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AMC by Jenn

Everybody except Kendall believes that Ethan lied and falsely accused Zach of murdering Edmund and that Braden really did it. Greenlee tries and fails to get through to Kendall. Braden comes to visit Jonathan and tells him he needs to get Greenlee to meet them. Jonathan refuses. Braden also instructs Jonathan to help him kill Ryan. Jonathan urges Braden to see that Ryan loves them and they cannot make him the enemy nor threaten him. Ryan is with Aiden and Tad at the airport and runs into an old teacher who failed to intervene when he knew that the three Lavery boys were abused by their father as children. Knowing that Lily saw Edmund get murdered and now says she knows it was not Zach who killed him, Kendall urges Lily to believe she either lied or got her story incorrect. But Jack, Erica and Reggie urge Kendall to see the truth. They also urge her to know that by falsely accusing Zach of murder while the real killer is still out there, many people are still in danger.

ATWT by Leigh

Jack arrests Lily for the murder of Julia after she tells Holden and Luke that she planned the murder just like the letter Keith found indicates. Carly too gets arrested as an accessory after the fact, and ends up in a cell next to Lily. Mike stops Jennifer from leaving after she confesses she slept with Craig. He tells her they'll work it all out, but wants to know why she decided to tell him. Jennifer explains that Craig was blackmailing her. Mike surprises Craig by punching him and knocking him to the ground.

Henry tells Katie he saw Jennifer come out of Craig's room, and Katie confronts Jennifer asking how she could do that to Mike.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge hugs the woman he believes is Brooke, but is not! The woman tells him that their relationship is dead. Ridge asks about their children and the woman tells him they don't have any, and tells him goodbye … forever. Brooke (the real one) nearly clobbers Nick over the head when he sneaks into the house via the patio doors. Brooke pours her heart out to Nick and he tells her he's there … always.

Days by Danielle

Stan/Sami tells Chelsea to keep Billie away from Patrick long enough to get Patrick into bed. Abby is angry that Patrick came to drag her home. Abby questions Patrick’s intentions with Jennifer, convinced that Jack will come back. Abby makes Patrick swear to stay away from Jennifer. Billie and Jennifer argue about Billie’s intentions with Bo. Billie continues to deny that she wants Bo for herself. Jennifer likens how she felt about Jack and Billie’s close friendship to how Hope feels now. When Jennifer suggests that Billie move on with Patrick, Billie questions Jennifer about her feelings for Patrick. Abby is glad to see Patrick reach out to Billie, whereas Jennifer looks unhappy to see Patrick reaching out to another woman. Belle and Shawn both dream the same dream about intimately reuniting upon telling Philip the truth. Hope stands by her warning to leave Bo. Hope and Bo wake up Belle and Shawn to talk. Bo takes Shawn to the roof to talk while Belle tells Hope that she is to blame for Shawn’s accident tonight.

GH by Amanda

John declares war on crime at the dedication. When Michael becomes delirious, AJ calls for help. Several members of the Sandoval crime family die during the ceremony. Carly hallucinates seeing a little boy who looks like Michael. Courtney is only slightly hurt by the attack. Rachel's injuries are more severe. Steven's reaction to Rachel's injuries baffles Liz. Tracy fights Alan on the idea of his confessing to hitting Ric's car. Ric asks Sonny to give Alexis some peace.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley is found guilty of second-degree murder. Gus asks Jeffrey to let her stay out of prison until her sentencing. He complies. Ross tells Dinah that he is having her sent away because he wants her to begin a new life as a “strong woman.” Blake shows up at Edmund’s to give him the news of Dinah’s deportation. He is shocked and runs off the airport to save her. He gets there just in time to pull her away from the guards. Ross is confused as to why Edmund is defending her. Edmund tells him that Dinah has become someone he can “lean on,” and he needs her to stay. Ross doesn’t buy it, and Dinah is carted off to the plane. Cassie arrives back in Springfield and tells Jeffrey that she is filing for a separation from Edmund. Reva talks to Jonathan about the pregnancy and believes that this may be her second chance at seeing all the stages of her child’s life. She is nervous about telling Josh. Alan tries to repair his relationship with Gus, but Gus sends him away. Buzz tells the Coopers that they must not retaliate against the Spauldings in any way. They will be ending their family feud.

