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AMC by Jenn

Erica reveals to Maria that she believes that Edmund could walk and lied about his paralysis. Maria does not believe that for a minute. Brooke sides with Maria against Erica and does not reveal that she also was informed that Edmund could walk, nor about any of the suspicions she had of him before he died. Jack and Greenlee go to confront Ethan, tell him he's lying to falsely accuse Zach of trying to kill Greenlee and Ryan and succeeding in killing Edmund and causing the real killer to go free. But Kendall believes Ethan.

Sam goes to confront Zach in his jail cell. Simone goes to see Jonathan in the hospital and asks him just what his agenda has been in helping Braden to murder people. Ryan goes to his family's old abandoned house in an attempt to find Braden. He has many flashbacks and discovers old relics from his childhood. Aiden and Tad find him there and urge him to let them help him and realize he cannot do this entire investigation all by himself.

ATWT by Eva

Luke almost tells Holden the truth about Julia's killer but decides against it when Holden fails to assure him that he (Holden) will protect Lily. Lily tells Keith she hated Julia and enjoyed killing her and watching her suffer as she died. Lily gives Keith a note that she wrote to Julia which reads that she will kill Julia if she doesn't leave town. Lily challenges Keith to give the note to the police so that he can finally have justice for his sister. Carly's choice to lie to Jack and protect Lily causes a serious rift in their marriage. Jack doesn't think he can ever trust Carly again. Craig threatens to tell Mike about the night he spent with Jennifer if Jennifer doesn't work with him at Street Jeans. Jennifer isn't sure about what she should do but after a talk with Dusty she decides to tell Mike the truth. Carly apologizes to Keith for not coming forward with the truth about Julia's killer. Keith gives the letter Lily gave him to Jack.

B&B by Leigh

Nick arrives to a romantic setting Bridget has set up for the two of them. They share a romantic dinner and dance afterward. Brooke worries about her marriage. She tells Hector about the text-message Stephanie received from Ridge. Hector asks Brooke if she's sure the message was from Ridge. Brooke leaves another message for Ridge telling him she won't give up on their marriage. Eric brings Stephanie home from the hospital. Stephanie is feeling guilty because of Helen's death. She's upset the newspaper doesn't mention Helen by name. Helen's daughter shows up at Stephanie's and she doesn't know that her mother has died. Gabby is shocked when Stephanie tells her that her mother has passed away.

Days by Danielle

Kate stops by Lexie’s house to talk about John’s addiction. Abe overhears their conversation and insists that no one turn John in because he won’t dare stand in the way of allowing someone to have a drug that would help them function normally again like he wishes he could find. Abe feels ashamed that he can’t be the man he used to be to Lexie but Lexie assures him that the fact that they love each other is all that matters. John tears apart the penthouse looking for the drugs and tries to guilt Kate into giving him the drugs upon her return by insisting that it’s the only way to save Philip. Rex and Mimi stroll along the pier. Mimi offers to let Rex out of his proposal since they now know that she can’t have children but Rex insists that he wants to marry Mimi anyway. Rex steps away to get ice cream and Stan/Sami taunts Mimi about knowing her secret. Patrick confronts Stan/Sami but gets a call instructing him to leave Stan/Sami alone. Patrick returns to Billie, neglecting to tell her about the call. Billie and Patrick talk about how Bo will suspect Patrick upon hearing about the doll. Belle takes Shawn back to his loft and agrees to sleep in bed with him to get him to get some rest. Bo and Hope rush to Lookout Point where they meet up with Officer Casarez. Casarez finds out from a couple that witnessed the accident that Shawn walked away and got into Belle’s car. Hope insists on seeing that Shawn is fine for herself and they head to Shawn’s loft where they find Belle and Shawn asleep in bed together. Hope and Bo like the idea of Shawn and Belle together so they let them sleep. Bo tries to make up with Hope but Hope fears that things between them will never be the same again.

