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AMC by Jenn

Although Ryan has been told that Greenlee is ok, he keeps having visions of her in danger, remembering his mother drinking booze while pregnant, and looking just like Greenlee. He seems to believe he needs to decipher a clue about both of his brothers although Tad tells him he needs to drop it and protect himself and all he loves from both of them.Jonathan entraps Kendall, Greenlee and Lily in a cell and tells them that Braden needs him to kill them. They try to talk him out of it, in the interest of Ryan. He is not motivated until Lily reveals that she saw him murder Edmund Gray with the shovel.

Adam goes to ask Erica to help him get his daughter back by working on David. She tells him she will start a television show called New Beginnings and maybe he can help her get on the air, in exchange for her help in finding Liza and Colby for him. JR is up to no good. He's gotten on the hospital board in his father's place with the help of Palmer and gets the keys to the prescription cabinet at the hospital and puts it in David's pocket in order to set David up. Maria discovers that Edmund told everybody except her that he planned to divorce her and he wrote in his will that she gets nothing except his blessing to be with her lover Zach Slater. He appointed Brooke his sole power of attorney, executor of his will and in charge of their kids' estate. So that means that Maria has no legal rights whatsoever.

ATWT by Elayna

Henry’s plan to pass out fliers for free trials is met with success as many people show up at the gym. There, Will, Casey and Celia encounter two teen-age bullies. Jen and Dusty talk about whether she should be honest with Mike about the fact that Jen is pregnant with Craig’s baby. Dusty feels she should pass off the baby as Mike’s, but Jen is having a very difficult time with if she can keep that big of a lie from Mike especially as Mike continues to dote on her and surprises her with blueprint designs for an office off the back of the cottage. Keith is out to find out who really killed Julia. He visits Luke and speaks with him, and realizes that neither Luke nor Lily actually killed his sister. He decides to help get Lily out of jail. Luke and he take off to the Police Station where they convince Lily of Luke’s innocence, and the fact that Lily no longer has to offer up herself in trade of Luke. Lily and Keith decide to join forces to find out who the real killer is. Sierra decides to give full control of Street Jeans to Dusty so they can stop Craig in his tracks from destroying their Company. Allison and Aaron realize they have been casually talking about marriage to Katie and Henry.

B&B by Glynis

Massimo suspects that soon someone will contact him for ransom money. Jackie suspects that Amber may be dangerous. Bridget believes that kidnapping is too big a move for Amber. Amber meets Natalie for the first time. Ridge wishes Morgan and her mother the best for the future. Brooke doesn?t believe Amber at first about Morgan being in the picture. Ridge calls Brooke ?Logan?, and that is when he knows that he is on his way to recovery.

Days by Danielle

Abby and Chelsea continue to spy on Billie and Patrick. Billie and Patrick next head to Alice’s Bar and Patrick agrees not to drink to keep Billie from getting tempted. Chelsea gives Abby a quick makeover so they can sneak into Alice’s Bar to continue spying. Bonnie is unhappy at first to see Patrick with Billie but then changes her mind when she recalls that Billie is behind Countess Wilhimena. Shawn promises Belle, Bo, and Hope that he won’t act on any information he may find about Philip except to hand it over to the authorities. Mimi reluctantly allows Belle to throw her and Rex an engagement party. Belle, Shawn, Rex, and Mimi head over to Alice’s Bar. Bonnie wants to throw Mimi a party at Alice’s but Mimi refuses. Shawn and Billie argue about each other’s romantic desires. Mimi tells Belle about Stan and Belle advises Mimi to tell Rex the truth before anyone else does. Chelsea angrily watches Billie and Patrick dance closely and after hearing from Abby about Billie’s arrest, decides to spike Billie’s drink. Bonnie confronts them soon after. Shawn pulls Rex aside to ask about how to hack into the secure web sites, neglecting to tell Rex that he plans to use the information to rescue Philip. Bo and Hope take a moonlit stroll along the pier and Bo spots a boat for sale. They board the deserted boat and reminisce about when they first bought the Fancy Face. Hope decides to give into Bo’s advances and they make love in the boat’s bedroom.

GH by Boo 

Courtney realizes that AJ must have been involved in Rachel's scheme, but has no idea how. To save Diego, Maria admits to Reese that Jason was part of the shooting at the hotel. Durant then has tests reveal that the weed found on Diego was oregano. This, briefly unites Ric and Lorenzo against Durante. Alexis continues to worry about Sonny's mob ties and the danger they present her child. Emily is pleased that Liz and Lucky are together. Carly's hallucinations haunt her. She is sure Michael's ghost needs her. Reese reams Jason out, but won't arrest him. Jax hires a detective to investigate Rachel.

