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AMC by Jenn

Lily and Greenlee are ready to depart and go to Lily's old school to be safe from Braden finding them. WHen they are in transport, the tires blow out. Then somebody assaults their chauffeur while they are waiting. Ryan is with Tad and tells Braden he's a worthless loser who deserves everything their father did to him. He tells Tad that he's afraid he is his father.But Tad tells him he must not live in the past. He must think about his future.

WHen David visits Krystal in jail, he reveals that he might know her mysterious cell-mate. David goes to gloat to JR and little Adam that Adam Sr. cut a deal with him.

Noticing that Kendall might have doubts about whether to trust Ethan, Simone suggests getting more of David's truth drug. Hearing that, Kendall goes to see David.

ATWT by Eva

Alison takes Will to her apartment to bandage his bleeding hand. Will admits to Alison he wants to kiss her again. Alison gently tells Will she doesn't want to ruin their friendship by having a romantic relationship with him. Will's feelings for Alison grow even stronger despite what Alison told him. Carly gets out of jail on bail. Jack and Keith team in order to keep J.J away from Les by hiring Michael Baldwin in order to fight for custody of J.J. The judge postpones Lily's bail hearing because he feels she is unfit to make a deccison regarding her plea. Keith tells Lilly he will find out the truth about who killed Julia.

B&B by Leigh

Stephanie apologizes to Gabby for upsetting her, and tells her how proud her mother was of her. Gabby refuses a check from Stephanie and Eric to pay for her college. Thomas consoles Gabby because he understands what it feels like to lose a mother. Ken (the bartender at Café Rouse) fills Massimo and Nick in on the last time he saw Ridge, and tells them Ridge left with a red haired woman. Massimo's detectives tracked Ridges cell phone and they know now that he's in Europe. Jackie joins Massimo on the Marone jet to help him look for Ridge. Morgan plans a perfect night to seduce Ridge telling herself she'll give Ridge back to his family after she gets her baby. As she and Ridge dance he remembers dancing with another woman but isn't sure who it is.

Days by Danielle

Lucas finds Will using the computer to cut Sami out of all the family photos and tries to get Will to think better of Sami. Mimi wakes Rex and has him check the fire escape but Rex sees no one because Stan/Sami is hanging on the outside of the fire escape, out of sight. The rain makes Stan/Sami slip and fall to the ground. Mimi fears that Stan/Sami will burst in and tell Rex about her abortion. Tony calls Stan/Sami to yell at him for not following orders. Mimi finds the doll’s baby bootie on the fire escape and chases after Stan/Sami. Mimi tracks Stan/Sami to the pier and then follows his muddy footprints to Sami’s apartment building where she enlists the help of Lucas to check Sami’s apartment. Stan/Sami frantically looks for a way out as he hears Lucas and Mimi outside the door.

Bart and the enemy soldiers follow Tony’s orders to set up a satellite video feed of Philip to send to John and the ISA. John has turned his living room into his own command center, prepared to track the signal upon receiving the video transmission from Philip’s captors. John evades telling Kate about taking the pill and takes the last pill while Kate’s back is turned. John comforts Kate as she watches a battered Philip appear on the computer screen. Belle stands by her decision to forgo a future with Shawn if Philip should not make it home alive. Rex hacks into a website and finds out about John’s rescue mission to save Philip. Rex and Shawn hook up the computer to the TV so that Belle, Shawn, Rex, Hope, and Bo can all watch. The enemy soldiers grant Philip’s request to say what he pleases in the message and he chooses to profess his never ending love to Belle, making her sob into Shawn’s arms.

GH by Lisa

Reese is poised for a fight with Sonny but gets another surprise instead. AJ continues to play mind games with Michael. Stan has information for Jason about Michael. Courtney tells Jax the truth about Rachel.

Ric refuses to back Alexis' plan to get full custody of Kristina. After speaking with Emily, Alan makes a confession to Ric and Alexis.

GL by Elizabeth

The Cooper's throw Harley a surprise party that is interrupted by Lizzie, Alan and Alex.

