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AMC by Jenn

Jonathan holds Greenlee and Lily captive. But Kendall comes to find them. Greenlee is still not certain that Kendall knows what she is doing or how to help them. JR talks to Ethan and reveals to him that he is at odds with his father, knowing that Adam was going to let Babe and David see little Adam, behind his back. David goes to see the mysterious woman in Krystal's cell but he cannot place who she is nor she-him.

While waiting for Braden, Ryan and Tad get a visit from Zach. He tells them he wants to help them catch Braden. But they say they do not trust him nor believe he's really any better than Braden.

ATWT by Elayna

Craig has stolen Jen’s Street Jeans designs, and is marketing them at a Trunk Show under the name of Boulevard Jeans, at a fraction of the cost. Jen goes to confront Craig, only to leave after feeling ill. She later locks herself in her office and takes a pregnancy test. Katie and Henry realize the gym they bought is not pulling in the money they need to stay afloat, so Henry begrudgingly offers to become a productive member of the workforce by getting an actual job. He later shows back up having gotten a job as a limo driver. Lucinda comes up with another plan involving Faith and Natalie to try to guilt Lily into finally telling the truth about Julia’s murder. Keith, Holden, Jack and Carly join forces at a hearing to keep Les from getting custody of JJ. It looks like Les is going to win when he is able to intimidate JJ by threatening to kill Jack if JJ doesn’t support Les’ bid for custody on the stand.

B&B by Leigh

Nick and Bridget occupy Hope and she asks them if her Daddy Ridge will be there when she wakes from her nap. Nick struggles with his parental feelings for Hope. Standing in the rain, Nick and Bridget say I love you to each other. Morgan tells Ridge she'll return him to his home but asks him to give her their baby first. Amber wonders if Ridge has followed her to Venice, and then discovers he's with a woman other than Brooke. She goes to Ridge's hotel room but Ridge doesn't recognize her.

Days by Danielle

Mimi accuses Jan of telling Stan about her abortion and slaps her. Jan denies everything but taunts Mimi. Mimi punches Jan and they both fall into the river. Mimi threatens to tell Shawn about the cage if Stan tells Rex about her abortion. Mimi becomes convinced that Jan was the one who told Stan when Jan uses the same phrasing as Stan did but Jan continues to deny any involvement. Stan decides to move on to Nicole as his next revenge victim. Stan calls St. Luke’s church to get the name and address of Chloe’s clinic, claiming that he wants to send flowers to Clara after hearing her sing. Stan calls John to taunt him into getting another dose of drugs. John tries to take another dose of the drugs while Kate is in the shower but finds only empty vials. Kate finds the empty vials but John claims he was only going to throw them away. John sneaks out while Kate is sleeping to confront Stan.

Chloe imagines reuniting with Brady. Nancy reads Chloe an article about Brady and Nicole getting closer and Chloe agrees to contact Brady in person. Chloe changes her mind when she recalls how she used to look before the surgery that took away some of her scars but Nancy insists on telling Brady herself. Nicole seduces Brady in an effort to get his mind off of work but Nancy interrupts their romantic evening. Belle seeks advice from Hope, still convinced that she can’t move on with Shawn if Philip dies. Shawn wants to team up with Rex for his own rescue mission to save Philip but Bo, Belle, and Hope tries to talk him out of it. Shawn claims he won’t do it but Hope doesn’t believe him and insists that Bo promise her that he’ll stick around and make sure Shawn doesn’t go off on the mission.

GH by Amanda

When Mac arrives to arrest Courtney, she tells him of Rachel's plots and schemes. Because he does not believe her, she is arrested. AJ refuses Michael's pleas to take him home, if not to Sonny, then to Jason. Instead, he relates his version of the past. Sonny warns Ric that he will pursue full custody of Kristina. Carly shares her visions of Michael, alive, with Lorenzo. Then, she sees Alexis and warns her to withdraw the custody petition. Alexis insults her, placing Carly squarely on the warpath.She offers to coach Sonny on sanity. Steven is able to save Rachel. Jason's investigation progresses. Reese reveals that once she was a mother.

