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AMC by Jenn

Di overhears Tad's suspicion about the scam of Dixie being alive, which unknown to everybody, has been engineered by David. Knowing she is responsible for it and knowing how upset Tad, Adam and JR all are about Dixie's death, Di seems hesitant to go through with being JR's nanny for his son. But JR reveals that he likes her, offers her anything she wants in her job and has no suspicions about her. Adam admits to his son that he is suspicious about this woman. JR makes it clear to his father that he's going to hire Di whether Adam likes it or not and he would never remotely consider getting rid of her. ANd he admits that she reminds him very much of his mother.

Ryan gets out of the hospital and AIden admits being angry at him for trying to cover for Jonathan and endangering Lily, Greenlee and Kendall and getting Steve killed. Greenlee is not certain what to do with her marriage. Ethan tells Kendall he wants to get back together, make their relationship work and marry her. She tells him she will marry him only if he signs Cambias over to his father.

ATWT by Elayna

Jen packs her belongings to move out of Mike’s house, but as she is leaving Mike arrives home. He pleads with her to change her mind, but Jen cannot subject Mike to a lifetime of Craig. Jen is adamant that she has to choose a path that gives her baby a fighting chance against Craig, and she has to protect her baby from Craig, and all of that means a life without Mike, and she leaves. Katie finally finds Henry at the gym, after having spent the night in his car, and pleads with him to give her another chance, but Henry has had it. Henry truly believes Katie is simply in love with the way he loves her. She asks what she can do to show him. Henry asks her to look him in the face and tell him she no longer loves Mike. Katie cannot do that, because she says a part of her will always love Mike. She admits that she used to wonder everyday what could have been with Mike, but now those thoughts are much less frequent, and it is because her feelings for Henry are now more important. She tries to kiss Henry, but Henry cannot do it, and he turns away. With that, an emotional Katie sets off telling him she will bring him proof to show him how much he means to her. Later, she searches out Mike, and when he tells her Jen moved out, Katie tells him not to take it lying down, and that she will help him win Jen back. Lily and Keith are teaming up to make sure Les pays for Julia’s murder, and as they continue to work together, they grow closer. Lucinda meets with Jessica to find out what is going on with Lily and Keith. She wonders if Keith is not with Lily for her money. Jessica tells Lucinda that if the evidence against Les falls through, the police may start to look at Lily again as a suspect. Lucinda also wonders if that would benefit Keith as well, because she feels something is not right with him. When Lucinda then suggest to Jessica she not allow Les to get off, Jessica gives back her check saying morally she cannot throw her own case. After Lucinda leaves she walks in on a close moment between Lily and Keith at Lily’s house. Carly is dealing with nightmares about Les and guilt feelings over believing she didn’t do enough to help JJ, and when Jack comes home to accompany her to the Police Station to give her statement regarding Les, he finds her waking from a nightmare sleeping with a bat. He becomes more concerned about her, and questions her. Carly averts his questions by telling him they will be late to go to the station. Later at the station, Jack is sidelined talking to Tom about the evidence Ben found suggesting Julia might have died from a constricted throat instead of a head trauma. While waiting for Jack who is talking to Tom, a police officer tells Carly to wait in the interrogation room to make her statement. She goes to wait in the room, but once the door closes, she realizes she is not alone, and turns around to find Les blocking the door.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge is knocked unconscious by one of the masked men who have Taylor. Nick and Thorne find Ridge, bring him back to the wedding area and call for the paramedics. Hector cares for him until the ambulance gets there and Ridge keeps mumbling she's there. Bridget and Nick agree to put the wedding on hold till they know how Ridge is doing. At the hospital, Eric, Stephanie, Brooke, and Thomas wait for Ridge's test results. Ridge tells them he saw Taylor and she's there.

Days by Danielle

Nancy threatens to report the nurse, whom she doesn’t know is Nicole, for trying to peel the label off of Chloe’s file. Nicole covers her face with the surgical mask and pretends to have a cold before facing Nancy. Nancy believes Nicole’s lie about changing the labels to fix the color codes. Nicole pulls the colored stickers off both films but the nurse takes them away before she can put the colored stickers back on. Nicole decides that using Stan’s list of instructions is now her only option. Bo has second thoughts about driving to Ogden with Billie before telling Hope about it. Billie tries to convince Bo to keep Hope in the dark until they find out if the lead pans out. Billie is offended when Bo asks for her to use him only from the sidelines. Bo decides to stay and help Billie but fears that they’re about to walk into a trap.

Marlena talks with Roman about how she’s scared to return to a family who has changed so much in her absence. Roman admits that he is glad that he knows ahead of time that John and Kate are now together because he’d hate to find out later like he did when he first came back to Salem. The plane lands in Salem and Roman has Jack drop Cassie off at the Pub to explain things to Shawn Sr. on his way home. Roman and Marlena drink a toast to being home as they receive word that they are cleared to leave the plane. John insists on staying at the airport until they find out who is on the jet. John tells Kate that he loves her but becomes concerned when Kate doesn’t say anything back. Kate assures John that she now believes that her future is with him. John receives word that the plane wasn’t the Titan jet. John and Kate head for home but John is crippled by a back spasm. John proposes to Kate and Kate accepts. Roman and Marlena spot Kate and John kissing from behind and never realize that it is them. Marlena decides to try and empathize with John and Kate in exchange for a ride home. Abby has now been moved to ICU for observation. Abby shares her dream with Jennifer that turns out to be the same fantasy as Jack had. Jennifer checks in with Maggie who is watching Jack Patrick and asks her to bring an overnight bag. Maggie and Mickey decide to bring the party to Abby. A nurse lets Abby know that Chelsea is awake and asking for her. Jennifer wheels Abby in to see Chelsea and Chelsea begs her for information about her parents. Jennifer starts to tell Chelsea about her parents but Chelsea falls asleep so they leave. Jack arrives home and Mickey tells him about the accident so Jack rushes to the hospital. Jack finds Maggie at the hospital and Maggie gives him the birthday cake to take in to Abby. Jennifer and Abby say a prayer together to thank God for Jack just as Jack appears in the doorway behind Jennifer.

