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AMC by Jenn

After hearing everybody doubt Ethan and remembering Simone's suggestion to get the truth out of him, Kendall goes to find David to get him to administer his truth drug on Ethan. David finally agrees. But Kendall decides that she is not going to lose another man by distrusting him and taking such drastic measures. David goes to see the mysterious woman in Krystal's cell block and asks her who she is.

After Greenlee and Lily's chauffeur is waiting to get the tire changed, they are ambushed by Jonathan. He holds a gun on them but appears polite, telling them he doesn't want to hurt them and is doing what Braden wants in order to fool him and save Ryan as well as all the people whom Braden wants to hurt. He imprisons them. But somehow, Kendall is able to witness what is going on and tries to help them. Ryan is having visions of his father telling him he will turn out just like him. He discusses with Tad what is going on inside his mind. Tad tells Ryan he has very similar battles remembering his own father.

JR is very angry at his father for going behind his back with David to help Babe have more time with little Adam and he reveals that he will never forgive Adam for keeping him away from Dixie.

ATWT by Eva

Will daydreams about Alison telling him she loves him and giving him a kiss. Aaron is worried that Will might hurt Alison once he learns that Will hurt his own hand. Aaron thinks Will needs to go back to therapy but Alison thinks Will just needs her to be a good friend. Jennifer tells Sierra and Dusty about the night she spent with Craig and that he used that information to control her. Craig quits Worldwide and tells Sierra he is going to start his own company to compete with Street Jeans. Katie encourages Mike to forget about Craig and concentrate on rebuilding his relationship with Jennifer. Paul and Dusty team up to bring Craig down once they discover Craig has stolen Jennifer's staff and her designs to start his new company.

B&B by Leigh

Nick helps Brooke cope with business and the kids while she waits to hear if Massimo finds Ridge. Ridge asks Morgan for the tape she played, telling her a song that played helped him to remember his past. Morgan starts to kiss Ridge who at first doesn't appear interested but then she takes his hand and leads him to the bedroom. While on the bed, with Morgan on top of him Ridge again starts to see Brooke's face. He stops Morgan and tells her he can't make love to her. Amber arrives in Venice to make a new start, a fresh start away from anyone that knows her. While looking out her hotel room she sees Ridge and wonders what he's doing there.

Days by Danielle

Stan/Sami hides in the closet and is almost found by Lucas. Stan/Sami listens as Lucas reacts to seeing Sami’s wedding dress instead. Mimi and Lucas talk about their respective relationships as Stan/Sami continues to eavesdrop. Abby complains to Chelsea about Jennifer’s feelings for Patrick. Abby and Chelsea spy on Patrick and Billie. Billie vows to Patrick that she will never act on her feelings for Bo but Patrick doesn’t believe her. The people setting up for a spring dance in the park put on some music and Billie and Patrick decide to dance. Billie imagines Bo in Patrick’s place while dancing. Chelsea messes with the music to break up the dance. Patrick and Billie decide to attend the dance together.

Tony decides to prolong a delay in the satellite transmission in order to prompt John into action. Rex finds out that John was able to trace the signal to determine Philip’s location and has launched the rescue mission. Rex sets it up so that he, Bo, Hope, Shawn, and Belle can watch the mission in real time. John gives Kate the option to call off the mission upon learning of the extreme danger but Kate decides that Philip would want her to continue the mission. The enemy soldiers cover Philip’s head and take him to a second identical bunker. Tony and Bart watch the firefight on their hidden camera surveillance system while Tony reveals to Bart that he led John and the marines to the wrong bunker. Tony counts on someone wanting to come and play hero just as Shawn announces his desire to rescue Philip personally.

GH by Amanda

Jax helps Courtney look for evidence to set her free from the blackmail. AJ continues his conning of Michael with fake recordings of Sonny denying the boy and pictures of Sonny's family happy without Michael. Sam is sure that Michael might still be alive. Rachel wakes up momentarily. Reese figures out that Sonny's romantic intimations are a ploy to render her case against him ineffectual. He still tries to seduce her. Dara lets Sonny know about Alexis' suit against him and that his contact with Kristina is suspended. Ric is against the case. Mac catches Jax and Courtney at Rachel's.

