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AMC by Jenn

Babe goes to Adam's to see her son. He doesn't want to cooperate with the agreement since he still no longer has the means to find Liza or Colby. But while there, Babe observes Adam having some sort of attack. He does not trust her or believe she's concerned about him and suspects she will use that against him to keep him away from the baby. Kendall reveals she will never trust Ethan again and does not care if he is put away for falsely accusing his father of murder. But the "snitch" whom JR paid off to lie for Ethan admits that he never saw nor heard of either Zach or Ethan, knows nothing about who killed Edmund and that JR paid him off. Kendall reveals she does not trust JR any more than she trusts Ethan.

David keeps working on Di to play Dixie. She keeps telling him that it will break both Tad's and JR's hearts to believe Dixie has come back only to lose her again. But he tells her it will not hurt either one of them. Tad reveals to Brooke that he got a call from a doctor in Switzerland who "revealed" that it's possible that Dixie is still alive. He calls the doctor to check all records to find out if it's possible. But unknown to him, the "contact" who says he is a doctor is working for David in order to fool Tad. Finding out that Tad has taken the bate, David tells Di she can now play Dixie. She grudgingly agrees to go through with his plan.

ATWT by Rosey

Henry confronts Katie about why she told Craig about Jennifer's baby. He insists that she wants Mike back, but she denies it. Katie tries to get Henry to believe she loves him, but he's very angry. Craig goes to Mike and Jen's apartment to talk to Jen. Paul is there and tells him Jen is on a "long walk". Craig spots an itinerary on the table and leaves to find her. Paul phones Jen to tell her about Craig's visit and the fake itinerary that he planted. Les held Jack with a knife to his throat, when Lily screamed, Jack got loose from Les and took the knife. J.J. fell from a loft in the barn, he was rushed to the hospital. Jack found out that Keith was stabbed by Les.

As Barbara daydreams about seeing her grandchild, Paul shows up to inform her that Jen and Mike are gone for good. He refuses to tell her where they went, and insists that they will be better off without Craig in their lives. Craig goes back into Mike and Jen's place and looks on her lap top computer to see what her real plans are. He finds out that they are headed to Vegas. Mike and Jen arrive in Las Vegas and go to the wedding chapel. Jen goes to freshen up, while Mike secretly purchases a ring for her. When she comes back she informs him that Craig knows about the baby, but doesn't know where they are, yet. Mike insists that Craig won't ruin this for them, they are still getting married.

B&B by Leigh

Bridget urges Nick to make nice with Ridge for the good of both their families. Nick grovels to Ridge and Ridge agrees to be his best man. Brooke makes plans for Bridget's wedding. Rick arrives home to attend the wedding. Brooke agrees to be Bridget's matron of honor. Brooke receives a phone call and only hears a woman scream. The scene closes with a telephone hanging down in a telephone booth and we see gloved hands.

Days by Danielle

Mimi ignores Bonnie’s attempts to dissuade her and tells about Jan falling. Bonnie tries to help plead Mimi’s innocence. Mimi tells Tek about Jan’s blackmail threat and Tek sees it as motive. Mimi insists it was an accident and Tek decides not to arrest Mimi yet because the same situation happened to his sister. Tek warns Mimi that if Jan doesn’t corroborate the story or dies, then Mimi will be arrested. Mimi fears that she is still doomed because if Jan wakes up, she’ll just lie and claim Mimi tried to kill her. Stan admits to Nicole that he’s out to make Brady’s life miserable and taunts Nicole by adding that the best way to do that is have him marry her. Stan refers to Nicole as a whore prompting Nicole to slap him hard enough to make part of his fake mustache come off. Stan quickly puts it back on while Nicole’s back is turned. Stan makes Nicole apologize for the slap by threatening to call Brady with the news about Chloe. Stan tells Nicole to make sure that Chloe’s surgery never happens. Brady, Shawn, Rex, and Lucas sneak into Basic Black so that they can use a special computer housed in John’s office to hack into the ISA mainframe. Rex hacks into the mainframe while Lucas shows Brady and Shawn a briefcase of equipment he was able to get from his contacts within the DiMera organization. Kate walks in and catches them. Brady admits their plan and Kate wants to call John but Rex stops her. Kate blames Shawn and accuses him of dragging her sons into it, still determined to call John.

