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AMC by Jenn

Jack finds out that Erica informed Maria that Edmund could walk and was lying to her and he asks why. She tells him that somebody had to set Maria straight. The truth she says is that Zach did not kill Edmund and the person that really did is endangering their family. Ethan causes Kendall to hang up on her mother when Erica is trying to "talk some sense" into Kendall about Ethan. Brooke sets Maria straight about the truth that Edmund was ready to divorce her and wanted to seek revenge upon her and upon Zach because she believed they were sleeping together. Maria does not believe a word of it. And Brooke admits that she believes that Maria ruined her own marriage and did not appreciate Edmund nor be supportive of him throughout the time after he had his accident. And Brooke reveals that she might have really had feelings for Edmund and resented Maria because he chose her over Brooke. Alone, Maria relives hearing Zach, Erica and Brooke all telling her that Edmund could really walk and he betrayed her.

After Ryan has been attacked by the monkey spitting in his eye, he, Aiden and Tad look for clues about where Braden is and what he is doing. Braden leaves Ryan more clues and death threats. But they cannot find him nor know what his next move is. Jonathan goes to talk to Greenlee and tells her that he wants to protect her from Braden, whether she believes it or not. She urges him to tell him where Ryan is. He tells her he cannot tell her. He also reveals to her that he's had a problem with her since the start because she reminds him of his mother. When he leaves, he meets Braden who threatens his life. Unknown to them, Lily is watching.

ATWT by Eva

Jennifer tells Mike the truth about the night she slept with Craig. Mike is unable to forgive Jennifer but as she is about to leave the house Mike tells her not to go away. Jack gives Lily's letter to the police. Holden, Tom and Jack once again try to persuade Luke to tell the truth. Luke finally admits he didn't kill Julia after he reads Lily's letter. Lily admits to being Julia's killer. Aaron gives Rafael his job back at Metro. Alison promises to help Rafael look after Celia. Alison asks Will to go with her on a double date with Casey and Celia. Will is surprised by Alison's invitation to him but is very excited about going on a date with Alison.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge apologizes to Morgan for not making love to her. He tells Morgan he feels like he should be somewhere else … with someone else. Morgan tells him she's called his wife and she's coming there. There's a knock on the door, and Morgan opens it, Ridge looks at the woman and says Brooke. (We can't see who it is!) Gabby gets hysterical when Stephanie tells her that her mother has died and runs from the house. Eric and Stephanie go after her. Bridget tells Nick she's only ever made love to her husband and she likes to take things slow. Nick understands and tells her it's who she is and he likes it. The two share dessert and Nick feeds it to Bridget.

Days by Danielle

Rex runs into Abby and Chelsea on the pier and Rex drops the ice cream. Abby offers Rex some money to pay for the ice cream and he spots her fake ID. Abby claims she is only holding it for a friend. Patrick and Billie show Jennifer the Georgia doll and the recent clues. Patrick lies to Jennifer about seeing anyone at the pier. Patrick calls his “boss” and demands to know the plans for Billie but is hung up on. Billie questions the DiMeras plans for everyone and Jennifer worries that Abby’s missed curfew has something to do with the DiMeras. Patrick rushes back out to look for Abby. Billie questions Jennifer’s feelings for Patrick. Chelsea hides when Patrick approaches her and Abby at the pier. Jennifer denies having romantic feelings for Patrick and questions Billie about her intentions with Bo. Patrick escorts Abby home. Stan/Sami threatens to tell Rex about Mimi’s abortion. Mimi assumes that Stan/Sami is working for Jan and tries to call her to but Stan/Sami grabs the phone. Stan/Sami gloats about how Mimi won’t be accepted into a family as good as the Bradys and takes offense when Mimi uses Sami as an example of a bad Brady. Rex wants to defend Mimi’s honor but Mimi stops him, now wanting to break the engagement again. Stan/Sami approaches Chelsea with an offer to help get Patrick, acting on orders for Sami’s plan for revenge.

Jack arrives at the DiMera castle. Tony threatens to kill Jack but Jack is confident that he will escape again. Jack punches Tony out. The guard tries to take Jack to his room but Jack knocks him down and runs off with the guard’s keys. Marlena dreams of returning to Salem only to find John and Kate making love. Roman and Marlena find an old map of the castle in the back of a book. Jack finds Marlena and Roman’s room and tells them of his trip back to Salem. Their reunion is cut short when Tony comes to the room and escorts Jack to his own room. Tony takes the map away. Jack sees a vision of Jennifer appear in his room but it disappears when he reaches for her. Kate throws the pills into the fire. Kate slaps John when he calls her a lousy mother for not giving him the drugs so he could help Philip. John yells at Kate to get out. While Kate is gathering her things upstairs, John finds two pills that didn’t make it into the fire, takes one and tucks the other pill in his pocket. Calmer, John asks Kate to stay. John and Kate give in to their feelings and they begin to make love. Tony allows Marlena and Roman to see video of John and Kate making love. Roman and Marlena then turn to each other and make love. Tony stands outside their door and gloats about how his plan is working.

