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AMC by Jenn

Jack and Erica lay down the law to Kendall that she needs to wake up and stop trusting Ethan and if he does anything to hurt their family, he will be sorry. She goes to talk to him about that but she only wants to trust him and doesn't care about anybody except him. JR is onto their secret about their problem with Erica demanding that they see that Zach did not murder Edmund. And he knows that Ethan is lying to Kendall and he will soon have Kendall and she will be his.

David is able to get Babe to tell him where Liza and Colby are, without her knowing that he's helping Adam find them.  Jack concludes that the only way to keep Lily safe is for her to go back to her old school where Braden will never find her. And he tells Greenlee she needs to go with her.

ATWT by Leigh

In adjoining cells, Carly begs Lily to tell the truth so Carly won't be jailed. Lily tells Carly she'll do everything she can to help her. Holden contacts Jessica to help with Lily's case and asks her to have Lily plead not guilty by reason of insanity, but Lily refuses. Instead of calling her lawyer, Carly called Emily and had her bring a tape recorder so she can tape Lily telling the truth. In her cell, Carly tries to get Lily to tell the truth so she can record it. Katie asks Jennifer how she could cheat on Mike and makes it clear she plans on telling Mike. Jennifer tells Katie she's already told Mike everything about Craig. Katie is surprised that Mike insisted Jennifer not move out. Finally Katie decides if Mike wants Jennifer there it's good enough for her. Mike punches Craig and tells him it's for sleeping with Jennifer and blackmailing her. Mike tells Craig he has something much worse in mind for him than beating him to a pulp. Mike tells Craig now that he knows there's no reason Jennifer can't tell Sierra and she'll release him from the company. Craig goes to Barbara and offers to allow her to buy back into Street Jeans.

B&B by Leigh

Gabby refuses to see Stephanie. Brooke returns to work at Forrester Creations telling Stephanie and Eric she's through waiting for Ridge. Brooke tells Eric and Stephanie she's sure something is wrong with Ridge and he didn't send the text message because he'd never hurt their kids intentionally. Just as Brooke is contacting the police she receives a message from Ridge on her cell phone telling her it's over between them. Clarke shows Thorne a picture of Morgan telling him they should try to hire her at Spectra. Thorne freaks out at the idea of hiring her and tells Clarke that Morgan is obsessed with Ridge. Ridge tells Morgan he's upset because he didn't even recognize Brooke and he wants his memory back because he feels like he's living in a black hole. Ridge begs Morgan to help him by telling him everything about his life. Morgan then tells Ridge all about the competition between he and Thorne, and that Eric is not his real father and how Stephanie lied to him his whole life. Morgan cries as she tells him that Stephanie even hurt her by forcing her to abort their baby.

Days by Danielle

Stan/Sami marvels at the idea of using Chelsea to make Billie miserable. Chelsea watches Billie hugging Patrick and becomes convinced that Billie is a threat. Patrick decides to accompany Billie on her walk. Stan/Sami hides behind a crate and later joins Chelsea to eavesdrop on Patrick and Billie’s conversation. Billie questions Patrick about his feelings for Jennifer, which Patrick denies but then lets it slip that he is interested in Billie. Abby notices how uncomfortable Patrick and Billie hugging made Jennifer. Jennifer yells at Abby for breaking curfew and when Jennifer is moved to tears, Abby demands to know what else is going on. Jennifer confides in Abby about sensing Jack’s presence tonight. Abby tells Jennifer that Patrick likes her and that she can tell that Jennifer likes Patrick too. Jennifer denies it and Abby accuses her of wanting to sleep with Patrick. Belle blames herself for Shawn’s accident. Belle assures Hope that Shawn wasn’t suicidal. Belle and Hope talk about their respective love lives. Bo yells at Shawn for driving drunk on a suspended license. Shawn accuses Bo of only talking to him now because he is trying to score points with Hope. Shawn becomes defensive and refuses Bo’s help. Bo warns Shawn that he will lose Belle if he keeps running.

GH by Lisa

Feeling betrayed, Reese sets out to link Sonny to the shootings and tells him so. Carly confronts Alcazar, who explains why he will keep Maria quiet about what she saw and heard. Diego senses that something is troubling Maria. Carly interrupts Reese's questioning of Maria. Reese later confronts Maria again. Jason needs to know all the details of Michael's death in order to give himself closure.

