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AMC by Jenn

Ethan makes a proposition with Greenlee to trust him and help him get back with Kendall. She refuses. Zach has a plan where he asks Kendall to marry him, so she can help him take back what Ethan has taken from his father and so Zach can enable Bianca and Miranda to get their fair share of the Cambias estate. Kendall at first thinks he's crazy but seriously considers it when she remembers how she'd like to stick it to Ethan and help her sister and niece.

Babe is worried about her son being in Adam's care noticing that Adam might not be feeling well. SHe tells JR. He does not admit to her that he wants to prevent his father from having the right to be with his son. But he fires the nanny remembering her failure to listen to his and Babe's concerns about their son. And privately, JR expresses to his father, his concerns about his health. David gets Di to color her hair blond and look like Dixie. Tad, then gets a call from the mysterious Swiss doctor, informing him that Dixie might have escaped the accident many years ago. Brooke is ready to print an article to protect Krystal from prison assault, in exchange for Krystal leaving Tad alone. Krystal tells Brooke that she already told Tad it's over between them and that she will not accept a bribe from Brooke.

ATWT by Eva 

Alison decides to to visit Aaron in Seattle after Holden informs her that Aaron's mother Julie has been told by doctors that she only has six months to a year to live. Holden also tells Alison that Aaron has decided to stay in Seattle to spend some time with his family untill his mother's death. Will consoles Alison and tries to encourage her to be strong. Will's feelings for Alison grow stronger. Luke takes the first step towards forgiving Holden. Craig arrives in Las Vegas and interrupts Mike and Jennifer's wedding. Mike wants to go ahead and marry Jennifer despite Craig's presence but Jennifer wonders if she should marry Mike now that Craig knows the truth about the baby.

B&B by Leigh

Bridget asks Stephanie to stand up (along with Brooke) for her at her wedding, and Stephanie agrees. Jackie shares her concerns about Nick marrying Bridget with Brooke. Jackie practically begs Brooke to reconsider losing Nick forever. Brooke remembers all the special times she and Nick spent together. Rick questions Nick about the wedding and ultimately welcomes Nick to the family. Rick agrees, at Nick's request, to stand up with Ridge at the wedding. A masked person startles Brooke on her patio. She screams for Ridge who tries to catch the masked person but couldn't.

Days by Danielle

Kate threatens to call John and spill the secret of the mission but Shawn stops her. Lucas sends everyone else out so he can try and convince Kate to keep their mission a secret. Lucas gives Kate a letter to give to Sami in case of his demise. Chloe prays at St. Luke’s church for quick healing and a successful surgery. Brady unknowingly kneels down beside her to pray for Philip and then ends up professing his love for Chloe. Chloe eavesdrops after leaving Brady alone to pray. Stan visits Nicole to bring her a set of surgical scrubs and a fake ID badge to enable her to get into the hospital and stop Chloe’s surgery. Stan eavesdrops as Nicole says an emotional goodbye to Brady as he prepares to leave on the rescue mission. Belle urges Mimi to tell Rex the truth. Rex tells Mimi only that he plans to go away for a few days and may not have phone contact. Mimi is relieved that he won’t be around but fears that she’ll be in jail by the time he comes back. Shawn makes a video for Belle in case of his demise. Belle catches Shawn packing and Shawn claims that he is going away for a few days because it hurts too much to be around Belle and not act on his feelings. Belle accuses Shawn of being selfish and running away like he did last summer. Bo questions Hope about why she didn’t give him the message that Billie called. Hope uses the defense that Billie never mentioned the accident but Billie, Bo, and Jennifer are still upset and disappointed with her. Billie blames Hope for the death of Mr. and Mrs. Benson. The nurse comes out and tells Bo and Billie that Chelsea is out of surgery but makes them wait for Lexie to hear about Chelsea’s condition. Billie fears that this could be a sign that Chelsea is dead.

GH by Lisa

AJ prevents Carly from running after Michael. Carly tells Sonny what AJ's done to Michael. Michael is heartbroken by what he sees.

Jason tells Skye the truth about AJ. Skye agrees to help Jason. Alan takes action when Monica refuses to help AJ flee with Michael. Ric and Reese team up to get the goods on Durant.

