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AMC by Jenn

Ryan discovers that Greenlee is not going to let him put himself in danger alone. But Tad convinces her to trust her husband and know that he will catch Braden with the help of him and AIden. They discover that Braden is leaving many clues and obsessing about Ryan. Zach reminds Kendall that not long ago she made a mistake being in love with Ryan and realized that her family cared about her and knew what was best for her, and it's entirely possible that Erica knows what's right for her in regard to Ethan. Hearing that, she goes to talk to JR. He believes that she is now his because she foudn out Ethan lied to her.

David is content to be working with Adam by helping him find Liza and Colby if Adam helps Babe see her son. But she tells her father that she is not going to betray Liza after all Liza has done to help her and Jamie. But Adam tells her that she cannot abandon her child just to do the right thing. Knowing she is torn between being prevented from seeing her son or betraying Liza, she is very upset.

ATWT by Leigh

To Keith, Jack and JJ's disappointment Les with the help of a Federal Marshal takes custody of JJ. A frustrated Will bloodies his knuckles after Allison backed out on their time together by arranging for another date for him. Celia and Casey get closer and share a kiss. Lucinda and Holden arrange for Jessica to have the court assign a guardian ad litem for Lily. They're going for an insanity defense. Lily blows Carly's tape recording scam, finds the tape recorder in Carly's pocket and smashes it on the floor.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke plays the voicemail from Ridge for Nick and Massimo. Massimo tells Brooke she's going to find Ridge and bring him home. Massimo has a trace put on Ridge's cell phone and credit cards. Stephanie holds a memorial service at their home to honor Helen. Gabby cries and gets hysterical when Stephanie talks about what a wonderful woman Helen was. Morgan's mother tries to reason with her and tells her the fantasy she has about her and Ridge can't possibly last. Morgan tells her she'll take Ridge back after she gets what was taken from her and her mother realizes that what Morgan wants is a baby.

Days by Danielle

Stan checks in with Tony about the plan and Tony tells him to stay out of sight until further notice. Stan decides to take revenge into his own hands and taunts Mimi outside her bedroom by allowing her to see him and see and hear a crying baby. Marlena at first puts a stop to the lovemaking with Roman, not wanting to be unfaithful to John but Roman’s sincere words makes her want to be with him. John neglects to tell Kate that he took the drugs that missed the fire. John and Kate make love again. Both couples are filmed with hidden cameras and viewed by Tony and Bart. John suddenly has an idea to get Philip home soon. Tony orders the enemy soldier to shock Philip with a stun gun. Tony believes that Philip is the key to the demise of all of the great loves of Salem.

Bo advises Shawn to be there for Belle as a friend without pressure or demands until Philip comes home. When Bo remarks that Jan must have held Shawn prisoner to get him to be with her, he is shocked when Shawn flashes back to being locked in the cage and confirms the suggestion. Bo and Shawn make up and forgive each other. Hope likens Belle’s current situation to her almost marriage to Larry Welch. Belle puts herself down for marrying Philip but Hope assures her that it wasn’t her fault. Hope joins Bo on the roof and grabs him for a passionate kiss to start their making up. Shawn promises Belle that he will no longer pressure or demand anything from her.

GH by Boo 

Physical therapy brings Liz and Lucky closer. Then, they fret about Emily's situation and recall the past. Carly flips out when Jason is taken in for a police lineup. However, he is not ID'ed, Tracy blackmails & bribes Dillon into silence over Alan's DWI. He does admit the truth to Emily who then goes off on Tracy. Jax tries to get the truth about Rachel out of Courtney when he sees her sobbing by the other woman's bed.

GL by Ashley

Edmund goes on a rampage searching for Cassie and ends up stealing Josh’s cell phone hoping to intercept her call. Reva struggles to tell Josh she is pregnant, but he has other plans for them. He wants to build a new house. Cassie and Jeffrey kiss, and Cassie becomes upset about what just happened. Tammy, Jonathan, and Sandy hang out together. Tammy tells Jonathan that he should think about getting a job. This prompts him to ask Josh for a position at Lewis. Cassie figures out that Reva is pregnant and is ecstatic to hear the news. She asks for Reva’s support in leaving Edmund. Dinah advises Edmund to wait awhile to tell Cassie about the baby, but he wants to do it now. Ross learns that Dinah did not get on the plane and shows up at Edmund’s to confront her. He does not understand her and Edmund’s relationship. He demands that she leave with him or he will disown her. She refuses to go. Ross is sorry to leave. Edmund consoles Dinah.

OLTL by  Mary

Bo is requesting information on anyone who can shed some light on the embezzlement charges against Viki, and he also wants Paul Cramer’s file. Nora is frantic that she can’t find hers and Daniel’s marriage license. Viki is relieved that her newspaper has already convicted her of the embezzlement charges. Blair is being tormented by dreams of Margaret. Jen is unable to find Riley, and is calling everyone.

Viki wants to know what information that Kevin has on Todd. Todd tries to console Blair, but with no luck. Todd promises to get Blair, and the children a bodyguard. Bo is furious when he learns that Rex had disposed of the deposit slips that was evidence against Jennifer. Matthew tells Nora not to call off the wedding to Daniel. Daniel is furious when he discovers that Rex has disposed of the deposit slips, and wants to have him arrested. Todd rushes Blair back to the hospital because of exhaustion, and dehydration. After a huge fight with Riley, Jennifer packs, and leaves him. She goes straight to Rex.

Passions by Shirley

Fox manages to get into the Crane Compound dispite the armed guards taking potshots at him, but by the time he gets to Katherine and Gwen he is in handcuffs. The hopes of the two women that they might be able to escape Alistair's prison are dashed by this, but Fox won't give up, and finds a secret passaged behind a wall. A couple of steps inside, tho, and he is zapped by lasers and knocked unconscious. Back in Harmony, Ethan is trying to figure out who he will be with once Gwen comes home and he has a heart-to-heart with Theresa. They both profess their love for each other but he asks for time to figure out what to do.

Whitney tries to explain to Chad that he is the baby's father and that's why it's sick, but he has his own ideas as to what is up with her and won't allow her to tell him the truth. Maybe next time. Beth and Edna talk about who her father could be, and while Edna has finally figured it out, she tells Beth she has no real idea. Beth says he must be a good guy since she has a lot of good inside her and she couldn't possibly have gotten that from Edna. Edna agrees she got her personality traits from her father, but realizes it's not a good thing. Sheridan and Luis are happy with Marty, although he still wants her to stop thinking the baby is hers. She agrees on the outside, but keeps her true feelings to herself.

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead

Brad told Jack that he would quit Jabot unless Jack made him CEO within 24 hours. Nick told Phyllis he believed she'd sent the email to Victoria, warned her never to pull another stunt like that, and said he would be expanding the internet division and wanted her at the helm, provided she became a team player. Damon apologized for not seeing Adrienne in so long, said his feelings were real, kissed her and asked her to dinner. Jack convinced a reluctant Daniel to help him make a special dinner for Phyllis, but she returned home before they could finish. Nikki accused Sharon of bad-mothering where Cassie was concerned, while Sharon taunted Nikki's own bad relationship with Victoria. Paul promised Ashley he'd be there for her whenever she needed/wanted him. Michael told Kevin that John would divorce Gloria when the truth came out, while Kevin believed she'd be able to salvage her marriage and tried to convince Michael to go to the Abbott estate with him. John forgave Gloria for lying to him about her sons, but demanded to know their real identity. When Kevin showed up, John demanded he leave, and was stunned when Gloria said he was speaking to her son. Victor accused Nick of giving Drucilla a contract to keep Victoria away, and insisted he was making a mistake.

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