Alan offers Gus his old job back and gets slapped in the face.

Lizzie and Coop argue about their families.

Gus shows Harley his new apartment.

Harley asks Danny to break up with Marina. Instead he asks Marina to go away with him for a weekend.

Edmund calls Cassie using Josh's phone and lies to her. Realizing that she can't trust Edmund, she leaves and turns back to Jeffery.

Tony proposes to Michelle and she accepts.

Reva tells Josh she is pregnant and is shocked with his reaction.

OLTL by Mary

Kelly is insisting that Blair not attend Nora’s brunch. Jessica declines to attend the brunch, but gets a letter from the stalker, and it is postmarked Australia. He informs her that he is giving up. Riley comes to visit Nora and Daniel to tell them that Jennifer has left him. Jennifer wakes up in Rex’s bed. Evangeline comes to Ultraviolet to meet Antonio, and he informs her that R.J. had stolen $10,000 from his banking account. R.J. demands his money from R.J. R.J. denies taking the money. Antonio accuses them of lying, just like they had lied about Jessica.

Rex wants him and Jennifer to leave town, and he has had fake I.D.’s made with them having the same last name. Jennifer doesn’t approve. Everyone gathers for the brunch. Nora is pleased that they would do this for her. Rachel surprises her Mother by attending the brunch. Everyone is having a good time, until Lindsay shows up, and causes a scene. Nora and Lindsay argue, which results in Nora spilling a pitcher of orange juice on Lindsay. Lindsay goes to see Rex, demanding to know where Jen is. Lindsay finds out that they are leaving town. She talks them out of leaving town, and convinces Jen to face the murder charges. Rex doesn’t like Jen’s decision. Daniel gets a phone call from a mysterious woman.

Passions by Shirley

Katherine and Gwen wonder what happened to Fox after he got zapped by the lasers, then find him lying on a bench outside, covered with flower petals. They mourn his death while trying to rescue them, and Gwen tells Alistair through a camera what she thinks of him. Imagine her surprise when she walks back by him and he grabs her arm! Fox is alive after all, but not quite the same as he was before the zap. Whitney, Eve, and Theresa talk about the baby's future and how he needs his mother to love and care for him, but Whitney refuses to see or hold him, afraid she won't be able to give him up for adoption if she does. Eve goes to check Theresa's back, not knowing Whitney's plans, and while she is gone the adoption people come for Whitney's signature, which she gives them. Chad is still in the dark, but worried about her reaction to her son.

Luis decides to stay in the cottage and try to find information to bring down Alistair while Sheridan takes Marty for a walk around the grounds. Once she gets the baby outside she realizes it's colder than she thought and goes back inside to get a heavier jacket, leaving Marty outside. On her way back she stops for some knoodling with Luis while Alistair comes and takes Marty for a ride, telling the boy he was taking him away like he did Chad. Once the two lovers realize the boy is gone, they search for him, then find Alistair's cigar butt on the ground a realize he took the boy.

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead

Michael told Lauren he was going out of town and asked her to keep an eye on Kevin, considering the situation with the Abbott's. John refused to forgive Kevin for trying to kill Colleen, and insisted his marriage to Gloria was a joke. Daniel helped Jack woo Phyllis with a romantic dinner, then left them alone. Jack said he wanted to get back together, but Phyllis said they had to go slow and see what the future held. Ashley summoned Jack away saying that John needed them. Back at the Abbott house, Jack and Ash burst in and Jack demanded Kevin leave the house immediately, only to learn Kevin was Gloria's son. Sharon was relieved that Nick talked to Cassie, but still bothered by Cassie's carefree attitude. Alone with Nick, Sharon suggested he reach out to Victoria - unrelated to business - and try to rebuild the brother/sister bond they'd once shared. Victor grilled Drucilla, and admitted he believed she was the wrong person for the job at NE. She insisted she'd prove her worth. Later, Victor told Nikki about Dru's contract, and Nikki said it was time they admit Victoria wasn't coming home. Victoria, unbeknownst to everyone, returned to GC and entered the ranch.

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