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AMC by Jenn

Jonathan traps Kendall in the cage with Greenlee and Lily. They try to find a way out. Jonathan first calls Ryan, doesn't tell him what he's just done, but urges his brother to trust him to handle things and not put himself in danger. But right then, Braden catches Jonathan and knows he has double-crossed him. Ryan falls asleep and has a memory of his father abusing him and Jonathan, his pregnant mother appearing and looking like Greenlee and their father serving her orange juice with booze. Ryan screams at her not to drink the booze, then wakes up.

Ethan goes looking for Kendall and demands Erica tells him where she is. Having no clue what happened, Erica is glad that her daughter hasn't told Ethan where she went and tells him that when Kendall finds out he's betrayed her, she will dump him. Zach goes back looking for Maria and seems to have another trick up his sleeve, knowing she is still in love with her husband. Sam runs into Aiden and asks if he's seen Lily and indicates he might be interested in her.

ATWT by Elayna

Dusty finds a visibly upset Jen at the Street Jeans office after she has taken a pregnancy test. She covers as to what is really upsetting her, and after a pep talk from Dusty, they head back to the Trunk Show. Meanwhile, Paul has brought Hal to shut Craig down through any means. Hal asks Craig to produce a permit allowing him to be there, which Craig can’t, and because of that is forced to call it a day. Katie consoles an angry Mike who is hitting the punching bag over his frustration with Craig and his hurt over Jen. Lily is unable to say good bye to her girls, as Lucinda hoped, thinking maybe this will prompt her to tell the truth rather then risk leaving her children for good. However, Lily still balks at changing her plea. Luke is upset that Lily is sacrificing her life for his. Later at home, Keith shows up promising Luke that if he levels and talks to him, he will help Lily. Jack tries to get JJ to tell the truth on the stand, but he is afraid, and because of the law, the judge is forced to award custody to Les. However, Carly hatches a plan, which gets JJ to call Jack dad in front of the judge, which angers Les, who violently tries to grab JJ in front of the judge. After Keith’s attorney makes the motion, the judge reverses her decision and awards custody to Keith. After another confrontation with Craig, Jen takes off, and Dusty finds her back at the Street Jeans office crying, and asks her what is going on. She finally admits that she is pregnant, and then is forced to further admit, when Dusty congratulates her and Mike, that the baby is not Mike's but in fact Craig’s, just as Mike walks in.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge doesn't remember Amber who showed up in his hotel room in Venice. Ridge is surprised to hear he has children and Amber fills him in on their names. When Amber finds out that it's Morgan she tells Ridge she'll take him to his family. Amber quickly calls Brooke and only gets to tell her that she's got Ridge before Morgan pulls the plug. Nick and Bridget confess their love for each other, and Nick puts the brakes on their making love telling her they'll wait until tomorrow and promises her something very special.

Days by Danielle

Rex surprises Mimi with a confetti shower and a romantic dinner up on the roof to celebrate their engagement. Rex serenades Mimi and carves their initials into the door. Mimi tries to tell Rex the truth but he won’t let her. Stan/Sami watches a just married couple on the pier and is reminded of how Sami almost had that with Lucas. John spots Stan on the pier and confronts him upon overhearing Stan mention having to follow the plan. Stan admits that he gets his orders over the phone. John tries to arrest Stan and a struggle ensues as Stan tries to inject John with the drug. John realizes that Stan isn’t really a man. Stan succeeds in jabbing John in the thigh with the syringe. Stan leaves the bag of pills and rushes off to check in with Tony. John thinks twice about pulling out the syringe, deciding instead to administer the drug. Chloe calls Craig to complain so Craig calls Nancy to tell her not to tell Brady the truth. Chloe decides to head to the Kiriakis mansion to make sure Nancy doesn’t tell the truth and eavesdrops on Nancy’s conversation with Brady. Nicole uses the opportunity of Brady having to take a phone call to confront Nancy about interrupting their evening to talk about Chloe. In the heat of the moment, Nancy blurts out that Chloe is alive and Brady overhears her. Nancy spots Chloe outside and covers by claiming that she meant Chloe will always feel alive to her. Nancy lies to Brady about the reason for her visit, claiming that she was there to invite him to an impromptu memorial service for Chloe tomorrow. Stan calls Nicole and, without revealing himself, tells Nicole that she should tell no one of their call if she wants to keep Brady. Stan then calls Chloe.

GH by Lisa

Sonny and Alexis undergo their psychiatric evaluations. The judge throws out Alexis' appeal and allows Sonny continued access to Kristina. Alexis warns Sonny she will do whatever it takes to keep Kristina away from him. AJ finds the letter Michael wrote to Carly. AJ leads Michael to believe he gave the letter to the postman but then destroys it without Michael's knowledge. Jax and Carly defend Courtney to Alan.

