that he'd 'take care' of him.

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