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AMC by Jenn

Erica goes to David's and offers to prevent his house from being torn down in exchange for Liza and Colby's address. He tells her no go, he made a promise to his daughter not to hurt them after what they've done for her. But Erica has an idea where if it looks like somebody broke into David's home and stole the address, then Babe would have no reason to believe he did anything wrong. She tells him she can save his house, get Krystal out of jail and enable Babe to have more time with her son if he cooperates. THen she smashes his window and breaks his test tubes. Noticing that his house looks broken into, David gives Erica the address. She gives it to Adam. ANd he's ready to help her get her new television show up and running.Babe runs into Krystal's mysterious cellblock friend, Di, when she's leaving. Somebody is driving and trying to kill Di. Babe tries to help her. But she doesn't want to have Babe know anything about her.

Jonathan tells Ryan that he can save him but must kill Greenlee, Kendall and Lily. But Ryan reveals to his brother that he knows that Braden is not doing any of these evil deeds. He'd have no motive to kill Ryan or Greenlee or Edmund. Jonathan wants to kill Ryan for abandoning him, kill Greenlee because of his problems with her, and kill Edmund Gray because Edmund was onto him. At the same time, Tad and Aiden discover by looking on a surveillance computer that Jonathan did the evil deeds, first blamed Zach, then Braden.

ATWT by Elayna

Jack, Keith and Lily are excited after listening to a statement from the hospital pharmacist about Julia calling him after Lily had left the apartment. He said someone walking into Julia’s apartment abruptly interrupted their call. However, Lily is not so quick to be getting out of jail after Tom questions her about the threatening letter Keith had of Lily’s to Julia. After she admits to writing it after the fact, and telling Keith to hand it in to the Police to seal her fate, Tom is forced to charge Lily and Keith with tampering with evidence. Jack receives a fax with Julia’s incoming cell phone calls, and they see someone called from a pay phone shortly before Julia’s call was interrupted while on the phone with the pharmacist. They realize this may be Julia’s killer. Aaron receives a call from his stepfather, Caleb, saying that his mom has been hospitalized. After discussing his guilty feelings over having not visited Seattle in years, Allison convinces Aaron to go check on his mom. Katie and Henry discuss whether Craig should know if Jen is really pregnant, and it is his baby. Katie wonders if it isn’t his right, but Henry is dead set against it. When Craig shows up at their gym, after having run into a desperate Barbara looking for Jen, Katie almost tells him until she realizes he was tricking her to get information on Jen. Jen is ready to go into her appointment at the clinic when Mike shows up asking her what she is doing. Jen is forced to admit she is pregnant and the baby is Craig’s. Even though Mike is upset he asks Jen to reconsider doing anything until she is definite. Jen just wants to get this over with. Then Barbara shows up wanting to do damage control after she thinks she ruined Jen’s pregnancy surprise…only to find out also Jen is pregnant with Craig’s baby. She pleads for Jen not to make quick decisions about the baby out of spite of Craig. In the end, Barbara suggests Jen could keep the baby, and they can keep Craig from ever finding out it is his baby.

B&B by Leigh

Bridge cries as she accepts Nick's marriage proposal. Nick leads Bridget to a candlelit romantic room he's set up for them to make love. Nick promises to never hurt her. Stephanie tries to reassure Eric telling him Morgan has been admitted to a clinic to help her with her mental health problems. Ridge and Brooke reunite, and he fills her in on the happenings with Morgan. He tells Brooke that Morgan wanted a baby, and lied to him telling him he had no children. In their bedroom, Ridge asks Brooke to help him with his memory and she obliges.

Days by Danielle

Lexie determines that Jan has a severe skull fracture that could result in brain damage if Jan survives. Tek takes a sample from Jan’s fingernails for a DNA check. Lexie shows Tek that Jan did not show signs of screaming, leading her to believe that Jan knew her attacker. Lexie tells Tek to talk to Mimi. Rex decides to abandon the rescue mission until Shawn comes up with an idea to rescue Philip. Mimi finds scratches on her arm from the fight and dons her coat to hide them. Belle walks in on Mimi packing a bag to leave and Mimi claims she was only putting away winter clothes. Belle, Rex, Shawn, and Mimi watch news about Jan’s grave condition on TV, including an interview with Stan. Mimi accidentally spills coffee on Shawn and it sparks his full memory of being held hostage by Jan. Mimi admits that she knew about the cage but didn’t say anything for lack of proof. Mimi reluctantly decides to accompany Belle to visit Jan in the hospital. Tek confronts Mimi at the hospital.

Nancy tries again to convince Chloe to talk to Brady by showing her the urn that Nancy plans to pretend contains Chloe’s ashes. Nancy uses food scraps and potting soil as makeshift human remains. Chloe heads to the church to try and intercept Nancy but when that doesn’t work, decides that she must attend the service. Nicole overhears Brady refer to Chloe as the only woman he’s ever loved as they arrive at the church. Brady is upset that Nicole has crashed the memorial service but wants her to stay. While alone, Nicole blows out the candle lit for Chloe by Brady. Nicole talks with a nun and finds out that there was no memorial service scheduled for today. Nancy is angry to see Nicole but agrees to let her stay, blaming the nun’s response on a schedule mix-up. Nicole steps in to comfort Brady as he says goodbye to what he thinks is Chloe’s ashes. Chloe is forced to sing live to cover for the voice audio not working and Brady realizes that it isn’t a tape.

