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AMC by Jenn

Zach is ready to put his plans into motion to marry Kendall, share his wealth with her, as well as with Bianca and Miranda, and cut Ethan out. Kendall is seriously considering his offer and ready to get revenge upon Ethan. But Greenlee takes her aside and tells her she cannot do that. Greenlee tells Kendall she cares about her well being and that marrying Ethan's father in order to put him in his place is not the solution. When they are done talking, they go to Ryan's hospital room and discover he's gone.

JR is worried about Adam's health. Adam is having dizzy spells and not trusting his son to care about him. JR assures his father he cares about him. Tad gets another call from the doctor who says Dixie may be alive and he smells a rat. He assumes that Adam is scamming him and using Dixie to do it. He never considers that David is behind the plan. He goes to confront Adam and gets JR to believe that his father is using his deceased mother. Di is concerned that David's plan for her will not work, that nobody will buy it, and that she could possibly get charged with identity theft. But David presents a plan to her that she trusts. Right when JR, Adam and Tad are arguing, Di enters, with her blond hair color and tells JR she is the answer to his prayers.

ATWT by Rosey 

will be late

B&B by Leigh

Brooke has the room brilliantly decorated for Bridget and Nick's wedding. Ridge rises to the occasion and helps Nick get dressed and later delivers Bridget's wedding dress to her. Jackie gives Nick her blessing to marry Bridget. Eric and Bridget have a touching moment before the wedding, and Eric doesn't give her the dress he's designed for her because she'd already had the one on Ridge brought for her. Stephanie lets it slip to Bridget and tells her Eric was up all night sewing her dress. Bridget appears ready to walk down the aisle with Eric wearing the dress he designed for her. A woman with a veiled hat looks on from outside the wedding.

Days by Danielle

Patrick tells Hope that he doesn’t blame her for hanging up on Billie but Hope still blames herself. Lexie informs Bo and Billie that Chelsea survived the surgery but the next few hours are critical. Billie continues to make Hope feel guilty but now Bo defends Hope. Patrick defends Hope again but it prompts an argument between him and Bo. Hope stops the fight by running off and Patrick follows her. Bo fights the urge to go after Hope so as not to fight with Patrick. Hope wants to do something to make things right but Patrick advises her to just leave. Hope accepts Patrick’s offer to go for coffee to allow time for things to calm down. Billie receives a small duffel bag left for her at the front desk containing a bloodstained sweater with Georgia’s name on the label. Lexie argues with Abe over the phone about being too busy at work. Lexie is disappointed when Abe turns down her offer for a romantic evening.

Rex discovers that John has called for an investigation and takes the time to send John off their trail. Lucas calls Will to say goodbye and Shawn calls Bo where Bo tells him about the accident. Bo hears a plane in the background and demands to know what Shawn is up to but Shawn claims that he is on the loft roof. John realizes that his computer and ISA files have been broken into. Kate tells John that she let Lucas and Brady put themselves in danger and John is able to figure out what Brady, Lucas, Rex, and Shawn are planning. John calls the ISA to ground all flights out of Salem. Brady bribes the airport staff and gets them to let the plane take off. Belle wonders whether they are being left in the dark when she hears that both Rex and Shawn are going out of town at the same time. Belle drags Mimi to Shawn’s loft to stop them but no one is home. Belle and Mimi search the loft for a message from Shawn and watch the videotape that Shawn made about the mission. Belle seeks John’s help and upon determining that Rex, Shawn, Lucas, and Brady are planning to use the Kiriakis jet, Belle, Mimi, John and Kate arrive at the airport just as the plane begins to take off. Stan receives a message via a cut and pasted letter that his next victim is Philip but to be patient and wait for instructions. Sami worries that getting involved with Philip’s situation will blow her cover. A caller with a distorted voice calls Stan and directs Stan to a box containing camouflage and firepower before ordering him to go find Philip. Philip tries to undo his chains but the captors only tie him up again. Philip taunts his captors by teasing them about not having received further orders resulting in being slapped by one of the captors. The captors receive word that the DiMera castle was blown up and there has been no word of survivors. The captors decide that they must now kill Philip.

