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AMC by Jenn

Kendall, Greenlee and Lily all come home from the explosion. None of them are badly hurt. But Kendall will not speak to Ethan after coming to the realization that he's lied to her. Greenlee is worried about Ryan who is taken to the hospital, stable but traumatized. Ryan keeps having flashbacks about Jonathan. It looks like Jonathan died in the explosion. Lily is traumatized. Erica takes care of Lily. Reggie and Lily plan Jack and Erica's wedding.

JR refuses to forgive Tad for keeping his son from him. Tad keeps having visions about Dixie. He notices Di and thinks she's Dixie, but realizes she is not when he gets close enough to her. But David has a plan for Di to turn her unhappy life around and be Dixie. He doesn't tell her how he's going to do it but seems very confident that it will work.

ATWT by Camille

Alison informs Will that Aaron has gone to Seattle to be with his mother who is in the hospital. Will is secretly happy about the situation although he assures Alison he would never take advantage of Aaron being away to get close to her. Alison refuses to hire Will to work at Metro. Jack and Keith team up to gather evidence which will prove Les killed Julia. Barbara begs Hal to persuade Jennifer not to have an abortion. Hal decides not to get involved in the situation even after Barbara tells him Craig is the father of Jennifer's baby Jennifer decides not to have an abortion and aise the baby with Mike. Jennifer and Mike struggle to decide if they should tell Craig the truth about the baby.

B&B by Leigh

Bridget asks Brooke if her wedding can be held in their home, and Brooke thinks it's a great idea. At the same time, Ridge tells Nick he won't allow him to have a relationship with Bridget, and tells Nick to admit he's still in love with Brooke. Nick proclaims his love for Bridget, but Ridge tells him over his dead body he'll marry Bridget. Brooke goes looking for Ridge but he's gone from Nick's boat when she gets there. Nick tells Brooke that Ridge accused him of raping her. When Ridge arrives home, Bridget tells him how happy she is to be engaged to Nick, when she's all done Ridge tells her there's no way she's marrying Nick! Amber goes to see Stephanie, she tells her she's trying to change and saving Ridge was a step in the right direction. Amber asks if there's any chance Stephanie might find it in her heart to forgive her. Stephanie tells her she's very lucky to not be in jail and the only reason charges haven't been filed against her is not to put the family through all of that. She tells Amber not to mistake that for being forgiven.

Days by Danielle

Roman shows Marlena his stash of silverware and broken dishes that they then use to dig from their side of the wall. Marlena and Roman break through to the other side of the wall and discover that the digger is Jack. They work together to bring Jack through the hole in the wall after debris falls on top of Jack. Jack uses his own tool to unlock the chain binding Roman and Marlena. Roman and Jack hide the hole before alerting the guards. Jack knocks out one guard but is then held at gunpoint by another guard. Marlena pretends to faint to distract the other guard long enough for Roman and Jack to knock him out and steal the keys.

Jennifer goes through boxes of Jack’s things. Hope heads back to Jennifer’s house to vent. Hope and Jennifer are convinced that Billie planned to trip and Hope decides to make Bo choose between her and Billie. Bo calls Jennifer’s house to ask for Hope and relays to Hope that he wants to work things out even though Hope has Jennifer say that she isn’t there. Bo tells Billie that she must move out and Billie announces that she already made plans to move into Sami’s apartment where Lucas can vouch for her. Hope arrives home just as Billie is hugging Bo to thank him and accuses her of being after Bo. Hope forgives Bo after Billie announces her plans to move out. Rex encounters a problem when John decides to fight back, yet still unknowing who the hackers are. Belle stops by the penthouse to tell John and Kate about Jan and is offended when John instantly suspects Shawn of the attack. Rex sends a phony virus scan to John’s computer to distract him long enough to finish downloading the plan. Kate sneaks a peek at John’s computer while he’s talking to Belle and realizes what Rex and Shawn are doing but neglects to tell John. Bonnie catches Mimi in Jan’s room and yells at her for sticking so close to Jan. Mimi is determined to tell the truth, despite Bonnie’s attempts to convince her otherwise. Mimi tells Bonnie about Stan witnessing the attack. Jan’s eyes spontaneously open as a reflex during their talk.

GH by Lisa

Reese awakens and shares her suspicions about Durant with Sonny. Sonny takes action when he fears for Reese's safety. Reese and Sonny grow closer. After speaking with Alcazar, Carly confronts Durant. Jason makes a loving promise to Sam. Michael begins to see AJ as a parental figure.

