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AMC by Jenn

Babe goes to see her son and discovers that JR, along with his father, Palmer, Kendall and Ethan have pulled off a scam to make her believe he's sick in order to prevent her from seeing him. She goes to the hospital and David helps her catch them in the act of lying and having a private party for little Adam. They all tell Babe and David that they have no rights. But Dr. Joe Martin tells them they cannot behave this way in his hospital and that Babe has the legal court-ordered right to spend her visitation time with her child.

Erica is very worried about what Ethan is capable of, knowing he falsely accused his father of killing Edmund. She's worried for Kendall as well as for Bianca and Miranda. She also worried about what it means if Zach is not capable of the crimes that have been committed and how that would mean that the real criminal is still out there ready to endanger many people. Jack is worried, however, about Lily's revelation about seeing Edmund walking. Maria tries to get her two teenage kids to stop vilifying her and realize that in spite of her mistakes, she is their mother and they are a family. But right when she goes to talk to Jack about Edmund's Will, Erica informs her that she knows that Edmund lied about his paralysis and could really walk.

ATWT by Leigh

Craig threatens Jennifer, telling her if she tries to get him thrown off Street Jeans he'll tell Mike about their encounter. Mike finds out that Henry never had a heart condition and is angry with him for lying. Lily lets Carly know she's angry for turning on her and helping to get Luke arrested. To no avail, Carly tries to explain but Lily tells her to do her a favor and not do any more favors for her. Holden visits Luke in jail and tries to get through to him, but Luke isn't budging. Keith tells Jack to say his goodbyes to JJ because he's taking custody of him tonight. Lily tries to get Keith to help her prove that Luke didn't kill Julia.

B&B by Leigh

Nick decides that something is wrong since Ridge hasn't called or come to the hospital after Brooke left him a message telling him Stephanie had been in a car accident. Morgan listens to the messages Brooke left for Ridge and then tells him the messages were for her not him. Morgan text messages a message to Stephanie, and Stephanie has Brooke read the message, which indicates that he knows she's had an accident but he can't come home and it's best to keep his distance from Brooke because he can't deal with her anymore. Morgan reminisces with Ridge about their romantic relationship as teenagers. She tells him that she'll help him find himself and all he has to do is give in to it and let it happen.

Days by Danielle

John tries to guilt Kate into giving him the drugs so that he can be clearheaded enough to work on finding Philip. While John is upstairs, Kate takes the drugs and leaves. John smashes the items on the desk with his cane and collapses to the floor in pain when he discovers that Kate left. Stan hides behind crates at the pier while he watches Billie’s reaction to a child size Georgia doll, programmed to call out “mommy” and various hurtful phrases. Patrick joins Billie on the pier in his search for Abby and together they try to figure out who could be taunting Billie. Patrick hears Stan but can’t see who it is so he begins to search the pier. Billie comes around the other corner to search as well, trapping Stan.

Belle finds Shawn unconscious, thrown from his bike, and not wearing a helmet. She is able to wake him and he assures her that he is fine and doesn’t want medical attention for fear of getting into trouble. Belle reluctantly agrees to take Shawn home to take care of him but Shawn passes out again in the car. Bo and Hope argue about Bo choosing to spend the evening with Billie as they both worry about Shawn’s whereabouts. Hope threatens to never forgive Bo if something happens to Shawn. Bo tries to smooth things over by giving Hope a photo cube containing family photos but Hope is still upset. An officer finds Shawn’s wrecked motorcycle at Lookout Point and calls Bo. Hope senses what the call was about and pushes Bo away, vowing to never forgive him.

GH by Boo 

Alexis confronts Sonny and insists that Kristina is not safe in his home. Carly, Reese and Ric try to calm Alexis down and convince her that Kristina is safe. Ric manages to get Alexis back to the hospital, where they continue to argue. Alexis thinks that Ric doesn't love Kristina and is only concerned with the baby she is carrying. Ric is disappointed that the accident seems to be pulling them apart rather than making them closer. Jason arrives at the diner and is able to talk Emily into putting the gun down. Once Emily leaves, Jason and Sam decide not to tell the police that Emily was even there. They call Mac and send Mike off to the hospital. When Jason informs Sonny about the incident, they decide that they must take action against the Sandovals. Emily figures out that Lucky knows about the rape and accuses Lucky and Elizabeth of manipulating her. Elizabeth and Lucky try to convince her that she is losing it and needs counseling. Emily refuses to take her friends advice.

