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AMC by Jenn

Ryan escapes from his hospital room and goes to the explosion sight. He's haunted by the ghost of Jonathan. He runs into Sam Gray who does not blame him for anything and remembers Ryan's friendship with his dad. Greenlee and Kendall come out to encourage him to not blame himself for what happened to Jonathan and not be discouraged to have kids with Greenlee. Ethan informs Maria that his father proposed to Kendall. She tells him that's not her problem. But he urges her to see what a master manipulater his father is and how he has hurt his son as well as Maria and Kendall.

Di goes to the Chandlers after finding out that JR and Adam fired the previous nanny, and applies for the job. JR takes an instant liking for her and hires her on the spot. Adam, however is suspicious of her.

ATWT by Elayna

On the plane home from Las Vegas, Jen tells Mike she cannot marry him ever, and she gives back his ring. Mike is determined not to let this drop, and he suggest they discuss it in the morning, but Jen tells a disbelieving Mike she will not be there because she is moving out and throwing herself back into her work. Katie desperately tries to find Henry to talk to him, and explain herself, but is having trouble locating him. Craig shows up and taunts where her heart truly lies. She is angered by Craig suggestions reminding him she went to Las Vegas to stop him, and even called Mike to warn him, but Craig suggests she went to be there to pick up the pieces of Mike’s life if Jen left him, and when she supposedly called to warn Mike, she never ended up saying anything. Katie doesn’t want to listen to him, but Craig subtly blackmails her suggesting if she doesn’t speak glowingly about him at the custody hearing then he may let it slip to Mike that it was Katie who told him the truth, and then Mike would hate her. Later, when Mike arrives to talk to Katie, she tries to tell him of her role in his interrupted wedding, but she ends up not being able to, and just lends her support to Mike who is miserable at Jen leaving him. Jessica shows up at the Police Station informing a shocked Jack she will be defending Les. Jack tries to understand why, and assumes someone must be paying her a lot of money, but Jessica will not tell Jack any information other then she is just doing her job. Lily and Keith kiss at the hospital, but can’t talk about what happened because Jack calls them to the Police Station. Keith, Lily, Jessica, Tom, Jack and Les are at the Station when the report comes back on Julia’s cell phone. To everyone’s amazement, Les’ fingerprints are not on the phone, and it now looks like Les will not be charged with her murder based on the lack of fingerprints, and the way the evidence was discovered. Later at home, Carly is plagued with flashbacks of Les, and when Jack comes home and is forced to tell her about the lack of evidence on Julia’s cell phone, Carly is petrified Les will get out and come after them all. Barbara seeks Paul out to inform her that Jen is back. Quickly she realizes he already knew. He relays what happened in Las Vegas, and immediately Barbara wants to run to Jen’s side, but Paul tells her to leave her alone. Barbara doesn’t want to hear any of it saying Jen needs her family’s help, but Paul is angry at Barbara believing she started the ball rolling because when she ran to tell Hal, Craig overheard her. He wishes out loud that if he could help Jen, then he would wish her some other family’s DNA. This statement angers Barbara and she leaves. Dusty is officially closing Street Jeans because Jen skipped town. Paul arrives and pleads with Dusty to reconsider, but to no avail. Jen shows up ready for work, and is shocked to find the office all boxed up. A furious Paul fills her in, and Jen asks to speak to Dusty alone. She pleads for a chance to make up for leaving, and promises she will work hard, but Dusty tells her to focus on the life growing in her, and that his decision is final, and it is best for business, and he leaves an overwhelmed Jen behind, who loses it later when Craig arrives taunting her further about his place in their child’s life.

B&B by Leigh

Eric walks Bridget down the aisle, and she and Nick gaze into each other's eyes. During the ceremony Rick reads a passage from Bridget's favorite book, and Stephanie reads from a poem. A veiled woman watches the wedding and a tear streams down her face, and Ridge seems to sense someone is watching him. Bridget and Nick say their emotional vows to each other. The wedding is interrupted by a sound of a woman whose mouth is being held. Ridge runs out to see what's going on and when he looks at the woman he says, "Taylor."

Days by Danielle

Chloe returns to the clinic and tells Nancy about running into Brady at St. Luke’s. Nicole, disguised as a nurse, pretends to have allergies as she disguises her voice while being introduced to Chloe. Nicole overhears the other nurse warn Chloe about Dr. Weiss canceling the surgery if he doesn’t like what he sees on the scans and Nancy walks in on Nicole switching the files. Abby wakes up and Jennifer tells her about the accident, the loss of Mr. & Mrs. Benson, and Chelsea’s critical condition. Bo gives the bloodstained sweater to the lab and Ricardo confirms that the blood is from Georgia. Bo finds a luggage tag with an address in Ogden in the bag and Billie is anxious to head to the address. Bo tries to reach Hope before they leave but can’t get her cell phone because as Jennifer later reveals, Hope left her cell phone in Abby’s cubicle. Jennifer tries to urge Bo not to go off with Billie and Billie is upset that Jennifer would defend Hope after Hope hung up on her. Bo leaves a message at home for Hope and heads off with Billie.

