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AMC by Jenn

At the place where Jonathan is holding Greenlee, Lily and Kendall, there's an explosion. The three women are ok but there's no word on Ryan or Jonathan. Greenlee is worried. Tad sees her and remembers hearing that Dixie died in the car crash and how it felt to lose the person he loved. Sam goes and finds Lily and seems to have a connection with her. JR tries to get David in trouble for his potions in his home. Babe goes to David's and discovers that he gave Liza's number to Adam. David tries to convince her that JR stole it without his knowing. But she does not buy that and tells her father that she will never forgive him for what he did. The mysterious Di seems to know a lot about the people of Pine Valley.

ATWT by Elayna

B&B by Leigh

Stephanie learns that Gabby is in a grave financial situation, and tries to get Gabby to live with her and Eric instead of living out of her car. Stephanie asks Gabby to give her an opportunity to give her the things her mother wanted her to have. Gabby agrees to stay with her and asks if she can stay in her mother's old room. Thomas tells Hector and Caitlin he's concerned about Gabby because her landlord threw her out. Ridge warns Nick to stay away from his entire family including Bridget. Ridge tells Nick that Bridget won't sleep with anyone unless she intends to marry him … Nick tells Ridge he knows. Nick tells Ridge about his engagement to Bridget, and Ridge swears he won't let it happen. Eric asks Bridget if Nick is really the kind of man she wants to marry, given it was Nick's fault Ridge lost his memory, and adds that she's too young for Nick. Bridget makes it clear to Eric that she intends to marry Nick. Bridget explains to Brooke that Ridge might be gaining his memories as if they've just happened. Ridge drudges up things that happened years earlier and he's still angry with Nick. Ridge accuses Nick of raping Brooke.

Days by Danielle

Roman and Marlena discuss whether or not to tell John and Kate about their infidelity. They hear someone digging on the other side of the wall and hope that it is a sign of being rescued. John works on his computer to get a smaller covert plan to rescue Philip approved by the ISA. As he goes to show it to Kate, he brings up a video of Kate, Roman, Marlena, and John in happier times. Rex and Shawn work to hack into John’s computer. Belle and Mimi discuss Mimi’s fear that Jan will implicate her in the attack. Nicole faints upon seeing Chloe and sends Brady chasing after her but Brady only finds a woman who looks like Chloe. Brady tells Nicole that he has finally put Chloe behind him and is ready to commit to her. Nancy is angry that Chloe didn’t use the opportunity to show herself to Brady. Chloe tells Dr. Weiss that she is willing to undergo a risky series of surgeries to help her face look the way it did before the accident.

GH by Boo 

Alexis reins in her overprotective instincts, making Ric proud of her. Courtney begins to believe Rachel. Carly definitely believes Lorenzo is innocent, and even convinces Jason that she might be right. Emily is haunted by nightmares of the rape, in contrast, Lucky is basking in joy from his time with Liz. Emily is able to give Sam some advice on how to deal with Carly. Lorenzo seems very certain that Durante kidnapped Michael. Carly does not want to believe his logic. Jax and Courtney plan their wedding. Liz and Lucky find Emily's divorce papers and object. Ric confides in Jason that he knows Sonny is innocent in the latest bombing and he suspects Durante. Courtney lies to AJ, telling him Courtney is in suspected still for his murder.

GL by Ashley

Sebastian tries to seduce Olivia in her time of need, but she refuses to let him. She shows up to the Spaulding mansion and moves in. Coop consoles Lizzie after she has a breakdown at Phillip’s grave. Alan sees them together and orders Lizzie to fire Coop. She refuses. Holly pays a visit to Bill and tells him that Olivia is in danger because of Sebastian. Harley is put into her cell, but is disturbed when the other women try to hurt her. Gus comes in to rescue her by helping her stage a fight between the two of them. This impresses the other inmates. Coop returns to Phillip’s grave and is disturbed to find that a rose has been placed on it. The grave is still being watched. Michelle tells Bill that he needs to get Olivia back, and Bill agrees. Gus receives a note asking if he hates it when someone else gets away with murder.

OLTL by Mary

John hands out some fliers with the picture of a suspect on it. He wants the detectives to circulate the fliers, and to find out any information that they can on the man. A boy from the florist delivers a vase full of flowers for Natalie. John is jealous. Natalie has breakfast with Jessica, and she confides to her that she had had a date with Marcie’s brother Ronnie, and they had another date that day. Jessica is shocked. Blair is troubled by the sound of the alarm system going off. Her children come home. Addie comes to visit. Addie confesses that she had talked to Margaret before the wedding. Viki and Bo discuss who could have forged her signature on the check. Dorian doesn’t like the idea that the university hadn’t fired Viki. Dorian finally agrees to set a wedding date to marry David, until Adriana comes in, and tells her that she had been with Duke on Asa’s island. David feels left out, and that all Dorian thinks about is getting revenge on the Buchanan’s.

John knocks over Natalie’s vase of flowers by accident. He tries to clean up the mess when Michael comes to visit. Michael questions him if there has been any news on who had tried to kill Marcie. John makes the mistake of telling Michael that he had turned over Natalie’s vase of flowers. Michael tries to make him admit that he is in love with Natalie, and that is why he had broken her vase of flowers. John receives a call from Evangeline, and plans to meet her later. Natalie sees John with the vase of flowers, and thinks John had brought them to her.

David walks out on Dorian.

Passions by Shirley

Gwen was still trying to kill Theresa as the show began, and seemed to be getting the best of it, until the spitfire woke up and fought back, ending in a knockout punch that left Gwen in a pile on the floor. Katherine ranted at Theresa that she had killed her without ever checking to make sure she was really dead. Fox and Ethan finally got passed all the guards and found their way to the room the women were in, and Ethan was pulled between a dazed Gwen on the floor and Theresa holding his daughter.

Sam and Ivy talk about the man who owns the nightclubs that caused so much trouble for Jessica and Paloma and what a scum he is, while Jessica is playing up to that very man in his newest nightclub. Sam faces him down but gets a mocking response concerning his youngest daughter, leaving him a bit confused but totally angry. Luis and Sheridan finally get the samples of Marty, Beth, and Sheridan's DNA and take off to have it analyzed while Beth sulks and Edna gloats about her comeuppance being near. Now, if Alistair just stays gone long enough for the test to show who the real mother is.....

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead

Victor refused to be lectured by Victoria, since he'd offered her the company once and been denied. When she couldn't decide if she wanted a job there or not, Nikki suggested they focus on other things, then planned a family dinner. Nick and Sharon discussed Victoria, and he refused her suggestion that he hire her at NE. They joined the family for a dinner, where Victor said he was happy they were all together and Nick toasted Victoria's return. Daniel admitted to Kevin that he'd broken things off with Lily out of fear she'd find out the truth about his part in the attempted rape she'd experienced. Neil spoke with Daniel and told him that he'd view him less objectionably if he stopped his friendship with Kevin. Lily was angry to realize that Dru didn't want her with Daniel, partly because she was afraid he'd learn the truth about the paternity tests. Devon comforted Lily as she realized it was over with Daniel. Ashley and Jack told Gloria to move out and give John space. She said she would, if they did too. She then thanked Kevin for saving John's life, while Ash and Jack vowed to defeat her somehow. Lauren talked Michael into going on a trip with her to celebrate his lottery win. Kevin said this was the start of a new era for their family. 'Terrible Tom' broke into the condo and stole random items, and a stack of mail addressed to Michael and Kevin.

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