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AMC by Jenn

Aiden and Reggie have difficulty letting Lily know that her bodyguard, Steve, died. Kendall tells Ethan that she cannot forgive him for swearing on his love for her, to a lie. He tells her she will not push him away. Derek comes to question Ethan and he confirms that he saw Zach murder Edmund and asks Kendall to confirms that. Greenlee tells Ryan she wants to help him through his ordeal with what happened to Jonathan, have children and a great future with the man she loves. But he tells her that it won't happen and refuses to open up to her. Erica tries to encourage Ryan to know that he is loved by so many people and she promises she will be there for him and he can count on her. Jack tells Greenlee she needs to drop Ryan like a bad habit. But Greenlee protests to her father that none of this was Ryan's fault and that she will stand by her husband no matter what he says. Zach admits to Maria that he told her son that Edmund was a hero and didn't want to tarnish Sam's belief in his father by telling him the truth.She admits to him that she pushed him away and blamed him for the failure of her marriage but now realizes that her marriage was already ruined.

ATWT by Elayna

Margo inadvertently causes the condom Casey’s friend gave him, to drop out of his wallet, causing an embarrassed Celia to leave quickly. Casey goes after her, but she is too hurt and embarrassed to listen to what he has to say. Inside Casey is cornered by is parents wanting to talk to him about the condom, but he wants none of the conversation. He gets so frustrated with Margo’s constant nagging about the subject, he blurts out that Margo has no right to lecture him about sexual responsibility considering her track record. Outside, Kim talks to Celia and tells her to give Casey a chance to explain because she is sure Casey would not do anything to disrespect her feelings. Celia is overwhelmed with Kim’s kindness, and takes her up on her offer to drive her home, and stop for lattes on the way. Craig asks Henry why he and Katie lied to him, and Henry tells him that it was not their place. However, Craig chides Henry’s supposed morals claiming that he was just afraid Katie and Mike would find their way back to one another if the baby were his. Katie shows up back at the gym upon receiving confirmation inadvertently from the doctor that Jen was stressed about the baby and when her due date was. She talks further with Craig who is lamenting over his wanting a second chance with fatherhood, and by accident tells Craig that Jen is not 10 weeks along, but rather only 5 weeks pregnant. Jen and Mike discuss if he can really take on being a father to Craig’s baby, because it would require him lying for many years to come. He convinces Jen he wants to, and the only person they are now worried about spilling the beans is Barbara. They invite her over to talk, and Jen threatens that if Barbara breathes a word of this, Jen will cut her out of her and her baby’s life and never forgive her. Barbara agrees to Jen’s boundaries, and Mike decides that everything feels right now, and asks Jen to marry him, and an excited Jen agrees. Les has shown up to take JJ, but Carly tries to stop him, and hits him over the head, and tells JJ to take off. An angry Les tries to strangle Carly, but JJ shows back up with a baseball bat, and hits Les over the head again. However, Les comes through in time to stop Carly and JJ from escaping. Lily and Keith find Julia’s cell phone with a drop of blood on it hidden in the wall at Les’ halfway house room. They decide to wait for Jack for help, and when they call looking for him, Hal tells them Les has received custody of JJ. They rush over to Carly and Jack’s only to find Carly unconscious and JJ gone. When Carly comes through, she tells them Les has JJ. Meanwhile, JJ tries to get out of Les’s car, and Les threatens to do to JJ what he did to his mom.

B&B by Leigh

Bridget hears Nick tell Brooke he still loves her and always will and she begins to cry. She then hears Nick go on to say it was Brooke who helped him to be open to the woman he's meant to be with … Bridget. Bridget is very happy to be chosen by a man over Brooke. Thomas turns down Caitlin's dinner invitation to help Gabby deal with her grief, and Thomas comforts Gabby. Ridge presents Eric with a design and asks to return to Forrester Creations. Eric is thrilled and tells Ridge his design is sensational and the best work he's done in years. Brooke tries to reason with Ridge and with her prodding Ridge agrees to try to give Bridget and Nick his blessing.