OLTL by Suzanne

John has been sitting with Evangeline while she's sick; they discuss the murders of Hudson and Julie.  Nora drops by with some chicken soup, so John leaves.  They discuss their love lives and do yoga.  Evangeline feels better and John later stops by with a talking stuff dog for her.  Kevin takes Starr to the police station; they try to get Natalie to get Bo for them, so they can find out any new information about Blair, but she can't.  David and Dorian arrive, too.  Dorian and Kevin argue, as usual.  Viki drops by just as Dorian is telling David how much she wants Blair to come back safely, so Viki feels bad for her and offers to drop their feud.  Dorian laughs in her face and insults her some more, so Viki swears she will find out the truth and make Dorian pay.  David worries about Dorian going too far.  David and Dorian hear Bo on the radio talking about Blair and Todd being on a ledge.  Natalie and John share some awkward moments and then she tells him how much it meant to her that he was there for her when she got upset again about Cristian.  She asks him who the imposter really was, but he doesn't tell her.  Later, she talks to Cristian in the church as she lights candles for him.  Kelly chats with Viki at Llanfair about the past, especially her relationship with Kevin and how they still share feelings.  Kelly comforts Jack when he awakens.  Kevin and Starr return, so Kevin tells them a bedtime story.  Later, Kelly and Kevin look at their wedding photos, then they kiss.

Bo tries to get through the door to where Todd and Blair are.  Blair is on the ledge and Todd is leaning out the window, trying to get her back inside.  She has been sedated and is scared, so she doesn't know whether to trust her own eyes or not.  Todd gets out on the ledge with her, to help her.  Bo tries to get help from down below and manages to get through the door after a lot of tries.  Blair feels woozy and has trouble standing.  Todd tries to help her, but they both end up falling from the ledge.  Meanwhile, Michael tries to console Marcie, who is upset that her friends are being murdered because of her book.  She got a huge royalty check. but it doesn't cheer her up.  The killer looks at pics of the victims and at Marcie's picture on her back cover.  He delivers  a letter to Marcie's place.  Michael is just about to tell Marcie that he still loves her when Marcie hears the letter being delivered.

Passions by Shirley

did not air today

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Sharon confronted Cassie about the condom in her purse. Cassie swore she wasn't having sex and said it was from a sex-ed class. Sharon doubted the story and went to see Nick. Dru intercepted Sharon and they briefly discussed work until Nick arrived. Alone with him, Sharon explained what had happened, and pointed out that she'd been just a bit older than Cassie when she'd gotten pregnant. Worried, Nick decided to speak with their daughter that night. In Italy, Victoria received the email 'from' Nick and phoned him in GC. Nick was stunned and swore he didn't send the email, despite its presence in his 'Sent Items' folder. Victoria said it was obvious he didn't want her to come home, then hung up. Phyllis told Damon about Jack's betrayal, and wondered if she should do something to get him back. John told Jack that he should propose to Phyllis, since he'd never be happy with her. Jack sought permission from Daniel to start courting Phyllis more seriously. Kevin admitted to Mac that he'd won the lottery, but that the ticket belonged to Michael. Mac was happy he'd at least struggled with the decision to keep it or tell the truth. Michael comforted Gloria as she psyched herself up for her meeting with John. Ashley admitted to Paul that she wished things were different, since John would be hurt and it was obvious Gloria did love him. Michael fired Paul. John received an anniversary card from Gloria, thanking him for their romance. She then arrived, ready to tell him the truth about her sons.

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