GH by Lisa

Durant sees Carly fleeing from AJ's hospital room. Steven discovers that AJ is unconscious and tries to revive him but AJ dies. Ric sees the pillow that was used to smother AJ on the floor in his room. Durant promises Carly his unconditional support without mentioning he saw her leaving AJ's room before he died. Sonny is devastated when Michael sheds a tear after learning AJ died. Steven announces that the autopsy results prove that AJ was murdered. Carly tells Jason that she's in trouble. Jason asks Carly if she killed AJ.

GL by Elizabeth 

Dinah takes some creative licenses when it comes to reporting the news and Edmund and Cassie get blamed for it. There is another confrontation at the farmhouse with Vanessa, Ross, Edmund, and Cassie. Edmund offers to leave town and Cassie thinks that it might be a good idea. Marina urges Danny to take as much time as he needs to say goodbye to Michelle and he does. Michelle admits to cheating on him with Danny, and tells him that she loves Danny as well. He doesn’t take it well and refuses to believe her. Holly and Alan negotiate a deal involving the Springfield Journal & Spaulding Enterprises. Sebastian reveals the true reason he came to Springfield and takes on a new partner to help him complete his mission.

OLTL by Mary

Kelly asks Viki for a job at the Banner since she has resigned her position at the university. Dorian has a meeting with the Governor, and wants his help, in making David jealous. David comes in, and confronts her at what she is doing. David spills the beans about Kelly asking Viki for a job. Dorian immediately goes to the Banner to confront Kelly about her decision. Dorian throws it into Viki’s face that she has two men after her. Viki orders her to go back to David.

R.J. and Antonio argue again over Jaime. Evangeline has lunch with Nora, and they discuss the men in their lives. Natalie tries to get to the bottom of what happened when John and Evangeline went out of town. Tess makes plans to pick up Jaime.

Passions by Shirley

Fox holds the baby he thinks is his son and bonds with him, much to Julian, Eve, and Whitney's chagrin. Eve tells her daughter it's not fair to let him do that when the baby isn't his, but the only thing Whitney does is tell him to give it back to the agency person. Chad tries to get him to give the baby to him, but Fox refuses to let anyone have him. The co-chairman of the agency finally tells him he has to give the baby to him, and then takes it to Chad. The group is stunned to know Chad has adopted the boy. Sheridan is still trying to get used to the fact the DNA test showed Beth to be Marty's mother, and she takes a midnight stroll around the compound. Ending up in the mansion, she is shocked to see her good friend Gwen on the sofa. They catch up on each other's news.

Sam is ready to tear up the nightclub and take Spike to jail, but the pervert has other ideas, telling Sam that if he is arrested he will demand that everyone there is, too, even Jessica. Sam is unwilling to allow his drugged out daughter to be thrown in jail, so he relents, taking his daughter home as he tells Spike to stay away from her or he is a dead man. Spike, of course, blows the threat off, determined to continue dragging the police chief's daughter further into the mud of drugs and illicit sex. Edna finally figures out the DNA test shows Beth as the mother because she is really Sheridan's half-sister and once Dotty saw Beth's DNA matched Marty's, she didn't bother to check Sheridan's. Now the problem is, Beth is cozying up to her unknown father, Alistair, who is trying his hardest to bed his unknown daughter. Hmmmm. Harmony, or Incestville?

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Robin let it slip to Mac that JT - not she - had cancelled the date so he could check on her. Mac later asked JT if it was true and - when he wouldn't say - told him she wanted to believe he'd ended his date to be with her, which is exactly what she had wanted. Cassie promised Nick and Sharon she'd never screw up again and begged them to let her be ungrounded just for the night, so she could have a sleepover with her friends. Alone, Nick convinced Sharon that they should give Cassie some leeway, then told her about his visit with Victor. Neil comforted Lily about her disappointment regarding Daniel. Phyllis reminded Daniel why he could never be with Lily. Neil questioned Phyllis about the connection between Daniel and Kevin, and said something didn't feel right about it. Lily accepted Devon's invite to go to the party that night. Daniel told Sierra to keep Lily away from him if she ended up at the party. Jack broke the news to Victoria that she couldn't be CEO, tried to offer her the COO position, and told her Victor was to blame for the changes. Nikki told Victor that Jack was trying to court Victoria, and suggested it would - at least - be a way to keep her in town. Victoria interrupted them and Victor admitted he'd prevented Jack from hiring her. Victoria said he'd ruined the best business deal of her life. When Kevin continued to act distant, Michael and Lauren tried to get him to open up. Things got heated and Kevin begged Michael not to hit him. In an instant, Michael realized he'd had contact with 'Terrible Tom'.

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