Sonny becomes angry when he finds Sam with a blown up photo of a "dead" Michael. Sonny comes to understand why Jason needs answers about Michael. Sonny warns Jason that Reese is out to get them. AJ tricks Michael into believing that Sonny doesn't want him to come home. Michael agrees to go with AJ. Ric and Alexis argue about her desire to go after full custody of Kristina. Ric voices his worries to a supportive Elizabeth. Alexis enlists Dara's help to get Kristina away from Sonny.

GL by Elizabeth

Frank and Danny get into a fight. Later, Frank realizes that Danny did him a favor.

Michelle tells her brother that she's no longer afraid of her memories. Tony tells him the same thing and then gives her a present.

Harley tells her father that she wants him to have sole custody of the children when she goes to prison. Although he agrees it is only for her benefit. He and Rick argue over where the children should be. Rick offers the garage apartment up for the Cooper's to live in.

Edmund rescues Dinah from the plane and lets her know she is pregnant. The two express their love for one another.

Cassie and Jeffery commiserate with one another in J. Farley's and even dance together. Cassie later asks if she can stay with Jeffery.

Harley lets her brother know that she loves him and will need his help once she's behind bars.

Edmund wonders how he is going to tell Cassie about the baby.

will be late

OLTL by Suzanne

Natalie chats with Carlotta about Cristian and how she prayed for him.  Natalie also tells John she prayed for him.  She tells him that she has to get on with her life and get over both him and Cris.  Carlotta warns John away from Natalie.   Michael finds Nick outside Marcie's and accuses him of being the serial killer.  Nick protests that he loved Julie and he was coming there to tell Marcie that.  Marcie is still very upset about her book being the cause of the murders.  Michael spends the night to comfort her.

Viki walks in on Kevin and Kelly when they are making out passionately.  Dorian gives the cops at the LPD a hard time about not giving her news about Blair; David tries to keep her calm.  Todd and Blair fall off the ledge but land on the rescue squad's airbag safely.  Everyone is happy that Blair is safe.  Bo takes them to the police station for their statements.  Viki brings the kids there, and Kevin and Kelly also tag along.  There are many hugs and well-wishes, although Dorian is still throwing around some insults.  David keeps her in check for Blair's sake.  Bo tries to find Asa but only finds Nigel, who claims he doesn't know where Asa went on his jet.  Todd and Blair go home and are happy to be together, with their kids, and home.

Passions by Shirley

Whitney is still adamant that the doctor not be told her baby is her half-brother's child, preferring to let God have his way as to whether the baby lives or dies, but Eve is just as adamant that she will give her the information. Theresa steps in and talks her friend into doing the right thing - after she tells Chad the news. Meanwhile, Fox has found Katherine, Gwen, and Jane as well as more trouble than he had expected - armed guards all around. He continues his quest anyway.

Beth and Alistair bond over their plans to kill Sheridan as Edna begins to remember a long forgotten encounter with "Al", exactly nine months before she had Beth. The truth is a kick to the head for her and now she has to figure out how to let Beth know the truth. Sam tries to get to the phone before Grace hangs up, apparently not making it, but Jessica runs in and grabs the phone from him, telling him she will run away if her mother comes back. Ivy gloats over her success as Tabitha marvels at Ivy's prowess.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Brad asked Phyllis if Jack intended to make him CEO of Jabot. Phyllis told him it would be wise to have a backup plan. When Jack admitted he'd betrayed Phyllis, Ashley surprised him by suggesting he do whatever it took to get back the woman who clearly made him so happy. Daniel refused Phyllis' order that he stay away from Lily, then talked his mother into going to the gym to work off the stress she was under. After learning Cassie was carrying a condom, Lily told her not to rush into sex or she'd live to regret it. Sierra later understood that Lily was talking about her experiences with Kevin, then pointed out to her that Daniel seemed to like her. Nick blamed Sharon for sending the email to Victoria. When Sharon suggested Drucilla, Nick went after her. Dru was offended and assured Nick it wasn't her. When he realized it could have been Phyllis, he ordered her to meet him at NE. Nick and Cassie had a heart to heart about the dangers of having sex before you're ready. While thinking about how long it had been since she'd seen Damon, Adrienne was surprised when he found her at the coffeehouse. Michael refused to listen to Paul's logical arguments, blamed him for the fiasco with John and Gloria, and demanded he find a new place to work by the next day. While John tried to convince Gloria to have dinner with him to celebrate their anniversary, she told him the two young men he'd met hadn't been her real sons.

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