Rachel fails to convince Jax and Courtney that AJ contacted her. Courtney realizes Rachel could be telling the truth after all.

GL by Elizabeth

Bill finds out that his wife is living at the mansion and isn’t too pleased about it. Olivia is offered a new job and she takes it. Danny and Marina decide to postpone their trip to Chicago once more. Tony moves ahead with wedding plans and pushes the divorce proceeding for Michelle & Danny up. Danny and Michelle kiss and are seen by someone. Jeffery finds out about Dinah and the baby and isn’t excited by the news. Edmund receives separation papers from Cassie. Jeffery warns Cassie of the complications that could incur with a surrogate pregnancy. Edmund and Cassie watch the first sonogram of their baby. Dinah disappears. Jonathan gets another mysterious phone call and then contemplates leaving town. Sandy and Tammy convince him to stay in Springfield for the sake of Reva.

OLTL by Mary

Dorian visits Kelly, and tells her that David had walked out on her. Dorian resents the fact that David doesn’t agree with her interfering in her girls lives, and making no time for him. Kelly assures her that David loves her, and she tries to convince Dorian to call him. Dorian will not agree to call David, until he comes around to her way of thinking about things. Natalie accuses John of deliberately knocking over the vase of flowers because they had been from another man. John denies it, and tells her that it was an accident. Evangeline overhears their conversation and wants to know what is going on. John tells her that Natalie is dating Ronnie Walsh. Evangeline is happy for them. Daniel makes a dinner reservation for himself, and Nora.

Rex shares breakfast with Jennifer. They discuss the case against her. Riley sees them holding hands on the table. David ask Kelly if he can move in with her. Rex shares important information with Bo about a dirty cop named Ted. Marcie has a book reading at the university, but begins to cry when she has only read a few lines. John admits to Michael that he doesn’t like seeing Natalie with another man.

Passions by Shirley

Beth plots a way to get her and Marty out of town before the DNA results come in, but insists that even tho they are leaving, Sheridan still has to die. No amount of reasoning by Edna gets through her daughter's thick head. Meanwhile, Sheridan is still trying to convince Luis that Marty really is hers and that means Beth was behind her kidnapping and attempted murder. Luis doesn't want to believe it at this point.

Sam phones Ivy from the nightclub to tell her what a no good jerk Spike is, while Jessica is on the line with Spike, setting up another date. She throws the fact she holds the upper hand on Ivy in her face as she flounces out of the house, against Ivy's direct orders, and heads for her rendesvous with Spike, who has plans to use her to get even with Sam. Gwen and Theresa continue to throw insults back and forth across the room until Ethan tells them he has finally made up his mind - he chooses Gwen, since he can't reneg on his wedding vows. Isn't this what got them into this spot in the first place? And does anyone really believe having her hubby tied to her apron strings again will be enough for Missy Gwen?

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead

Terrible Tom stole more of Michael's smaller possessions, studied a picture of Lauren, and broke a vase before leaving the condo. Later, he commented to himself that Kevin must be missing his daddy. Lily refused to discuss Daniel with her father, and said only that she was very hurt by the situation. Daniel told Kevin about Neil's ultimatum. Kevin went to Neil and begged him not to punish Daniel for their involvement. The visit made Neil suspicious about the two young men, and he later told Lily that he no longer wanted her to see Daniel at all. Devon told Daniel not to worry about Lily because she had her family caring for her and didn't need him. Mac and JT flirted and shared yet another passionate kiss. Michael admitted to Christine that his little brother couldn't get a break even when he saved a man's life. Kevin told Michael he didn't think people would ever accept him, and wished he'd had a father like John Abbott while growing up. Gloria lost the battle to stay the night with John at the hospital. Ashley won, and had to tell her father that his dream about seeing Kevin was real, and that he'd saved his life. Gloria and Jack worked together to scrub John's blood out of the tile. She broke down in tears and blamed herself. The Newman family dinner wrapped up and Nick and Victoria were left alone. She confronted him about hiring Dru, insisted she couldn't leave town while he was doing such things, and said her life needed to move in a new direction. Jill told Jack not to worry about Jabot now that she was CEO, and instead to focus on John and CI. Victoria showed up to see Jack and asked him if the job he'd offered her was still available.

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