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AMC by Jenn

Jonathan still has Greenlee, Kendall and Lily trapped in a cave. Lily tells them she saw him murder Edmund. Greenlee doesn't believe that could be true and insists that she saw Braden. Kendall says she she must have Zach. But she insists she saw Jonathan. He confirms that Lily is right and he did murder Edmund. The three of them don't know what to do to persuade Jonathan to let them go. But they all sense that he has real sensitivity and rage about women intimidating him. So they taunt him, catch him off guard and escape from the cell. Simone tells Ethan that he must come clean and admit the truth to Kendall because it will be a disaster if Kendall believes another man who lies and betrays her.

Maria is forced to know that Edmund left her nothing and has Brooke in charge of everything. ANd when she contacts Edmund's physical therapist, he reveals to her that Edmund was able to walk. ERica goes to strike a deal with Krystal, assuring her that she can have a lot of persuasion with Krystal's parole board, if Krystal helps Adam find Liza and Colby. Erica also finds out from Brooke that Edmund cut Maria out of his will and put Brooke in charge of everything. Erica surprises Brooke by admitting that he did the right thing and that she, too, believes that Brooke can be trusted.

ATWT by Camille

 Ali and Aaron continue their discussion about marriage. They agree that the time isn't right for them at the moment to get engaged or married. Ali shares her fantasy about their perfect wedding with Aaron and they say their vows to each other. Will and Tyson get into a fight at the gym, an off-duty officer takes them down to the precinct. Tyson wants to press charges but Alison persuades Will to apologize instead. Paul and Dusty break into Craig's office and replace Jennifer's designs with Barbara's Craig tries to steal more of Jennifer's designs but is caught by Barbara, Craig and Paul. Barbara finds the positive pregnancy test in Jennifer's purse. Mike and Jennifer try to reconnect but Jenn is stressed out about her pregnancy. Later when Mike is asleep, Jennifer calls a family planning center and makes an appointment.

B&B by Glynis

Massimo brings in the authorities and orders that Amber is taken into custody for taking Ridge from them.

Ridge saves Amber from certain prosecution.

Amber brings back memories with the song, “Unforgettable”.

Brooke elates the children with the news that their father is coming home.

Nick’s secret about Ridge spending time with another woman is revealed.

Bridget is promised a night that she will never forget.

will be late

Days by Danielle

John is reminded of when he took the drugs injected in him by Stan when Kate notices the effects in him. John and Kate talk about Belle, Shawn, and Philip’s love triangle. Kate is angered to hear that Belle was with Shawn as they watched the rescue mission unfold. John is angry that Rex breached their security and makes calls to beef up security. Kate is angered by Belle’s admittance that she loves Shawn and John witnesses Kate slap Belle. Belle and Mimi talk about what will happen when Mimi tells Rex about her abortion. Shawn denies to Rex that he is planning on going after Philip. Belle decides to go check on John and Shawn agrees to wait for her at the loft. Rex catches Shawn using his laptop and Shawn claims he was only looking up basketball scores but Rex doesn’t believe him. Shawn admits his plan to save Philip. Stan approaches Jan and suggests that they become partners in crime, upping the offer by proving to Jan that he knows about her actions against Shawn and Mimi. Mimi spots Jan and Stan talking and becomes convinced that they have been plotting together all along. Mimi and Jan physically fight while Stan watches from the bushes. Jan trips, hits her head and is knocked out. Mimi fears that Jan is dead.

Bo and Hope talk about Bo’s past with Billie on the boat and argue about how Bo doesn’t like the idea of Patrick and Billie together. Hope accuses Bo of using a double standard to judge between the blame for Billie’s actions and for Shawn’s actions. Bo denies it but Hope doesn’t believe him. Billie imagines Bo in Patrick’s place as they dance. Billie and Patrick are unknowingly served the spiked drinks and toast to getting to know each other better. Bonnie confronts Chelsea and Abby for being at the bar when they’re underage and threatens to call Jennifer. Chelsea tries to stay out of trouble by admitting that they came to see Patrick but Bonnie still wants to call Jennifer. Billie notices Abby and Chelsea and she and Patrick confront them. Chelsea pretends to be the one who was trying to talk Abby into going home. Patrick suggests taking them home but Bonnie sends him and Billie back to the dance floor, offering to take them home instead. Chelsea adds more liquor to Billie’s drink as Billie and Patrick ride the mechanical bull. Billie seduces Patrick and they head to Bo and Hope’s house, believing that they’d be asleep already. Bo and Hope arrive home and hear Patrick and Billie. Bo walks in on them.