GL by Elizabeth

Mallet gives Harley access to his personal phone. She calls Zack and Buzz, but before she is finished talking, another guard catches her and leads her away. Gus tries to convince the warden to give Harley special protection. He finds out who he really is when Mallet shows up to Company, and Buzz points him out angrily. Alan reveals that he has a deal with Lena. He sends money to her daughter in return for tips on Harley in prison. Lena, however, begins to feel a little guilty. Danny and Michelle share long kiss in the honeymoon suite. However, it is broke up by Tony, who has brought along a judge to divorce them and marry him to Michelle immediately. They get a divorce, and Danny leaves. Michelle is unsure of what to do.

OLTL by Mary

Todd is paid a visit by Mrs. Small, who has a striking resemblance to Mrs. Bigelow. Antonio visits Viki at the office, and tells her that Jessica must be on assignment of some kind. Jessica(Tess) is bidding a farewell to LlandView. John and Evangeline arrive back at his apartment so he can pack for his trip with her to meet her parents. Natalie and Michael argue over Michael not thinking that she was right for John. Kelly summons Dorian to the carriage house. Kelly wants Dorian to take David home with her. Kelly is all dressed up, and Dorian is furious when she thinks that she is going out with Kevin, when in fact, she is going out with Duke.

Dorian questions Duke as to what his intentions are toward Adriana. Natalie goes to see John at his apartment, and starts to tell him her true feelings for him, when he tells her that he is going with Evangeline to a funeral for her great-aunt. Natalie agrees that this is not the right time to discuss her feelings. Instead, she helps John pack for his trip. Tess calls Ginger at the diner, and finds out that she is talking with Antonio. Tess makes Ginger promise that she will not tell Antonio anything at all about her. Tess changes her mind about leaving town, and vows to get R.J.’s help in bringing Antonio down.

Passions by Shirley

Eve and Julian, Liz and TC, Fox, and Whitney all show up at the adoption agency as Fox tries to get "his" son back, and a huge argument ensues as to who will get him. The director settled them down, and after letting Fox know he can't get "his" son back, explains that it's too late. Whitney, who has the power to stop all the fighting, stands back and keeps her mouth shut. Theresa, going against what Ethan wants, went to Sam and demanded he re-arrest Gwen for attempted murder and kidnapping. Sam isn't happy about it, but has no choice. Meanwhile, at the Crane mansion, Ethan decides to go talk to Theresa again to make sure she is abiding by their agreement after Rebecca casts doubts about her ability to do so. As he is talking to Theresa, his cell phone rings and he is told Sam is arresting Gwen again.

The results are in, and somehow Beth scrapes by again when Dotty says Marty's DNA matches hers and she's his mother. A stunned Beth and Edna try to figure out how that happened, while Sheridan is heartbroken yet again. No one seems to notice Beth and Edna's actions, indicating their guilt, as usual. Harmony is quickly becoming a place no one wants to visit anymore.

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead

Daniel suggested Cassie would look better with less makeup. Sierra wondered why Daniel and Lily were avoiding each other. Daniel wouldn't say, while Lily insisted Daniel wanted nothing to do with her because of their mothers. Olivia treated Mac's burn at the hospital. A guilty JT made plans to have dinner with her, but had to cancel when Robin showed up for their scheduled date. Kevin's therapy session went well and afterwards he got Mac to agree to have dinner with the Baldwin family. 'Terrible Tom' stalked Kevin at the doctor's office and overheard the news about the celebration dinner. Nick told Sharon he needed to run NE without Victoria to prove to everyone - including himself - that he wasn't second-best. Sharon taught Cassie to apply makeup, and Cassie was thrilled after imagining Daniel telling her she looked better. She asked Sharon if she'd consider un-grounding her. Phyllis admitted to Victor that Jack had tried to hire Victoria, but had settled on Jill after Victoria turned him down. Victoria told Nikki she was considering working at Jabot. Nikki insisted Jack was using her. Jack told Ash he wanted to hire Victoria. Ash insisted Victoria was using him. Jack blasted Jill for calling a meeting with the Chancellor Board of Directors. Victor told Kay that Jack was trying to hire Victoria. Jack visited Victoria and asked if she was playing him for a fool.

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