GH by Amanda

Courtney is thrilled with Jax's plan for her quickie divorce, until a dark haired woman bursts in and kisses Jax. She's an old friend who is going to handle the divorce. After she determines Jax won't break Courtney's heart, she gives them a divorce. Then, Courtney wants a list of all Jax's lovers. Sonny and Carly argue over who gets to go to the airport to nail AJ and rescue Michael. Durante admits to paying for evidence against Sonny, not realizing until too late that Reese is wearing a wire. With Ric's help, she manipulates John to cut a deal to save his reputation and Sonny both. After Emily frees Monica from the infamous freezer, she runs into AJ. Alan rescues her, but AJ turns a gun on both of them then shoots Alan. Emily tries to help, but Alan gets worse. As he escapes, AJ runs into Jason. Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly find a very angry Michael who does not believe them. With Carly, Sonny, Michael, Monica and Sam looking on, Jason and AJ fight, ending with the two brothers crashing through a stair railing to the ground floor.

GL by Elizabeth

Gus meets Mallet and realizes who he is. They make friends and each vow to protect Harley. Frank sees Mallet and is angered at his presence. Michelle and Tony prepare to get married, but Michelle can't do it. She tells Tony that she loves both he and Danny. Meanwhile, Danny returns to Springfield and tells Marina that he wants to be with her. Alan pays a visit to Harley, and she tries to strangle him. Mallet allows her to step outside through his window, and she has a memory of the night Phillip was killed. Bill and Olivia get into a fight and then end up making love. It is revealed that Olivia is the one who is sending the text messages to Gus.

OLTL by Mary

Kelly visits Todd at the penthouse. Kelly wants to know how Todd is doing. They discuss Paul Cramer, and Margaret. Marcie and Michael talk. Michael wants her to move in with him. Marcie refuses. Bo goes out of town to follow up on a lead that he has gotten in the Paul Cramer case. John meets Evangeline’s family, and her ex-boyfriend. Daniel is angry that Jen hasn’t been arrested for Paul Cramer’s murder.

Lindsay comes to the police station to confront Daniel about him wanting to arrest Jen for the murder of Paul Cramer. R.J. brings flowers as a way of thanking her for standing by him against Evangeline. Evangeline is offered a job in Washington by her ex-boyfriend. Daniel tells Nora that no one is going to control his life. She is puzzled by his actions. Natalie talks to Michael about John, and she thanks him for not letting her make a fool of herself in front of John. Marcie confronts Todd about the article in the Sun concerning the Killing Club murders. The killer picks another victim, namely Ron.

Passions by Shirley

The Russells and Cranes are still at the adoption agency arguing over who will get to adopt Whitney's baby, but the woman in charge puts a quick end to it all by telling them he has already been adopted by someone else. Ethan becomes enraged at Theresa, calling her names and telling her he should never have let her have his baby back since she isn't qualified to raise her, when he learns she has pressed charges against Gwen again. Rebecca is also out for blood, so Theresa's goose is cooked, or so it seems.

Sheridan still can't believe the DNA test is correct, but then, neither can Beth and Edna. Beth continues to tell her mother she doesn't know what happened to make it look like she's Marty's mother, but she isn't going to question it, just thank her lucky stars. No one has thought about Alistair yet, tho.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Victor begged Kay to figure out a way to stop Jack from hiring Victoria as CEO of Jabot Cosmetics. Jack told Victoria he needed time to consider his options. She gave him till midnight to decide if he wanted her or Jill running the company. Jack devastated Jill by telling her he didn't believe she was the best person to run Jabot. Kay interrupted them and told Jack that if he tried to fire Jill, she would fire him. Vinnie scared Brittany by posing as a hospital worker and demanding she pay her bills or deal with a collection agency. When Brittany told Bobby how afraid she was of their growing debt, Vinnie then called and told Bobby to meet with him if he was finally ready to reconsider the stolen jewels deal. JT declined Robin's invite to spend the night together, because he couldn't stop thinking about Mac. Michael, Lauren, Gloria, Kevin and Mac celebrated the lottery winnings. Gina chastised Gloria for partying while John was in the hospital. Michael explained how he'd divided up the money. JT was annoyed when Kevin escorted Mac home. Kevin thanked Mac for joining him, then left. JT lied about why his date had ended early, and almost said something to Mac, but didn't. Kevin came face to face with Terrible Tom. Nick and Sharon wondered if it was time to give Cassie some of her freedom back, but worried when they learned she'd taken the four-wheeler for a test drive on her own.

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