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AMC by Jenn

Erica reveals to Jack and to Greenlee that she does not blame Ryan for anything that's happened, and surprisingly she believes that Greenlee is the right person for Ryan. Kendall is very angry at Ethan for lying to her but is not certain what to do. JR suggests that she could report him to the cops. Right when Ethan is at the station, and it's been proven that Zach was falsely accused of murdering Edmund, Kendall walks into the station with JR and identifies Ethan as the liar.

David convinced Di that she has everything to gain and nothing to lose in passing herself off as Dixie. He will give her money and JR will want to believe that she is his mom, and she will be able to convince JR to let Babe have shared custody of their son. Tad goes to make sure Krystal is ok after she's been assaulted and tells the guard that if anything happens to Krystal again, he will make her sorry.

ATWT by Elayna

Mike and Jen discuss getting married that night in Vegas. They finally decide they want to and Paul shows up and suggests strongly to them that they never return to Oakdale if they want to keep their baby’s paternity a secret. At first Jen thinks that will make them look even more like they have something to hide, but when Mike is won over to the idea, she agrees, and they get on the first plane out of Oakdale that night. Craig is talking to Katie about the fact that Jen and Mike lying to him proves he is the father. Katie defends Mike and tells Craig he would never lie about that Craig tells Katie she is letting it show that she is still in love with Mike. He also tells her he just wants his second chance as a parent, and his rightful place in this baby’s life. When Henry comes back, he tells Henry that Katie finally told him the truth. After Craig leaves, Henry calls Katie on what she did. Katie claims it was a mistake, but Henry reminds her that one slip could be a mistake, but she looked at the file after she promised she wouldn’t, she interrogated the doctor, and then she told Craig. He accuses her of consciously or subconsciously wanting Craig to know so he would confront Jen so her and Mike would break up, and she could get back together with Mike. Margo is reeling from Casey’s hurtful comments wondering how she could have made such a mess with Doc, so now her own son doesn’t respect her. Tom reminds her that she needs to forgive herself because the rest of them have already. After a talk with Tom, Casey apologizes and reminds a grateful Margo that he is responsible, and is not ready to have sex, and that is because of the mom she is to him. Jack comes home to find an injured Carly being treated by the EMT’s. She tells him what happened, and begs him to help JJ. Meanwhile, Lily and Keith are hot on Les’ trail, but while they are chasing him Les’ tire blows, and he is forced off the road. Once the car stops, JJ opens the door and takes off. Les tries to go after him, but Keith stops him, and they fight, and Les stabs Keith. Lily runs off to find JJ, and finds him scared and hiding in a loft. She convinces him to come down because he would be safe with her. As JJ starts to come down from the loft, he loses his footing and starts to fall. Jack comes upon the scene where Les has stabbed Keith, and is surprised when Les kicks the gun out of his hand, and hold the knife to Jack’s throat now!

B&B by Leigh

Bridget and Nick discuss wedding plans, and Nick wants to get married tomorrow! Nick breaks the news of their engagement to Massimo and Jackie. Massimo is thrilled, but Jackie is less than optimistic but does still lend her support. Ridge returns to Forrester Creations and Eric critiques the design he's working on. Bridget informs Eric and Ridge that the wedding will be tomorrow at Ridge's house. Ridge walks out telling her he can't go along with it. Eric tells Bridget how unhappy he is with her decision to marry Nick. Nick talks with Eric, he tells Eric he'll do anything he can to make Bridget happy and he's committed to her. Eric gives them his blessing and sets out to design a wedding dress for Bridget. The show ends with gloved hands holding a magazine with Bridget and Nick's picture on the cover … and then it's torn in half.

Days by Danielle

Lucas agrees to join the rescue mission. Patrick tells Jennifer about Abby’s accident and they rush to the hospital. Lexie uses her clout while at the accident scene to request more ambulances. Chelsea stops breathing and the paramedic is ready to give up but Billie starts CPR herself and brings Chelsea back. Billie stays with Chelsea and Mrs. Benson to comfort them until they arrive at the hospital. Jennifer overhears Lexie tell Billie that they lost “her” and assumes that the “her” is Abby. Tek sets Mimi up by letting her know that he planned to get a search warrant for Jan’s house. Mimi remembers Jan’s diary and she and Bonnie head for the house to try and get it before Tek does, only to be surprised by Tek who was already waiting for Mimi. Tek places Mimi under arrest for attempted murder. Bart decides to evacuate Caroline and Victor but a beam falls just as they reach the castle doors. Victor pushes Caroline out of the way just in time. Jack uses a tapestry to shield himself from the flames as he looks for a way out but is knocked by a falling chandelier. Roman uses another tapestry to go searching for Jack but a beam falls and traps his legs. Jack returns to Marlena and Cassie via a secret passageway and upon learning about Roman, sends Marlena and Cassie through the passage to the outside of the castle. Jack finds Roman and lifts the beam so Roman can slip his legs out. They head for the exit as the castle begins to crumble around them.