Chelsea asks to see Billie so Billie sits at Chelsea’s bedside to comfort her as Chelsea rests. Jennifer has Patrick call Hope with the news about Abby and Hope and Bo head for the hospital. Lexie assures Jennifer that Abby is fine but the “her” she meant was Mrs. Benson. Patrick tends to Jennifer as she sits by Abby’s bedside. Hope comforts Jennifer as Bo comforts Billie upon hearing that she was first on the scene. Lexie receives word that Mr. Benson has died. Billie offers to sign consent for Chelsea’s surgery based on Mrs. Benson’s dying request and Lexie finds the paramedic who witnessed the request. Upon learning that Mr. Benson could have been saved had he gotten to the hospital sooner, Bo asks Billie why she didn’t call him and Billie tells him about Hope not letting her talk to him. Marlena and Cassie anxiously wait for Roman and Jack to come out of the castle but then decide to search the castle grounds together for Jack and Roman. Jack climbs out from under the rubble and finds Roman unconscious. Jack wakes Roman up and they head for the outside. Roman finds a satellite phone shortly before joining Cassie and Marlena safely outside. Roman uses the phone to dial a friend in the ISA to get a plane to Salem. Victor finds Caroline trapped under a fallen beam. Caroline complains that she can’t feel her legs. Victor tries to get the beam off of Caroline but Bart stops him. Bart lets it slip that Marlena, Roman, Jack, and Cassie were also being held captive at the castle. Bart is touched by Victor’s offer to take Caroline’s place that he agrees to help lift the beam off of Caroline’s legs. Caroline and Victor make their way out of the castle. Bart searches the castle for Tony and finds Tony’s hand with the phoenix ring turned solid black sticking out of the rubble. Bart fears that it’s a sign that Tony is dead.

GH by Amanda 

In the Quartermaine attic, Michael plays Lilah's music box. Edward hears, but thinks it's Lilah's ghost and takes it as a sign that Lilah wants Emily to move home and save the family from moving. Jason shows Monica proof of AJ's duplicity. She reluctantly agrees to help him. Alan is warned that those who help AJ will pay. Carly enlists Lorenzo's help. Skye, ignorant of AJ's having Michael, agrees to help him. Liz and Lucky dream of a future. Ric discovers that Alexis is not seeing her shrink, prompting her to take the baby and leave. Emily asks Monica not to sell the manor, not because she wants to, but for Jason. He wants her to watch the Q clan. Monica agrees. Carly and Lorenzo find Michael in the park .

GL by Ashley

Ross comes to the hospital to see Dinah. While he is there, he warns Cassie that Dinah is trying to steal Edmund and her baby from her. Cassie does not believe him. Edmund tells Cassie that the only reason she left with Jeffrey is because she still loves him. Danny and Michelle arrive in Vegas and prepare to get divorced. However, the person who is going to divorce them falls ill. Gus is welcomed back to the Spaulding family with mixed emotions. Olivia warns them not to trust Gus. He is trying to pin the murder on one of them. Mallet tells Harley that he is there for as long as it takes to complete his job, whatever that may be. Lena turns out to be strategizing with Alan over the phone. Gus tries to visit Harley, but is brought to the Warden's office and is face-to-face with Mallet.

OLTL by Mary

Natalie convinces John to take some time off from work, but instead, of spending the time with Natalie, he goes to see Evangeline at her office. Viki goes back to work at the Banner. Rex visits her, and asks for her help in finding the real killer of Paul Cramer. Daniel ,on his way home from Paris, is confronted by the ghost of Paul Cramer. Viki tries to talk some sense into Natalie about her trying to take John away from Evangeline.

Jen visits Marcie. They discuss Riley, and his not believing her that she didn’t kill Paul Cramer. Riley visits Jen, and Marcie. They get into an argument as usual. Rex visits. Rex informs them that it is he, who is trying to get Jen exonerated for the murder of Paul Cramer. Hayes confronts Viki about printing excerpts of The Killing Club in the Banner. Hayes notifies other newspapers.

Passions by Shirley

Pilar finds Martin and Katherine in an embrace and blows up, slapping Katherine and telling her to stay away. She leaves, but Martin stays with Katherine, upset that Alistair had something to do with her leaving town. Pilar heads to church to pray and ends up talking to Father Lonigan, who does little to assuage her fears. As she leaves, she realizes she's being followed, and Alistair finally catches her and grabs her arm.

Fox is upset at Whitney, demanding an explanation of why she gave their child up for adoption. She tells him the baby isn't his, then backtracks and says it's because she gave him away. He is determined to stop that, however, if he can only get there in time. Luis and Sheridan await the results of the DNA test, but one thing after the other delays them, not the least of which is Beth and Edna trying to sneak out the bathroom window. Sheridan sees how suspicious that is, but Top Cop Luis seems not to notice. Someone tell me how he made detective! At shows end, Dotty the DNA specialist friend of Sheridan's is getting ready to let the bad news be heard.

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead

The Young & The Restless was not new today. Because of the previous day's pre-emption in the states for coverage of the Pope, Y and R broadcast an episode from last year:

Dru & Neil were in Japan prepping for their wedding. Lily was thrilled to be asked to be the maid of honour. Jack and Phyllis struggled with their lingering love. Back in Genoa City, Nick, Nikki and Sharon faced the devastating reality of Victor's bribery crime as Christine was forced to arrest the man.

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