GL by Elizabeth

Michelle gets her memory back, and she and Danny make love. Dinah and Cassie have a run-in. She tells Cassie she is pregnant, and Cassie is shocked. She says she feels sorry for the baby. Tammy and Sandy realize that Edmund has ordered a crib, and they are confused. Edmund reminds them that a baby will be in the picture. He tries to put it together, but grows frustrated when he can’t do it correctly. Dinah notices his anger and makes a deal with him that they will both stop their destructive behaviors. Dinah daydreams of Cassie rejecting the baby, leaving her and Edmund to raise it alone. Tony tells Ray he is asking Michelle to marry him. Ray is not happy. Tony asks Robbie’s permission to ask his mother to be his bride. He tells him it would be “great.” Danny is late for his date with Marina, causing her to worry about what is going on with him and Michelle. Cassie tells Tammy that she is filing for a separation from Edmund. Tammy is upset. Sandy consoles her.

OLTL by Mary

Jessica is confronting the man in the limo. He wants her to leave, but she refuses. She comes to an alternative to the situation. Viki is upset at the thought that Jessica didn’t want her to know that Jessica didn’t want her to know about the tests that Dr. Miller had ordered for her. Rachel and Antonio discuss Carrie’ wishes for Jaime. John, Evangeline, and Natalie are outside, and Evangeline is wanting to know why they are outside. Daniel is talking to the mystery woman, and she is wanting to come there, but Daniel tells her that Nora must not ever know about her. Bo and Nora discuss Daniel, and Matthew not wanting them to get married. Nora insists that she loves him, he loves her, and she is going to marry Daniel. Bo finally relents, and wishes her good luck.

Rachel promises to go to see R.J. when the wedding is over. Antonio tries to call Jessica on her cell phone. She lies to him, and tells him that she is stuck in traffic. Afterwards, her, and the stranger kiss. The wedding begins, and Nora and Daniel are married. Bo overhears Daniel on the phone with the mystery woman. Riley apologizes to Jennifer, and they admit they miss each other. Rex tells Natalie that she was right about Jennifer, and Riley. Jessica finally makes it to the wedding, but she is so furious when she finds out that Antonio told her secret to Viki.   Natalie is sad over John being with Evangeline. Riley teaches Matthew the guitar. Nora and Daniel leave on their honeymoon.

Passions by Shirley

Julian makes a house call on Sheridan to help comfort her after he scare from Alistair, but ends up worried more about the state of her mental health. She insists Marty is her son and manages to halfway convince Eve she could be right by reminding her that she herself had always felt her son with Julian was still alive somewhere. Whitney has signed her son away to be adopted, and when Chad overhears her talking about it he is floored. Could this be the thing that kills his love for her once and for all? Theresa and Paloma are all for Martin and Pilar trying to get the family back together, but Luis is forceful in his refusal to go along, almost tossing his father out on his head. However, when Luis mentions that Alistair took his son and Martin reacts in anger, Luis seems to melt a smidgeon. Time will tell if he will change his mind or not.

Alistair causes a stir at the compound, upsetting Gwen and Katherine by reminding them they are his prisoners and will never leave there again. Fox, on the other hand, seems to be happy as a clam with the situation, even setting up "play dates" with some of Alistair's four star black book entries. Alistair seems to be a little wary of Fox's intentions, especially when the young man says he doesn't give a fig about Whitney and her baby, preferring to stay away from them. To tell the truth, the thought that Fox is pulling the wool over his grandfather's eyes seems to be a good one. He may have a method to his madness.

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Mackenzie and Esther convinced a reluctant Kay to give Jill a chance to apologize again. Jill did so, but Kay remained unmoved and refused to give her the CEO position at Jabot. Esther agreed to help Jill convince Kay to ease up. Bobby promised Brittany that their child would have a happy life with parents who loved him/her, then kissed her and left to find work. JT and Mac's workout session was interrupted by a call from Brittany, summoning JT. When he saw her apartment and heard she was staying in town and determined to make her marriage to Bobby work because she loved him so much, JT told her he'd always support her. After Gina agreed to give him a temporary bartending job and - later - a managerial position, Bobby declined an offer from Vinny - a mob guy - to pay him to house stolen jewels. Victoria refused to answer Phyllis' questions about her reasons for coming back to GC, then hid when Damon stopped by for a visit. However, though Phyllis covered well, Victoria revealed herself and bonded with Damon, then asked him - as a trusted friend - to tell her how things really were at NE and Jabot. Kevin helped Gloria clean the condo, said he blamed the whole mess on 'Terrible Tom' and hoped to never see him again, then assured her that he and Michael would never abandon her. Ash and Jack worried when a depressed John tried to talk business to forget about Gloria. When the pressed the issue, John dissolved in tears, wondering if he ever truly knew the woman he'd married.

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