GL by Elizabeth

Just as Gus and Harley get close to one another she leaves. Michelle tells Danny that she and Tony are going to be married and their world comes crashing down – literally. Jonathan does a favor for Olivia and turns up some surprising information on Billy. Jeffery pleads with Cassie to use him. Edmund makes it clear to Dinah where she stands in his life. Edmund finds out where Cassie has been staying and rushes over to find her. Dinah helps Cassie out of a difficult situation. Harley turns to Bill when she needs help in pushing Gus away from her. Alex pleads with Gus to give the Spaulding’s another chance.

OLTL by Mary

Nora gets ready for her wedding, but she is so nervous. She starts chatting with Rachel and then threatens to call off the wedding. Antonio meets Jessica at the hospital, and they meet with Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller wants to run some tests on her, which come back alright. Jessica gets a call on her cell phone. Antonio answers it, but the caller will not disclose his identity. Jennifer goes to the police station to meet with Bo concerning the murder charges; she admits she thought about skipping town but decided to stay to fight because she's innocent. Bo believes her and promises that he will try to find out who is doing this to her. Natalie runs into John at the police station, so they go to Nora’s wedding in his car.

Rex tries to “crash” Nora’s wedding, but Viki discovers him and gives him the boot. He vows to find another way in to the wedding. Daniel gets another call from the mystery woman but hangs up on her when Riley comes to visit. Daniel calls Nora and reassures her of his love. The wedding is back on. Riley confronts Jen at the wedding, but she tells him that she doesn’t want to fight. Rex comes in, posing as a waiter, and promises her that he will protect her, and not let anyone hurt her. Evangeline discovers through a friend that John has arrived, but he isn’t alone. She goes to investigate and finds him chatting intimately with Natalie. Daniel gets another call from the mystery woman. Nora is all dressed and ready to go, when Bo comes in to visit her.

Jessica changes into Tess and asks Antonio to meet her at the wedding.  Blowing him off, she orders herself a limo, but when it arrives, she is shocked to see another passenger inside-a man.

Passions by Shirley

Sheridan and Luis are beside themselves looking for the missing Marty, but they realize that Alistair took him and alert the police. Sheridan manages to run into her father and her son and demands him back, but Alistair has his price for complying, as usual. Sheridan goes home and tells Luis he is not to try to go after her father any more or Marty will pay for it, which doesn't sit well with him, and he blames his own father for it. Luis goes to his family's house to confront his father but finds everyone there happy and united in trying to put the family back together. Needless to say, he's not real happy about that.

Whitney signs away her rights to her baby, stunning Eve when she walks into the middle of it. No amount of pleading will change the girl's mind. Chad is still wondering why he feels so pulled toward her baby. Meanwhile, at the Crane compound, Fox seems more than happy to stay there in luxury until Alistair dies, and even when he's asked about seeing his baby and Whitney he stands firm in his new conviction that living there is the best thing for them all. Gwen and Katherine are stunned, and then upset when Alistair shows up for his "repayment" from Katherine for his services.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Brad and Jill admitted their mutual dislike for Jack's refusal to give either of them the CEO position at Jabot, and wondered if he maybe had a third party in mind. Adrienne invited Malcolm to dinner, unaware Damon had planned to dine with her. The three ended up sitting together, which caused an argument between Damon and Malcolm. Annoyed with the two men, Adrienne stormed out on them both. Malcolm then assured Damon he was not after his ex-wife, and had other things to worry about in his own life. Jack was stunned to learn Michael and Kevin were Gloria's sons. As Jack, Ash and Kevin began fighting, John ordered them all to leave him alone with Gloria. Once they were alone, he told Gloria to pack a bag and get out of his house. Gloria went to Michael's condo, where she told Kevin she was moving on, and went on a cleaning rampage. Dru, intimidated by Victor, begged Nick to rip up her contract. He refused, and reassured her. Victoria had memories of the days leading up to her departure from GC, then moved a picture of Nick, before leaving the main house. Victor and Nikki found the picture moved, but Nick arrived to confront Victor before they could worry about it. Nick told him to stop trying to run NE, while Victor told him he was only putting Dru on contract to rob Victoria of her birthright. In the stablehouse, Victoria and Phyllis came face to face. Victoria said she'd let Phyllis stay with her in the house, so long as Phyllis didn't tell anyone she was in town, giving her time - undercover - to get the lay of the land and decide if she'd stay. Phyllis, intrigued, agreed.

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