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AMC by Jenn

WHile staying at David's, Di is hidden in a room hearing all the gossip about David, Tad, Adam, JR and Babe. Tad has prevented Adam from finding Liza and Colby, confirming that David gave Adam the correct address, but JR informed Tad about Adam's and David's deal and told them that he will not let his father help Babe to see her son and Tad made sure that Liza and Colby moved to another address before Adam could find them. Babe finds out that Krystal has been assaulted in prison and assumes that JR or Adam had someone hurt her. Tad takes Babe to see her. David wants to be there too. But Babe tells her father she will never forgive him for selling out Liza and Colby.

After everyone has been rescued from the explosion, Ethan tells Kendall he wants to take care of her. She seems to want to believe in him but is disappointed knowing he lied to her. Ryan is traumatized and keeps seeing Jonathan haunting him from the dead. Greenlee tells her husband that he had no choice but to shoot his brother and he saved hers', Kendall's and Lily's lives and that she will help him get through this. Jack tells Zach that although he did not kill Edmund, he will never forgive him for enabling the real killer to almost kill his family. Maria and Anita inform Sam that Zach most likely did not murder Edmund and it was Jonathan Lavery.

ATWT by Camille

Margo fears that Casey's relationship with Celia is moving too fast after she and tom catch Celia and Casey making out on the couch. Celia meets Kim and Bob and makes a good impression on them. Katie goes for a check up with her doctor and after debating with herself sneaks a peak at Jennifer's medical file. Mike and Jennifer tell Craig they are expecting a baby in October but Craig still suspects Jennifer is keeping a secret from him. Keith and Lily discover a dumbwaiter in Les's room at the halfway house which leads them to suspect that Les used the dumbwaiter to sneak in and out of the halfway house. Keith suspects that Les used the dumbwaiter to sneak out of the halfway house to kill Julia. J.J's worst fears come true when Les arrives at Carly and Jack's house to take him because a judge gave him temporary custody of J.J.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge tries to convince Bridget she can't go through with marrying Nick. In fact, he tells her he's not going to let her end up with a man that violated Brooke. Bridget insists Nick loves her and not Brooke and asks him for his support. Thomas helps Gabby move into Stephanie and Eric's house. He talks about his feelings when he lost his mother. The two of them are interrupted when Caitlin comes floating in telling Thomas she's made dinner reservations for them. Brooke is shocked when Nick tells her Ridge accused him of raping her. Bridget eavesdrops as Nick reveals to Brooke his feelings about the memories the two of them shared. Brooke asks him if he still has feelings for her.

Days by Danielle

Tony calls Stan with orders for revenge against Brady and Nicole. Chloe is determined to undergo the risky surgery despite Nancy’s attempts to change her mind. Stan approaches Nicole with a list of instructions and drops her off at the clinic where Nicole hides in Chloe’s closet and overhears Nancy and Chloe talk about getting Brady back. Kate seduces John to help get his mind off his pain but stops because she can’t get her own mind off of Philip. John asks Kate to move in with him permanently and she says yes. Shawn and Rex meet with Brady to ask for Shawn’s part of Victor’s inheritance upfront and Shawn admits their plan when Brady insists on knowing why he wants the money. Brady heads over to tell John about Shawn and Rex’s plan but doesn’t get a chance to before John receives word that the ISA turned down his plan. Brady leaves without ever telling John and agrees to give Shawn and Rex money from Titan’s corporate fund only if he can join the mission.

Abby is upset that Jennifer is donating Jack’s old things because she is convinced that Jack is coming back. Jennifer pretends to give in and allows Abby to go out with Chelsea and her parents so she can secretly set up for Abby’s surprise 17th birthday party. While on the road en route to their destination with Abby, Chelsea’s parents’ car swerves off the road. Jack and Roman don guard uniforms as a disguise but Jack gets separated from Roman and Marlena at first. Roman and Marlena find Cassie and Jack finds them as well. Cassie accidentally knocks over a vase and Marlena, Roman, and Jack hide as Cassie explains away the noise to the guards that arrive. The first guard hits on Cassie and Roman knocks him out. Jack struggles with the second guard and is shot. Roman knocks out the second guard and Marlena tends to Jack’s flesh wound. Cassie unknowingly leaves a lit candle near the drapes surrounding the doorway and they catch on fire. Everyone evacuates the room except Cassie who runs back in for a bracelet. The draperies fall to the ground fully engulfed, trapping Cassie inside the room. Marlena runs in after her and tries to coax Cassie to her but Cassie is too scared. Roman tries to go in to rescue them both but the door slams shut and won’t open again.

GH by Amanda

Courtney hears AJ's voice on Rachel's phone; however, Mac and Jax are sure that Rachel was setting her up. Therefore, Courtney turns to Jason for help. He believes it, as does Sam. Jason is sure AJ has Michael. Carly confronts her father, but he denies everything. Sonny gets Reese to talk about her son. When memories haunt Sam, Jason is there for her. Monica decides to sell the Quartermaine manor. Michael refuses to go on AJ's little trip, he has a new girlfriend. A police search delays Sonny's romantic plans. When they get back on track, Carly bursts in and sees him and Reese. Courtney tells Alan that AJ is alive when it looks like he's considering jumping off a roof. Jason and Sam go to one of AJ's hideouts, but no one is there. They do find clues.