Days by Danielle

Nicole imagines Brady dumping her for Chloe upon hearing the news that she’s alive. Brady, Rex, and Shawn talk strategy in their plan to rescue Philip. Nicole overhears their talk and refuses to let them go ahead with the mission. Nicole lets her fear that Brady will come back from his mission wanting Chloe, slip. Nicole covers by proposing to Brady but Brady only comforts her fears of losing him. Nicole makes plans to meet with Stan to discuss getting rid of Chloe. Brady suggests asking a fourth person to join the mission. Tony doesn’t want to leave the castle without the prisoners and plans to use his sword as a weapon against them. Cassie opens a window to try and get out but the force blows the door off its hinges and knocks over Roman and Jack who had been trying to use an axe to get in. Jack pretends to be still unconscious until a guard comes close enough to knock out just as Roman wakes up. Marlena tends to a now unconscious Cassie. Tony confronts Jack and Roman wielding his sword. Roman disregards Tony’s threats and runs into the burning room. Jack grabs the guard’s gun and shoots Tony. Roman carries Cassie with Marlena close behind out of the room where she comes to. A fiery beam comes crashing down. Another beam falls on top of Tony, sending him crashing through the floor.

Jennifer prepares for Abby’s birthday party. Jennifer finds a bracelet made by Jack while on the island that he had wanted to give to Abby for her birthday. Abby and Chelsea are thrown from the car after the accident. Billie and Patrick come upon the accident and call for help. Patrick determines that Abby is still alive. Billie finds out that no units are available to help because of a riot. Billie calls Hope, neglecting to mention the accident itself until after Hope angrily hangs up on her, thinking that Billie was only calling to drag Bo away from their romantic evening. Patrick lies about the accident victims being the mayor’s wife to get help to arrive. Mrs. Benson asks Billie to look after Chelsea as she is being taken to the hospital. Patrick also calls Lexie for help. Hope lies to Bo by claiming that Jennifer was the only one to call while he was gone. Patrick heads to Jennifer’s house to tell her about Abby in person.

GH by Amanda

The news about AJ excites Alan enough to get him chest pains; when Jax and Courtney get him inside ,he tells Monica the news, making her want to put him in a psych ward. The idea that AJ is alive does not fly with Monica however. Lorenzo and Ric agree that they are on the same side in stopping Durante. The chance that Carly saw him and Reese together, which she did, upsets Sonny and Reese both. Ric catches her at Sonny's. AJ and Michael escape before Jason and Sam can find them. Carly runs from Sonny's tryst to Lorenzo, telling him once she finds Michael, she'll be ready to be with him. He says he won't go down that path again, she has to choose him for himself or not at all. Jason finds AJ's electronic recordings that were used to manipulate Michael. Between that and the letter the boy left to Jason, he realizes what the con involved. Courtney realizes AJ is still her husband. Jason finds a map with Italy circled. However, AJ turns up in Port Charles at Alan's.

GL by Elizabeth

Gus informs Buzz of the suspicious note he received and says that he suspects Olivia might be the real murderer. Mallet changes Harley’s prison job from kitchen duty to working with him in the Warden’s office. Harley’s roommate, Lena, helps her out in a violent situation, and she finally introduces herself as an actress. She tells Harley to hang on to her dreams; it is the only way she will get through this. Later, Lena receives a strange phone call about her status with Harley. Lizzie, Tammy, and Sandy hang out together. Sandy tries to give Lizzie some advice. Coop tells Buzz and Gus of the rose that was left on Phillip’s grave. Edmund finds Dinah in bed and realizes that she’s only in this for herself. Jeffrey takes Cassie to a bar and tells her that she has to perform as a backup singer onstage. At first, Cassie is nervous, but soon she loosens up and has a great time. Meanwhile, Edmund knows she is with Jeffrey. He plots a “fake” trip to the emergency room for Dinah to get Cassie’s attention and to get her to come back.