GH by Lisa

Sonny jumps to the wrong conclusion about Reese but Carly later fills him in. Sonny sees a drunken Alan act very ungentlemanly towards Reese. Carly tells Alcazar she believes Michael is alive. Jason and Sam have no idea how close Michael really is. Jax vows to expose Rachel's crimes and turns to Skye for help. Mac overhears Skye telling Courtney she won't say anything to the police.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley and Bill share their woes in love. They end up kissing and start to make love. However, they can’t go through with it and end up falling asleep together. Jeffrey gives Cassie her separation papers, and she prepares to go to the farm. Dinah tells Edmund that he needs to practice telling Cassie the truth and that he should use her to pretend. He practices his apology, but Dinah becomes so caught up in his words that she kisses him. He is furious and demands that this never happen again. Sebastian tells Olivia that she should leave Bill and start a “partnership” with him. Olivia is still pining away for Bill after their fight. Gus pulls a gun on Alan and demands that he help him out. Alan says he will do anything for him. Gus reveals that it is a fake gun, and he was hoping Alan would say that. Gus wants Alan to help out with his appeal, but Alan demands something in return – he must come back to Spaulding. Gus reluctantly agrees. The next morning Gus walks into Harley’s office to find her and Bill sleeping together. He is furious. She lies and tells him that yes, she did sleep with him. Cassie walks into the farm, but doesn’t find Edmund. All she sees is the baby swing.

OLTL by Mary

Bo takes Matthew to see Dr. Miller about a stomach ache. Paige then realizes that Matthew is missing Nora, and that Matthew should call her. After receiving a phone call that is suspicious, Michael rushes to see about Marcie. John is with Evangeline and they discuss Marcie's book, and when the killer will strike next. Rex visits Lindsay, and Jennifer, but then Riley shows up.  Rex and Riley get into a heated dispute, and Lindsay has to separate them. Michael saves Marcie, Ronnie, and Mr. Walsh from being killed by a leaking gas line.

Matthew calls Nora but Daniel answers the phone. Matthew gives the phone to his Dad. Bo and Daniel get into an argument over Bo not arresting Jennifer for the murder of Paul Cramer. Michael calls John, and tells him what has happened at Marcies. John leaves Evangeline, and comes over to investigate the incident. Paige has a conversation with Matthew about her own Mother, and about Nora. Paige and Matthew hug. Michael talks Marcie into moving in with him. Daniel gets another phone call from the mystery woman.

Passions by Shirley

Beth is still trying to convince Luis that Sheridan attacked her and is crazy. She wants to take Marty and leave, but he keeps begging her to leave the baby there so Sheridan won't get upset. Edna walks into the middle of it and realizes Sheridan has put the pieces together and knows what happened. So does Beth. Whitney is torn between wanting her baby and not wanting him, and Tabitha decides to make use of that. She invites Whitney and Theresa over for tea and manages to skillfully twist the knife into Whitney's sore spot the whole time. Theresa finds out Ethan is going after Gwen and the baby after hearing Kay's side of the phone call he makes to her and ends up getting on the plane right before it takes off. Ethan argues, but not very wholeheartedly.

Ivy catches Jessica sneaking out dressed like a hooker again and threatens to stop her, but backs down quickly once Jess pulls the "I'll have Daddy bring Mommy back" ploy on her. Sam gets home from a hard days work to find Ivy allowed his baby to go out and hits the roof, but she manages to convince him she's totally safe by lying that she's with Kay, and a nice, hot kiss seals the deal. Meanwhile, Jessica seems to have liked the treatment Randy gave her since she heads to the new club in town and immediately ends up in the sack with the owner after licking more drug stickers.

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead

Neil told Dru she'd have to fight to prove herself worthy of her job at NE in order to shut everyone up. He promised to help her do so. Nikki was stunned by Nick's desire to see Victoria stay in Italy rather than threaten his role at NE. She told him he was more like his father everyday, doing anything to protect his turf. Victoria told Phyllis about her disappointing encounter with Michael... and Lauren, then decided to go home to Italy, and summoned a cab. As she started to leave, she opened the door and came face to face with Nick. Gloria told Kevin and Michael that she would rather lose John than lose them, then left to have a drink. Kevin told Michael he wanted to do something to help Gloria. Bobby started his first shift at The Athletic Club. Brittany visited and told him she was proud of him. Gloria visited and they bonded, before Michael arrived and demanded to know if Gloria had seen Kevin. As John pulled the letter opener out of his leg, bled profusely and passed out, Kevin showed up and became the one to find him. Jill and Esther used a fake letter from Billy, saying he wanted nothing to do with Jill, to finally guilt Kay enough to agree that Jill could run Jabot. Jill interrupted a meeting between Jack and Brad - by phone - and told Jack the news. When Brad - unaware of this - then told Jack he'd resign if not promoted, Jack said he needed someone he could count on for loyalty, then said he'd expect a letter of resignation. Brad said he'd have one by end of business day.

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