GL by Elizabeth

Dinah arranges a meeting between Blake, Ross, Cassie, Edmund, and her. She tells them that she is pregnant with Cassie and Edmund's child. Ross and Blake are shocked, as well as Tammy, who overhears the news when she walks in. Ross becomes upset with Edmund's carelessness with Dinah's feelings. Blake tries to comfort Cassie by reminding her that abortion is still an option. Gus tries to relate to Olivia, but only ends up offending her with his friendliness. Harley attempts to make "girl talk" with her roommate, but she is promptly ignored. Mallet reveals that he is the new warden, and he and Harley fight about their past. Harley says that she hates him for cheating on her and that he is the reason she is in prison today. Edmund asks Cassie to spend the night with him, but she refuses. He walks into their suite expecting to find her in bed waiting for him, but he finds a naked Dinah instead. Jeffrey asks Cassie to go somewhere with him. Tony wants to elope with Michelle the very next day. He reschedules the divorce hearing for that very day without either Danny or Michelle's consent. Gus hires someone to investigate the strange note he found under his door. Next, he begins to theorize that Olivia might be Phillip's real murderer.

OLTL by Mary

Viki visits Dorian to discuss her being forced to resign from the university, but Dorian doesn’t want to hear anything about it. All she wants to talk about is the wrongs that she feels that Viki’s family has done to her family. Adriana joins them, and wants to know where David is. Dorian confesses that he has left her, and it was all her, and Viki’s fault. Jessica visits Antonio, and tells him that she has got an appointment with a psychiatrist that Dr. Miller recommended. Bo stops by, and he is happy about Jessica’s news. Bo shows Antonio the subpoena that he was served with. Bo is not at all happy to be testifying for R.J. in the custody hearing.

Todd demands information from Nigel about Asa whereabouts, but Nigel denies anything. Todd begins to threaten Nigel, but Rosie comes to Nigel’s rescue. Todd offers Nigel, and Nigel money for information to Asa’s whereabouts. Blair is upset by a phone call that the caller won’t identify theirself. Then she goes to pieces when she hears a noise outside the door. Blair finds out that it is only Ginger, who is housesitting for the Lamberts, who lives a few doors down. Starr calls Todd to come home that Blair is really frantic. After the psychiatric session, Jessica goes to visits Antonio, and she kisses him. Todd asks Blair to marry him again.

Passions by Shirley

Ethan finally decides who he will be with - Gwen. Her smirk was visible for miles around, and she couldn't wait to tell Theresa that now he had chosen her, she was going to make him force Theresa to live up to the agreement she signed giving all rights to Jane to Gwen. Theresa was floored, especially after learning Ethan had talked Sam into dropping all charges against her for the two attempted murders and kidnapping of of Jane. Ethan convinced Gwen to drop her quest for Jane in exchange for Theresa's word she wouldn't press charges against Gwen when she got home. After the happily reunited couple made their way to the plane, Theresa and Fox hung back at the compound and she told him she would press charges anyway and have Ethan to herself for the 35 years Gwen would be imprisoned. Meanwhile, Katherine went to the plane to tell Gwen how happy she was for her now that Ethan was hers again.

TC and Liz apply to adopt Whitney's baby, not realizing that Eve and Julian have done the same thing. Neither of them is aware of a third application for the same baby, however. Simone confronts Whitney about throwing her baby away, and walks off deciding there is something she can do after all. Jessica is hung up on Spike, wearing his tatoo on her stomach with pride, but she doesn't realize that once he's through with her for the night, his next "favorite girl" shows up for her romp in the hay with him. At home, Ivy keeps Sam from finding out Jessica was out again, but when the girl gets home, she faces her down. Jessica wins, however, throwing Ivy out of her room by force and telling her she will do what she wants when she wants and no one can stop her. Then she partakes in her self-mutilation ritual again.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Michael tried to urge Kevin not to go see John about the situation with Gloria, but Kevin slipped out while Michale was preoccupied. Ashley told John the whole story of how Kevin had saved his life. John was bothered by the news, especially when Kevin showed up and snuck into his room. John and Ashley had him taken out by security. Jack explained to Victoria that he'd filled the CEO position at Jabot, but hinted at having something else - worth her time - available. He then dodged phone calls from Jill, who was eager to begin her duties as CEO of Jabot. Michael visited Jack, and flirted a little with Victoria before she left. Alone with Jack, he begged him to at least stand aside whenever Kevin tried to see John to apologize. Neil pleased Drucilla by telling her that he agreed that Daniel and Kevin were too close for comfort. Nick told Sharon there was no way he could ever work with Victoria, then told Victor the same thing. Victor, against Nikki's wishes, said that Victoria could have the position if she wanted it. However, Victoria turned it down and said she didn't want to work for NE. As everyone walked away from Victor, Nick told him it was typical.

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