Steven sits by a comatose Rachel's side. Rachel remembers falling in love with AJ and how she learned that he had been manipulating her the entire time. Courtney wonders if Rachel might have been involved with AJ at one time. Diego is arrested for drug possession as he protests that the drugs aren't his. Maria correctly accuses Durant of framing Diego. Durant tells Maria he'll drop the charges against Diego in exchange for her telling Reese she saw Jason at the Metro Court during the massacre. Maria arranges a meeting with Reese.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley confesses to Bill how she needs to be away from Gus and spend her last night alone. Gus is rushed to the hospital where Harley calls in a Spaulding when she needs reinforcements. Olivia finds out that Alan has a plan involving her family and offers to help him. Sebastian and Holly show Alan that a little fun is good for the soul. Michelle and Danny explain what happened in the townhouse, leaving their tryst a secret. Marina vows to fight for Danny when he mentions taking things slower. Tony gives Michelle her engagement ring and lets her know how excited he is for the wedding.  Olivia confronts Alan with what she knows about Jed Harris and threatens to blackmail him with it while her husband listens in from the other room.

OLTL by Mary

Jessica is pacing the floor, in the kitchen at Llanfair. Antonio questions her as to what is wrong. Jessica just brushes it aside, and tells him that she just shouldn’t have gone to Nora’s wedding. She starts upstairs, when Viki comes in carrying the bridal bouquet, and asks Jessica if she was going to take it with her. Jessica, lashes out at Viki, and tells her no.. Dorian and David are celebrating Blair’s safe return home, when their celebration is ruined by the arrival of Kevin and Kelly. Blair confronts Todd, as to what Margaret had wanted of him. Todd denies everything.    Adriana and Duke come back to their hotel room, without any luck of finding Asa.  Kelly confronts Kevin as to what he has on Todd that he is not telling. Kevin confides in her, and tells her Todd had told him some things that Margaret had done to him.

Blair is frantic when the lights go out, and there is a knock on the door, which turns out to be the man that is installing the security system. Dorian confronts Kelly as to why she is there with Kevin. Jessica admits that she does not remember anything about the before. Antonio promises to help her through it. Jessica makes him promise that he will not tell her Mother, but he admits that he has already told Viki about the tests. Viki comes to see how she is, and assures her that she is always there for her. Kelly and Kevin have a disagreement over Asa, and what was to be done to him because of the things that he had done to Blair. Dorian demands information about Blair, and finds out that she has already been released from the hospital, and has gone home with Todd.

Passions by Shirley

Chad's ire at Whitney only escalated today as he tried to figure out who she really is. Her determined attitude toward giving away her son only serves to convince him she was never who he thought she was. Ethan also wonders what is going on with her, but at least he is willing to stand by her - so far. Chad has his own plans, which he sets in motion with a phone call. Fox, meanwhile, seems not to care that "his" son was born at all. He seems to be very happy in his gilded cage, although we all know things are rarely as they seem. His ability to stand by and watch his grandmother manhandled by Alistair as he tosses Gwen about like a rag doll make one question what he's thinking, however. Gwen, after begging him to help them, swears he will pay for his indifference.

Beth pays a visit to Sheridan, demanding her son be returned to her since Sheridan can't take proper care of him, but her big mouth may have given Sheridan the clue she needs to figure out Beth's part in her kidnapping. They come to blows, with Beth getting in the knock-out punch. Luis seems willing to give Martin a chance to prove himself if he will help him take Alistair down by revealing his deep, dark secret, but quickly abandons that when Martin refuses to do so. What does this do to the plan to reunite the family?

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Sharon was annoyed by Cassie's abrupt departure for school. She phoned the school and learned that they had never given out condoms, and that Cassie hadn't shown up. At Crimson Lights, the young crowd tried to get a school-skipping Cassie to go back, but she refused, until Sharon stormed in and ordered her to the car. Devon watched the exchange, concerned. Nick and Sharon confronted Cassie about skipping school, and asked what she was really doing with the condom in her purse. Daniel met Victoria and agreed not to tell anyone she was in town. Victoria refused to answer Phyllis' questions about her reasons for returning, and rode in to town with her. After Nick told Dru to meet with Phyllis to formulate a business plan, she did so. Phyllis took pleasure insinuating that someone more qualified to run the division may be coming around. Michael and Kevin told Gloria to go to John's and fight for her marriage. Jack and Ash were worried John was depressed when Michael showed up. He spoke with John and told him he couldn't legally kick Gloria out. John sent all the kids away and met with Gloria, face to face. Michael went home and was stunned to open his door to Victoria, who kissed him passionately. Bobby was annoyed when Brittany received a baby gift and assumed it was from him. She then showed him her stomach... which was starting to show signs of pregnancy. Mac and JT agreed to try not to hate Brittany and Kevin, respectively. However, when JT and Kevin tried speaking the truth of Gloria's connection to Kevin was revealed. JT, realizing Kevin had been the son with the gun, ordered him away from Mac, while Kevin - realizing JT had destroyed his mother's life - challenged him to a fight. Mac intervened, and sent JT home, choosing to stay with Kevin.

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