Jack, Marlena, and Roman spend the plane ride home talking about what it would be like when they are reunited with their loved ones while Cassie sleeps in the back. Jack fantasizes about what it would be like to arrive home and surprise Jennifer and then as a live gift for Abby’s birthday. They all agree not to phone ahead and prepare their loved ones for their arrival. Roman asks Marlena to keep their lovemaking a secret. The plane approaches Salem. Belle, Mimi, Kate, and John arrive at the airport moments too late to stop the Titan jet from taking off. Belle and Mimi blame Kate for the situation when Kate admits that she knew about Shawn’s plan. Belle realizes that John and Kate is now a couple when John defends Kate and is completely against the idea. Mimi and Belle return to Mimi’s loft where Mimi views a computer video made for her by Rex in the event of his demise. John and Kate receive word that a private jet is asking for permission to land and anxiously wait to see if it is the Titan jet coming home.

GH by Amanda

Jason is a bit banged up, but not badly. AJ's back is badly damaged. Monica is stunned that AJ shot his own father and kidnapped Michael. Sonny and Carly find Michael, but he hates them and won't go with them. He does consent to go with Reese. She plays him the tape AJ faked. AJ vows to make Courtney's life miserable and mouths off to Sonny. Michael continues to reject his parents. Monica tells both her sons she loves them. Alan asks Jason to not kill AJ, however everyone else does offer to kill him.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley remembers the scent of a woman's perfume the night of Phillip's murder. Moreover, she remembers hearing a woman's footsteps in heels. Mallet refuses to let her call Gus about this memory. He wants to be the one to help her. She confides her secret in Lena, who promises to keep it to herself. Jonathan is approached by a woman who demands to know why he is ignoring her phone calls. He is apparently a drug dealer, and she begins bullying him about not doing his job. Josh offers Jonathan a job. Gus is locked in a small room. The only thing he can hear is a person's muffled voice, which is telling him to call off the murder investigation. Tammy, Sandy, and Josh wonder why Jonathan is acting so strange. Vanessa returns and wants Dinah to come back to Europe with her. Dinah refuses, and Cassi draws up a restraining order against Vanessa and Ross. Jeffrey and Cassie continue their relationship.

OLTL by Mary

Ginger visits Tess in the park, and goes to buy them some beer. Henry has a talk with John about Evangeline, and her future. Michael and Natalie still argue over John, and her feelings for him. Todd questions Renee as to where Asa is. Renee refuses to give him any information. Renee has Nigel searching for documents for her. Dorian confronts Adriana about her seeing Duke. Adriana lets it slip that she is falling in love with Duke. Dorian is upset.

Dorian asks for Viki’s help to keep Duke, and Adriana apart. Viki refuses. Todd bugs Renee’s telephone at the Palace. Antonio gets a hour and a half visit with Jaime. Evangeline, and John head home. Tess has a confrontation with Antonio in the park. Tess vows to break up Antonio, and Jessica.

Passions by Shirley

Pilar makes it home to find Theresa mourning the loss of Ethan, and the two women console each other over love lost. Pilar still wonders if Alistair is the answer to her problem, while Theresa simply fiddle-dee-dee's her way out of her funk, figuring Ethan will have to stop hating her before long. Little does she know the depths of his duplicity at this point. Sheridan surprised all by apologizing to Beth for the trouble she made, all the while not giving up her belief that Marty is hers, DNA test be damned. Beth and Edna figure Alistair is the reason the test showed Beth to be the real mother, but he pays a visit and lets them know it wasn't him this time. Just who did monkey with the results?

The Russell/Crane clans are upset that someone else adopted their grandchild, but Whitney is soon soothed by Chad. Fox vows to move heaven and hell to get to his son, but he can find no help from anyone. Ivy faces Jessica down with the wounds she has inflicted on herself, but Jessica simply tells her to mind her own business and leaves to meet up with Spike again. Meanwhile, Sam gets some good news about Spike's criminal activities and goes to the nightclub to bust him. Breaking down the door to the back room love nest, he is shocked to find Jessica in mid-coitus with the Devil himself.

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Kay refused to let Jack backpedal on his intention to fire Jill and hire Victoria, warned him she'd be keeping an eye on him from now on, and insisted Jill - not Victoria - would run Jabot. Alone with Jack, Jill admitted it was devastating to be so betrayed by him. Jack figured out that it was Victor who had thwarted his plans and vowed revenge. Victor warned Nick that Jack was trying to lure Victoria to Jabot, and demanded he find a place for his sister at NE. Nick refused, prompting a disappointed Victor to warn him that there'd be hell to pay someday. Victoria and Brad worked out, went for a jog, and flirted with one another. Brittany saw a different side of Bobby when he destroyed the dinner table because she'd put out a lasagna that Gina had given them for free. Bobby went to the club and agreed to hold on to the stolen jewels for Vinny, then used some of the money he gave him to buy Brittany flowers. Back home he apologized, swore he'd never hurt her, and said life was about to change for the better. Michael brought Gloria home, and they discussed Tom's negative impact on their lives. Though Gloria finally told Michael she loved him, he broke down in tears and found himself unable to say the same yet. Though Kevin tried to stand up to Tom, he quickly gained the upper hand, proving Kevin was still frightened of him. Before leaving, he demanded Kevin get his lottery winnings and give him some. When Michael came home, he was confused by Kevin's terrified state of mind.

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