GL by Elizabeth

Jonathan saves Tammy from a raging fire in her bedroom. She is not injured, but he sustains severe injuries and must go to the hospital. Reva catches wind of this and goes to see him, but she is more concerned with Tammy’s safety than Jonathan’s. He is hurt. Reva faints and begins to have pains in her head that are uncommon. Tammy and Sandy reunite after he learns of the fire. Edmund tells Tammy about hitting Jeffrey in the barn and causing the fire. She is furious and shocked. When she leaves the farm, she runs into Dinah, who has snuck outside. Dinah tells him she needs to forgive Edmund, but Tammy won’t listen to her. Lizzie evicts Coop, and he is furious with her. Later, Lizzie almost admits that she has feelings for Coop. Alexandra is troubled by Lizzie’s actions. Billy tries to talk Bill into coming back to Lewis, but he says he will not come back without Olivia. He tells the family that Olivia has sold half of the Lewis Building to Alan. Bill tells Olivia he loves her for the first time. Dinah says she can’t stay at Edmund’s. However, as she is leaving, she calls her landlord and tells him she won’t be renewing her lease. Dinah daydreams about “her” baby again.

OLTL by Boo

Viki confronts Dorian about forging the check and trying to set her up. She promises that Dorian will go to prison for what she has done. Roxy tries to get Natalie to admit her feelings for John, but Natalie is still upset with Roxy for locking her and John in the evidence room. She insists that she is still grieving Christian and only has feelings of friendship for John. John convinces a sick Evangeline to let him explain why he didn't show up for dinner with her and her mentor. Evangeline admits that she is not secure in his feelings for her. After getting sick again, she asks John to read Marcie's book to her. Michael finds Marcie at Rodi's. Marcie tells him that she thinks someone is using her book as an outline for murder. Todd arrives at Wingdale looking for Blair. He holds the doctor and nurse at gunpoint as he calls Bo and tells him what is going on. Once Bo arrives, the doctor finally tells them what Blair's room number is. When they go to her room though, they find it empty.

Passions by Shirley

What a memory fest of Luis today as Precious gets ready to say goodbye to Harmony. Seems her aunt is dying and needs her to come home and care for her. Poor Edna is losing her best friend and is really torn up about it. Beth is still trying to get to Sheridan and kill her, but has to wait for Julian to leave. Then, if our eyes aren't deceiving us, she stabs Sheridan as soon as she gets inside the door. Luis is oblivious to the danger facing his true love as he keeps swinging Marty at the park, following Beth's instructions.

Whitney goes into active labor and Eve delivers her baby on Pilar's kitchen table. She looks strange after the baby is born, not saying anything to Whitney. Whit assumes that means her baby is a monster, but we have no idea what is really going on. Theresa manages to take a few steps, thrilling Ethan and Eve. Alistair tries to talk Chad into hopping back in bed with Whitney at the first chance, telling him he's a Crane and doesn't have to live by the rules everyone else does.

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead

Neil was happy that Lily had made plans to meet with Malcolm, and wondered why Dru seemed so upset about it. Lily admitted to Malcolm that she couldn't forget his betrayal with Dru, or stop wondering how things would be had he been her father. He asked her to come work at the coffeehouse so they could rebuild their relationship. Nikki and Victor gave up trying to convince Victoria to come home, after they witnessed her interaction with a little Italian girl. Kevin declined Michael's help to search the want ads, insisting he wanted to find a job on his own. Daniel set Kevin up to be interviewed by reporters about being a new millionaire. Without his permission, they snapped a photo of him for a story. John was surprised when Ash and Gloria agreed that Jack shouldn't stay away too long, then admitted they were trying to build a friendship. Ash told Jack about her talk with Gloria, then admitted things still didn't add up, and asked him where her sons lived. Paul admitted to Christine that he was investigating Gloria, and she teased that it was to impress Ashley. Paul received the Detroit police report on the incident with Gloria and her sons. Lauren and Michael were getting intimate when Ashley suddenly showed up at his door.

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