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AMC by Jenn

Tad and Aiden attempt to get the disc from Zach to unravel the mystery about Edmund and his death and help them catch the real killer. JR tells Ethan he has found a "witness" to support his lie that he saw Zach kill Edmund. But Ethan tells JR that he wants to end the lie and not lose Kendall. Jonathan gets Greenlee, Lily and Kendall back in their cage and reveals that he hates women. Finally, it looks like Braden has appeared.

David goes to see Krystal to urge her to find Liza and Colby for the sake of herself and their daughter. But she refuses. David also asks the mysterious and familiar-looking woman in the cell block who she is. But she's ready to leave. Adam works on Babe in a similar way, acting nice, bringing her son to see her and urging her to see that he has a similar problem as hers' in not being able to see his daughter. But she refuses to help him. In Krystal's jail cell, the other women inform her that now that her "friend" is gone, she will not have a good time in prison with them. Her friend meets Babe. The friend of Krystals goes out on the street and it looks like someone is driving and trying to run her down.

ATWT by Camille

Lily tells Tom she did not kill Julia. Tom tells her changing her plea now makes her look more guilty. Jack and Keith try to find Julia's cell phone. They discover that she called a pharmacist after Lily left the apartment and that he over heard her talking to someone in her apartment before the phone went dead. Jenn gets a driver to take her to the clinic only to discover that her driver is Henry. Henry tells Katie that Jenn may be pregnant. Alison tries to convince Katie to hire Will. Will overhears her and they argue. Barbara accidentally reveals Jenn's pregnancy to Mike who goes to find Jenn at the clinic. Dusty and Craig argue over Jenn's designs and Street Jeans

B&B by Glynis

Bridget is overjoyed with the effort that his new boyfriend has gone to in order to surprise her.   Nick ends his special date with a proposal.  Ridge is thankful to everyone for the role that they played in saving him from a desperate woman.  Amber realizes that although she is back in town, she has no where to live anymore. Stephanie is apologetic for putting blame where it didn’t belong.  Brooke prepares for the reunion that will put her marriage back on track again.  Ridge has a special moment when he lays eyes on his true love’s face after being separated from her for so long.

Days by Danielle

Stan calls the cops to report a “murder.” Mimi hears the sirens and hides in the bushes. The cops spot Stan instead and Stan tells them that he saw two women fighting but couldn’t identify them. The cops find an elderly gentleman who also claims to have only seen two women. The paramedics wheel Jan away on a stretcher after determining that she is in critical condition. The cops find Mimi’s acrylic fingernail and head into Alice’s to search for a woman with a missing fake fingernail. Mimi tries to run for it but is stopped by Stan who taunts her about being on death row. Rex refuses to help Shawn at first but Shawn eventually convinces him to help. John is angered to hear of Shawn’s desire to rescue Philip and yells at Belle for still wanting to be with him. Belle is adamant to John and Kate that Shawn would not break his promise not to go after Philip but truly isn’t so sure.

Upon bursting into Billie’s room and finding Patrick and Billie in bed together, Hope tries to be the gracious host but is shocked when Bo overreacts, wanting to throw Patrick out and accusing him of spiking Billie’s drink. Alone in their bedroom, Hope accuses Bo of being angry because he doesn’t want to see Billie with any other man but him. When Bo refuses to hire someone to help Billie search for Georgia, Hope sentences him to a night on the couch. Patrick wonders whether Billie brought him home to make Bo jealous, deciding that Billie must work out her problems with Bo before they get together again.

GH by Amanda

When Alan berates Reese, Sonny defends her ,then she rebuffs him. Lorenzo listens to Carly when she is sure Michael is alive. Sam and Jason continue their search. Skye is forced to admit to Mac that AJ claimed that he still loved Courtney. A flashback reveals AJ's connection to Faith. Jax vows that Courtney will not go on jail, even if they become fugitives. Rachel wakes and denies killing AJ. As Jason returns , Sonny tells him to run away before he's busted. Michael continues to ask to go home. John works to frame Sonny. Reese overhears. Sam tells Carly Michael is alive. Rachel tells Courtney that AJ is alive. AJ sends Michael to the airport to ostensibly go home.