OLTL by Mary

John orders the police officer to further investigate the cottage for clues as to who could have cut the gas line, and tried to kill Marcie, and her family. Michael confronts John as to his feelings for Natalie. Michael tells him that he will never have a future with Evangeline unless he confronts his feelings for Natalie. Natalie reads the note that she received from Ronnie. Nigel and Roxie report Todd for threatening to kill Nigel. Jessica and Antonio reconcile. Todd tries to calm a worried Starr.

Natalie talks to Roxie about what she had overheard from John and Michael. Evangeline and R.J. discuss the custody hearing. Lindsay informs Evangeline that John is just stringing her along, because who he really wants is Natalie. Bo confronts Todd about his threatening Nigel. Bo orders Todd to stay away from Nigel, and not to ring his phone. Bo also orders Todd to leave the Margaret Cochoran case to the police. Dorian confronts David at Kelly’s. David informs her that he is not coming home until she gets her priorities straight. Dorian gives him an ultimatum, either pack his clothes, and come home with her now, or things are over between them. David refuses to go home with her. Dorian leaves.

Passions by Shirley

On the plane leaving the Crane Compound, Ethan and Theresa wonder how to tell Fox about Whitney and the baby he thinks is his. Gwen is upset that Ethan is talking to her enemy, but he reassures her. Theresa faces down Katherine, wanting to know if she plans to cause trouble for her mother and father when she gets back to Harmony. Katherine assures her she doesn't, nor does she want to cause problems for Luis and Sheridan. Fox, meanwhile, is happily caring for Jane, practicing for when he gets home to his own son. Eve tries to convince Whitney to keep her son by bringing her a blanket with his smell on it, disguised by a scarf. It doesn't work, of course. The two couples, Eve/Julian and TC/Liz are still hoping to adopt the boy if Whitney doesn't change her mind.

Beth and Edna are skipping town with Marty before the DNA results come in tomorrow, but little do they know that Sheridan has a backup plan and the results will be in tonight. Arriving at Beth's house, they find the two women running out the door with Marty and end up telling them they have to go to the hospital right now to await the results. Sheridan gets a phone call that startles her, however, and may throw a fly into the ointment. Pilar and Martin are on a romantic night out, but memories keep getting in the way.

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Drucilla dazzled Nick with her idea for a 4-fragrance/4-season campaign, which he told her to keep top-secret. He assured her the return of Victoria wouldn't impact her at all. Jill asked Jack if he'd heard Victoria was in town, and he played coy. Ashley refused to let Gloria visit with John and told her about the incident with Kevin the night before. Gloria was furious with how her son had been treated, but was defeated when Ash called John and he insisted Gloria not visit him. Jack told Ash to go easy on the woman, who really did love their father. Michael told Kevin to stop acting on impulse and suggested he forget about the Abbott's and focus his energies elsewhere. Later, Michael told Gloria he was taking her out for a day of fun to forget about her troubles. Brad learned about John's accident and told Ash that Jill had been appointed CEO. Ash was genuinely sorry for Brad and they lamented how drastically their lives had changed in a short time. Mac and JT continued to flirt but were interrupted by a visit from Kevin. When JT left, Kevin made Mac breakfast, then surprised her with a kiss. Victoria told Phyllis she was staying indefinitely, then asked how she and Jack could have a relationship with such differing goals and agendas. Jack found them together and - after Victoria left - realized Phyllis had been hiding her while pressing him to hire either Brad or Jill. Jack wondered when the lies would finally stop. Victoria visited Ashley at the Jabot lab and told her she wanted to put their past behind them, then thanked her for always being there for her as a teenager and apologized for any trouble she'd ever caused her. Ashley was grateful and moved. As Victoria asked why she wasn't CEO of Jabot, Jill stormed in, said the job was hers, and demanded Victoria - a Newman - leave the top-secret lab at once.

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