GL by Ashley

Harley tells Zack and Jude that she will be going away for a little while. At first, they are upset, but Gus informs them that she is only doing this for them – to fix the law. Harley tells Gus that he needs to move on after he has escaped his hospital room to see her. Michelle tells Tony that she has her memory back. He isn’t thrilled. She reassures him that she is still in love with him and that he has nothing to worry about. However, when she tells Rick of her good news, she seems less confident about her relationship status. She acknowledges that she is now in love with two men at the same time. Billy and Olivia clash over Bill. Bill overhears Olivia threatening Billy, and he grows angry, accusing the two of them of being ruthless and self-serving. Bill leaves and goes to visit Harley. He tells her that they can help one another out, and there is some suggestion of romance between them. After Harley tells Gus to leave her alone and move on, he travels back to Company and greets Alan. He pulls a gun on him and states that he has nothing to lose now, preparing to shoot him.

OLTL by Mary

Roxanne counts the money that she has made for the day. The bellboy approaches her for a raise, but she refuses. John and Evangeline come in, and Roxanne questions them about them moving in together. Evangeline denies everything. Michael comes in, and wants to know what John is doing to protect Marcie, and if he is getting any closer to finding the killer. Rex, and Natalie discuss Natalie’s, and John’s feelings for each other Natalie insists again that they are just friends. Dorian confronts Blair as to why she had left the hospital to come home with Todd. Marcie has visitors of her father and her brother. Blair is wanting Todd to take her upstairs.

Todd turns Blair down when she wants to make love.  Nick comes to visit Marcie with the excuse that he had lost his wallet there. John comes over, and questions him about Julie’s murder. Blair doesn’t quite understand as to why Todd won’t make love to her. Nigel comes to visit Roxanne, and they discuss Asa. Roxanne tells him that she hopes that Asa gets everything he deserves for what he did to Blair. Dorian comes to Llanfair, and demands to see Viki. Natalie refuses to let her see Viki, and Dorian is furious. Dorian puts Natalie down for having lived in a trailer park.

Passions by Shirley

As Alistair has his way with Katherine, Fox sets his sights on a pretty French Crane compound guard. A little champaigne, a dip in the pool, and the keys to the kingdom are his - at least for a while. Alistair isn't as easy to fool as it seemed, and Fox ends up locked in the dungeon forever, apparently. Back in Harmony, Whitney comes home from the hospital without her son, only to find Fox has had their bedroom redone to include their new baby. Chad has chastized Whitney for the last time about throwing her baby away, and his plans seem to be coming together, whatever they are. At least it seems so until Ethan discovers them and wonders what's up.

Luis comes home to find Beth straddling Sheridan, choking the life out of her. She jumps up before he can see what she's really doing, and has a story ready laying the blame on Sheridan for the physical altercation that knocked her unconscious. Luis is willing to believe her, as usual, but still rakes her over the coals for not giving Sheridan the benefit of a doubt before engaging her in a fight. Once Sheridan wakes up, she tells Luis the clown did it, kidnapped her and stole her baby, and points at Beth saying she knows. Could the jig be up soon for Batty Bethie?

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead

Nick and Sharon, together than separately, warned a disinterested Cassie about the dangers of having sex before she was emotionally and physically ready. Nikki demanded Drucilla work the appropriate probation period and not make trouble for Nick and Victor. Dru told her to mind her own business and threw her out. Phyllis taunted Dru about Nikki's visit. Jack suspected Phyllis was hiding something when she pressed him for info on who he'd hire as CEO - Brad or Jill. Brad warned Ash he was serious about quitting Jabot, and told her to take John out of town to help him recover from the Gloria situation. Jack and Ash argued about his refusal to hire Brad immediately, and Brad later reminded Jack that he was fully prepared to leave if it didn't happen. Victoria toyed with Michael, relishing a visit from a clearly jealous Lauren. Gloria begged John to forgive her, but he insisted he'd never welcome Kevin Fisher into his home and told her to go away, he cared not where. Kevin opened up to Mac more about the abuse he'd dealt with at the hands of 'Terrible Tom', then thanked god the man was no longer a part of his life. 'Terrible Tom' read the newspaper article about Kevin's lottery win. After opening the front door of his home, John stumbled down the stairs and impaled himself on a letter opener.

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