GL by Elizabeth

Cassie returns to the farm to hand Edmund the separation papers. He tells her that they now have a baby on the way. He has found a surrogate. Reva and Josh find out that she is not pregnant; she is going through menopause. Gus realizes that Harley’s sleeping with Gus was her last attempt to get him to leave her alone. Harley asks Bill to go along with her story. Harley says a tearful goodbye to her children. Dinah offers to leave and seems upset when Edmund doesn’t try to stop her. Alan gets on the stand and asks the court to give Harley the most lenient sentence possible. The judge doesn’t agree. She sentences Harley to 25 years to life. Cassie goes back to the farm when she realizes that she can’t turn her back on a child. She hands him the separation papers but says she wants to know about her baby. Dinah walks in and informs her that she is carrying their baby.

OLTL by Mary

Antonio and Evangeline meet over breakfast, and discuss the custody trial. She encourages Antonio to go back to school, ad take the bar exam. They discuss getting Jessica to be a character witness for Antonio. Antonio is reluctant to agree to ask for Jessica’s help during the custody hearing. Dorian reads in the newspaper that Kevin may lose his position as well as Viki concerning the embezzlement charges. Blair awakes, and finds Todd is gone. Todd goes to see Kevin, and wants to know what it would take for him to keep his mouth shut about him having sex with Margaret. Todd urges him not to say anything that it will get back to Blair. Todd feels that Blair doesn’t need to know about what happened to him when Margaret had him kidnapped. Kevin assures him that he will keep his mouth shut if Todd will be the one to tell Blair the truth. Jessica checks with the hospital to see if her test results have come back.

Viki and Jessica discuss the embezzlement charges that have been brought against her at the university. Viki agrees to resign her position if it will be for the good of the university. Evangeline visits Jessica, and enlists her help in Antonio winning custody of Jaime. Jessica agrees to help. David is upset with Dorian that she won’t agree to marry him until she has her revenge on the Buchanan family. Antonio goes to visit Lindsay, and wants her help in convincing R.J. to let them share joint custody of Jaime. R.J. refuses to share custody of Jaime.

Blair goes to see Kevin to thank him for saving Todd’s life. She then questions him as to what he might know that Todd isn’t telling her. Jessica gets the results of her tests back. Antonio accompanies her to the hospital to learn the results. Viki is asked for her resignation.

Passions by Shirley

Thanks to Alistair, Tabitha, and Beth, the citizens of Harmony were all in an uproar today. Gwen, Katherine, and Fox are still prisoners on Alistair's island, with Gwen still raging and wanting to leave while Katherine keeps trying to convince her she needs to take the baby back to Theresa. At the same time, Ethan and Theresa arrive on the island and begin investigating to find a way to get into the compound, as she tries to convince him to choose her and the baby over Gwen. Back home, Beth has managed to convince Luis and Eve that Sheridan is losing it again, with more than ample help from the woman herself. However, Sheridan does convince Luis to get a DNA test done to determine Marty's parentage. Good move - if it happens and shows the true outcome.

Meanwhile, Tabitha is having a hayday with Whitney's decision to give the baby up for adoption. First she calls TC and Liz to come for tea so they can learn the truth, and then realizes that an even better move is to get Eve and Julian there, too, so Liz can continue her finger pointing at Eve as the culprit behind all that goes wrong in the family. Whitney is quick to defend Fox against her father's anger at Fox for making her do this, but not quite so quick to defend her mother against his blaming her for it. Tabby simply stands back and enjoys the chaos, as usual.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

 Victoria told Nick about Italy, and he told her about his kids and Sharon, before asking how long she intended to stay in GC. Devon was jealous to see Daniel and Lily holding hands. When Dru saw it, she ordered the two not to be friends anymore. Phyllis, surprisingly, agreed with Dru. Michael told Gloria he was concerned that he couldn't find Kevin, but said they likely had nothing to worry about. Ashley blasted a drunken Gloria for the pain she'd caused John. Gloria blamed Ashley. JT was annoyed that Paul didn't tell him Gloria was Kevin Fisher's mother. JT and Mac, after agreeing not to discuss Kevin, found themselves passionately kissing, unsure where their flirtation was headed. Christine stopped Michael and Paul from coming to blows, and told Michael there was no way she was letting him fire Paul. Gloria congratulated Bobby and Brittany on their happiness and pregnancy, and told Brittany to always love her child. Angelo taunted Bobby about the success of the club, and his reluctance to help Vinnie store stolen jewels.

Brittany told Angelo to back off, and later asked a tight-lipped Bobby who Vinnie was. Kevin used his shirt to make a tourniquet and stop John's bleeding. Though the paramedics said he may have saved his life, when Ash showed up and John whispered Kevin's name as he was being taken away, she attacked Kevin and demanded to know what he'd done to her father.

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