GH by Lisa

Reese makes separate appeals to Jason, Ric and Carly to try and stop Sonny from attacking his enemies. Ric accuses Reese of having fallen for Sonny. Carly sees how easily Sam fits into Jason's world. Carly and Sam plan the groundbreaking ceremony for the playground. Jason admits to Sam that she's given him a reason to live. Jax tries to play Rachel. Steven questions Courtney. Alan admits to the accident.

GL by Elizabeth

Marina enlists Danny’s help in finding a place to live for her family. Bill and Olivia realize how lucky they are. Bill offers to help Harley go free and has a sure fire plan. She doesn’t go for it and he is forced to confess to her what Olivia’s role in the trial was. Billy and Olivia confront one another and declare war, supposedly because they both love Bill. Beth and Sebastian meet once more and are interrupted by Holly. Holly almost takes a drink, until a fellow AA buddy shows up just in time to lend some support. Gus is diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer which leads to some startling realizations of how some people feel about him. He heads to ‘Gone Land’ with Harley.

OLTL by Boo

Blair wonders the halls of the asylum looking for a way out, as Todd, Bo and the staff look for her. She finds an empty room with a window and climbs out on the ledge. Todd sees her from below and rushes to the room. After knocking out the orderlies, he enters the room and looks out the window. Realizing that Blair is scared to death, he doesn't want to startle her and tries to assess the situation. Separately, John and Evangeline and Marcie and Michael realize that someone is committing murder by following what is happening in Marcie's book. Once they get together and compare notes, they are all sure of what is happening. John leave Marcie and Michael with Evangeline as he takes off to check on some things. Jennifer allows Rex to burn the deposit slips, but still insists that Riley loves her and is not trying to hurt her. Riley goes to Nora and Daniel for help in figuring out who is framing Jennifer. Daniel pretends to be supportive, but continues to try to convince Nora and his son that Jennifer is Paul Crammer's killer.

Passions by Shirley

The murder scene between Beth and Sheridan turned out to be just what we all thought - nonsense, as usual. Beth was daydreaming and Luis finally took Marty home to a very happy Sheridan. Beth is still vowing to kill her one way or the other, though, and ends up with an old ally - Alistair. He tells her together they can kill Sheridan once and for all. Edna is heartbroken over her pal Precious leaving, and Precious is heartbroken that Luis didn't come take her off the train before she left.

Whitney delivers her baby boy, who is beautiful and perfect, according to Eve. However, Whit wants nothing to do with him, not even to see him, which shocks Chad when he hears it. As they are all standing around the nursery, the doctor finds something wrong and rushed the baby to NICU. Theresa is walking again and a checkup by a specialist tells her the medicine is working and she will be walking normally again before long. Ethan is happy to hear this, but still wondering what he will do when Fox brings Gwen and the baby home.

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead

Bobby found an apartment for he and Brittany and told her she could live there without him, provided she let him care for her. As he started to leave, she asked him to stay. Mackenzie told Kay she wanted her to join an online dating service for older people. Victor and Nikki told Nick and Sharon about their visit to Victoria, and about her desire to remain in Italy. Jack told Phyllis that Victoria refused to return to GC. Phyllis called Victoria and was stunned to learn that Jack had really tried to get her to come work at Jabot, not NE. She then told Victoria that Nick was about to sign incompetent Dru to a contract. Victoria was troubled by this, despite herself. Kevin blasted Daniel for making the lottery winning story public knowledge. Lauren and Michael's intimate morning was halted because of Ashley's odd visit, then Kevin's insistance he talk to Michael. Alone with Michael, Kevin told him about the lottery win, and Michael realized that Kevin had stolen the winning ticket from him. Ashley and Paul confirmed that Michael and Kevin were Gloria's sons. Michael blasted Gloria and Kevin for conspiring to steal from him, and not giving him a chance to even decide what to do with the ticket. Ashley arrived and found the three of them together.

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