GH by Lisa

In front of Michael, AJ claims to Alan that someone is after him and that he and Michael need a place to hide. Alan allows AJ and Michael to hide in the attic. Alone with Alan, AJ explains how he hired Faith to kidnap the children and fake Michael's death, as well as enlisting Rachel's help to stage his own murder. After overhearing Georgie and Dillon, Michael asks AJ why people believe he's dead. Carly convinces Sonny that Michael is alive. Sonny and Carly confront Alan and Monica at the mansion. Reese tells Ric and Alexis she suspects Durant might have tried to kill her.

Ric and a reluctant Alexis agree not to tell anyone that Reese is hiding at Sonny's. The "priest" later tells Durant that Reese is at Sonny's. Ric learns that Alexis' therapist has been out of town and that Alexis has been lying about going to therapy. Still grieving her own son, Reese refuses to help Max with Morgan. Reese has a change of heart and tells Morgan a bedtime story which is similar to her own life. Georgie tries to convince Dillon to reconsider not going to film school.

GL by Ashley

Cassie arrives at the hospital and finds that Dinah is perfectly fine. Dinah secretly informs Cassie that Edmund set the whole thing up. Cassie confronts him, and he apologizes. When they are about to leave the hospital, the doctor tells Dinah that there is a problem with one of her tests. Danny and Michelle learn that their divorce judge has come down with a medical ailment. Danny offers to fly to Vegas with Michelle for a quickie divorce, so she can get married the next day. They get on a plane together. Tony tells Marina that he saw Danny kissing Michelle. Gus makes it seem as if he truly believes Harley is guilty. He wants to get Olivia's perspective. Frank overhears his words and punches him. Gus gets a text message telling him to investigate the Spaulding mansion. Jeffrey threatens Dinah, telling her that he will hurt her if she hurts Cassie.

OLTL by Mary

Paige gives Bo the bad news that a man (DOA) was brought into the hospital, and the man fit Asa’s description. Bo is sad to think that his father is dead. Dorian tries to demand Viki to run David off from living in the carriage house. Viki tries to talk some sense into her concerning David, and how she had been treating him. Viki insists that Dorian is putting everyone and everything above David. Viki tries to get her to apologize to David. Kelly and Adriana try to convince David to apologize to Dorian, and for him to go home.

Blair tries to convince Todd to leave the matter of Asa, and Margaret to the police. They bring Addie into the hospital with stomach pains. Blair thinks that Margaret has poisoned her. Paige assures Blair that Addie has appendicitis. Paige assures Bo that the man brought in DOA was not Asa. They are relieved. Nora catches Daniel on the phone talking to his mystery woman. When she questions him about it, he lies, and tells her that he was talking to Riley.

Passions by Shirley

Pilar and Martin are dancing at the restaurant when a song comes on that reminds him of Katherine. The romantic mood is dampened a bit, but they manage to get through it and head home. Martin goes to get coffee and runs into Katherine on the way. Pilar learns Katherine is back from Theresa and goes out to find her man. Theresa is determined to press charges against Gwen, even tho it means she won't get to keep her daughter, but Rebecca is just as determined to get retribution on Theresa. Fox arrives home, expecting to find his newborn son after Ethan and Theresa miss the chance to clue him in on Whitney's plans, and is heartbroken once he finds out. His feelings for her take a drastic turn as she tells him what she's done, and only Eve and Julian give him the hope that he can still have "his son" by telling him there is still time to rescind his consent. However, Whitney finally tells him the baby isn't his.

Beth, Edna, Marty, Luis, and Sheridan arrive at the hospital to await the results of the DNA test Sheridan's friend is running. Beth and Edna try to leave, but Sheridan faces Beth down, asking why she's in such a hurry to leave. Just as the two women were about to make their escape, Dotty comes in with the results in her hand. Who will Marty's mother turn out to be? Is there any question? But hey, haven't we been here before?

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Michael forced JT to face Gloria, the woman whose life he'd destroyed. Gloria blasted JT for digging into her past and robbing John Abbott of the happiness she'd brought him. A guilt-ridden JT made a date with Robin, and was then comforted by Mac - who insisted he'd done the right thing and that Gloria was to blame for lying to everyone. JT thanked Mac for her kind words, then accidentally spilled a mug of steaming hot tea down her leg. Michael collected his lottery winnings, shared champagne with Gloria, and told her he intended to take her, Kevin and Lauren for a night out on the town. Jill refused to believe Victoria was only at Jabot for a friendly visit, then kicked her out. She then told Ashley the lab needed better security, and insisted on having a meeting to discuss the budget. Sharon advised Victor to back off and let Nick and Victoria work out their relationship on their own. Nick forced Cassie to wear less makeup to school. When Cassie slighted Sharon, Nick suggested his wife back off a bit and give their daughter some breathing room. Sharon agreed with his suggestion that she bond with Cassie by teaching her to apply makeup properly. She then admitted to Nick that Victor wanted Victoria to stay in GC. Victoria refused Victor's insistance that she work at NE with Nick, and let it slip that she was headed in a whole different direction. Jack blasted Phyllis for lying to him, while she reminded him he'd done the same. Realizing they'd always be on opposite sides, they agreed not to fight. As Jack left her, Victor arrived. Alone with Phyllis, Victor demanded to know if Jack was trying to hire Victoria at Jabot.

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