GH by Amanda

Michael changes his mind and returns to AJ. Rachel clears Courtney of AJ's murder.However, now everyone thinks she did it, not that he's alive. Ric tells Sonny that Alexis has decided to drop her suit. After John pressures her, Reese takes Sonny Maria's statement and tells him she's walking away. After Sam tells Carly the news about Michael being alive, Carly shares her visions with Jason and he shares his certainty that Lorenzo is the kidnapper. Carly says she'll check it out and deal with Lorenzo. She tells him Courtney wants her to get counseling and wants his,Lorenzo's opinion. Rachel explains how AJ faked his death to Ric. He has her arrested for murder. Sonny tells Jason he doesn't need to run away now.

GL by Elizabeth

Dinah informs an upset and furious Cassie that she is carrying her child for her. Cassie is devastated and lashes out at Edmund. He begs her to understand that he did this all for her. Dinah calls her “ungrateful.” Cassie makes a choice. She is accepting this new child, but Edmund is being kicked out, and Dinah will move in. Reva tries to drink away her frustration. When she returns to her house, Josh has set up an impromptu party for her, and her children are present. She gets mad and storms out, proclaiming that she can’t handle this. When Josh comes to her rescue she is disoriented and says she must leave. Jonathan receives a mysterious phone call. When he answers it, he tells the person on the phone that he doesn’t have Reva where he wants her yet and to please not come to Springfield. However, the person hangs up before he is finished. Danny, Michelle, Marina, and Tony clash. Marina tells Michelle that she won’t let anything get in the way of her love for Danny. Tony warns Danny to stay away from Michelle. Danny postpones the divorce hearing, and Michelle wants to know why. She daydreams again about their night together.

OLTL by Mary

John discusses the case of the killings with the other detectives. Natalie surprises John with a gift of a stress ball. Evangeline overhears everything that they say. Evangeline is upset that Natalie seems to always need him. Todd calls the post office for information on the postcard. Natalie and Roxie once again argue over John. Kevin and Blair get into a fight. Dr. Miller informs Jessica that she is fine, but Jessica doesn’t believe her. Dr. Miller suggests her seeing a psychiatrist, and Jessica agrees.

Natalie accepts an offer of a drink from Ronnie, Marcie’s brother. John is jealous to see them together. Bo is skeptical at Natalie’s going out on a date. Todd comes to get Blair at Kevin’s. Kevin promises Todd that he will never tell Blair about Margaret, and Todd sleeping with her. Antonio discusses with Evangeline, Jessica’s seeing a psychiatrist. Evangeline is skeptical as to how her word will stand up in court. Jessica reverts back to Tess, and orders a limo.

Passions by Shirley

Ethan and Theresa manage to outwit the laser alarms at the Crane compound and get into the mansion. Theresa finds Jane on her first try, but Gwen stumbles in on their reunion and is not a happy camper. Ethan runs into Fox who managed to escape from his "cell" in the dungeon, and they are both quickly stopped by armed guards. Will Theresa get away with her child or will Gwen finally send her to see what Fate has in store for her at the Golden Gates? Will Fox and Ethan be able to outwit the guards and safely usher all the captives home to Harmony, or will Alistair have the final say? Tune in tomorrow!

Sheridan finally got through to Luis that she really, really, really wants a DNA test done on Marty, and won't stop bugging him until he gives in. Not wanting to upset her further he decides to go along, and they make the trek to Beth's house to accomplish the feat. Beth is crowing to her mother that Luis will never give in to Sheridan because he, along with everyone else, still thinks she's crazy and won't "feed her delusions", so when they show up at her door she is somewhat shocked. She still thinks by whining and complaining she can stop them, even saying she won't take Marty out this time of night. However, the trump is with Sheridan, who managed to get a lab technician to come with them to do the testing right there. Gulp! What's a Beth to do?

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Devon refused to help Lily figure out whether or not Daniel had feelings for her. Phyllis reminded Daniel that pursuing Lily could risk Drucilla and Lily finding out that he helped Kevin set up the attack that led to Lily's attempted rape last summer. Daniel and Lily came face to face and admitted they'd been thinking of each other. Ashley blamed Kevin for John's fall and injuries, until the doctor said Kevin had saved John's life. In a roundabout way, Ash thanked him. Jack saw Gloria and told her it wouldn't be long before she was out of their lives. When Gina asked Gloria if she was having problems with John, Gloria told her not to get her hopes up. Jack reminded Jill she'd have to be appointed CEO by the whole CI's board of directors before it was reality. At the hospital, Ash told Jack that Kevin had saved John. Before they could see their father, Gloria rushed in and demanded that - as his wife - she see John first. When Christine threatened to quit if Michael fired Paul, then insisted they made a great team, Michael agreed to work together, but warned Paul to give him space. Mac and JT brought Brittany a plant, and Mac complimented her on handling all the changes in her life so well. Brittany was surprised to learn JT hadn't sent her the knitted baby blanket. Nick and Victoria argued about the past, then agreed not to discuss business. Brad ran into Victor and admitted he'd quit Jabot and wanted to work for NE. Victor told Nikki he thought it was a good idea to give Brad the job held by Drucilla. Victoria stunned Victor and Nikki by showing up at NE.

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