GH by Amanda

Jason and Marshall pull Sonny in different directions. Something bites Michael as he and AJ campout. While the boy is comatose, AJ worries he'll have to summon outside help. Courtney worries about the false friendship Jax has created with Rachel to try and find out what the woman is up to. Tensions run high at the park dedication. Courtney is shot.

GL by Elizabeth

The jury comes back and begins to announce Harley’s verdict. The Coopers rally behind her and Gus tells her that he will wait for her if she has to go to prison. Frank is angry with Gus because he thinks he is ruining Harley’s life like the rest of the Spauldings. Tammy goes to visit Jonathan, and the two have a touching conversation. Reva feels even worse today, and Sandy notices something is wrong. Jonathan and Reva have a heart-to-heart about their status. She tells him she thinks she’s pregnant. Edmund finds out the results of Dinah’s pregnancy test. It is positive. Jeffrey pays a visit to Edmund when he is looking for Cassie. He notices fertility drugs on the table and wonders why they are out if Cassie isn’t there. Cassie arrives back in Springfield. Dinah uses the term “we” again when referring to the child she’s carrying inside her. Edmund has to remind her again that it’s not her baby; she is simply the gestational carrier. Ross devises a plan to send Dinah to Italy and get her out of Springfield. Tammy and Sandy share another romantic meeting. Ross finds Dinah lurking outside the farm, and she lies to him, saying that Edmund has hired her for a “job.”

OLTL by Boo

Todd makes a very brave move to save Blair from the ledge and joins her, as Bo yells at him not to screw things up again. John finds proof that Hudson was also murdered and informs Evangeline, Marcy and Michael of his findings. They figure out that the killer is going after the Love crew and Marcy agrees to tell John the details of the other victims in her book. The killer reads Marcieís book and makes plans for the next murder. Antonio discovers that there was a large transfer of money from his account that he didnít make. Kevin and Kelly share another nice conversation. Kevin consoles a distraught Starr who is worried about her parents. Jessica, as Tess, continues her weird behavior and makes plans to free herself from the 24 hour protection that she is under now. Maybe making plans to go to Australia. Viki and Natalie talk about Natalieís feelings for John.

Passions by Shirley

Jessica survived her wrist "slashing", having done nothing more than minor scratching. She is still in her pity party mood, however. Ivy tries to check up on her but is quickly put in her place by the sniping tartlet. Sam, meanwhile, is visiting with Tabitha, who manages to put doubts about Ivy into his mind. He finally gets a call from Grace, too. Whitney is still having nothing to do with her son and finally tells Eve and Theresa that she wants no medical intervention for him as she just wants him to die. The two women are shocked, but can't change Whit's mind. Chad and Julian worry about her reaction in the lobby but have no idea just how deep her melancholy goes.

Beth and Alistair scheme as to how they will kill Sheridan, much to Edna's dismay, but when she threatens to call the cops, Alistair threatens her life, and gives her a quick flashback to a prior time. She has no idea what it means at this point, tho. Luis and Sheridan are still happily playing with Marty at the cottage.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Brittany told Bobby they needed to figure out if they were right for each other. Bobby said they were and that this setback had merely tested their love and shown their ability to be together forever. Sharon taunted Nikki about Bobby no longer living at the ranch, and grilled her for info on Victoria. Nikki told her to focus on her own family, and pay more attention to Cassie, who seemed to be acting out. Sharon chastised Cassie for getting a ride home from a senior boy named Max Powers. When she later went through Cassie's purse, she was horrified to find a condom. Ashley refused to listen to Michael or Kevin's words on behalf of Gloria, and demanded to be left alone. Gloria plead her case, and insisted she'd done everything to hold on to John. Ash told her that she had one night to tell John the truth, or else she would. JT told Mac that working for Paul was difficult because she saw how secretive people could be. Michael confronted JT, warning him that he paid his salary. JT said he wouldn't be pushed around by Michael, and refused to say how close Ashley and Paul had gotten. Kevin told Mac there was a lot going on in his life, but didn't want to say what. Mac told him to stop keeping secrets and demanded to know what was happening in his life. Phyllis blasted Jack for using her to try and get Victoria to come work for Jabot. She later broke into Nick's office and sent an email to Victoria, saying all was well in GC and things were handled at NE. She sent the email using Nick's address and name.

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