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AMC by Jenn

Erica announces to all the people at Edmund's funeral that Zach did not murder Edmund. Lily confirmed it to her. The real killer is still out there. Ethan needs to stop falsely accusing his father of murder and lying to her daughter, Kendall. But Kendall tells her mother that she believes Ethan and knows he loves her.

Adam "cooperates" with David by persuading JR to put aside his spite toward Babe and let her see their son on his birthday, with the agreement that David will find out from Babe and Jamie where Liza and Colby are and by not informing JR that Adam helped take Miranda from him. Aiden and Tad conclude that Edmund's killer, Ryan's shooter, and Greenlee's poisoner is probably not Zach Slater. It is Braden Lavery. Ryan is determined to protect Jonathan, Greenlee and all other people whom Braden can hurt. But Braden cannot be found and is still leaving death threats to his brothers.

ATWT by Camille 

Lily tries to take the blame for Julia's death and Carly backs her up, however Luke confesses and provides a detailed description of the crime. He is arrested. Barbara asks Sierra to help her get Craig away from Jennifer. Sierra refuses. Later with Dusty, Sierra questions her decision to have Craig and Jennifer work together. Craig makes plans for himself and Jennifer to go to Singapore on business. Jennifer and Mike discuss Mike's feelings for Katie and Jennifer and his relationship with Jennifer. Katie and Henry make love and after-wards Henry is insecure about his performance. Katie reassures him that he has nothing to work about and they make love again and again.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke tells Bridget she's upset because Ridge missed Hope's recital, and Bridget comforts her now understanding why Nick was hugging her. Caitlin tells Thomas she thinks her parents are going to split up, and she's worried her Mom will move back to New York. Hector notifies Brooke who calls Thorne and tells him Stephanie was in an auto accident and is on her way to the hospital. Stephanie has a dislocated shoulder and a fractured rib, but Helen died of a cardiac rupture.

Days by Danielle

John injects himself with another dose of pain medication, deciding that he’ll kick the habit as soon as he finds Philip. John enhances the video message to try and find out where Philip’s message was filmed with no luck. Kate picks up John’s jacket and finds the bag of pills. Kate threatens to call the police so John smashes the phone with his cane. John threatens Kate with Philip’s death when she announces her plans to flush the pills. Jack telepathically warns Jennifer to not open the door as Bart drags him away. Bart taunts Jack as he escorts him via limo to the plane headed for the castle. Bart ties Jack’s hands as the effects of the drug begin to wear off. Jack, his speech still slurred from the drug, tries to question Bart about Patrick. Jack recalls folding down the pages of the magazine and hopes that Jennifer will see it and figure out he was there. Jack works his hands out of the rope and almost escapes but Bart catches him. Jennifer senses Jack’s presence and searches the house for him. Patrick tries to convince Jennifer that she only wanted Jack to be there but Jennifer finds the magazine and shows it to Patrick as proof that Jack was there. Patrick convinces Jennifer otherwise. Jennifer worries that Abby isn’t home yet so Patrick heads out to look for Abby.

Hope demands to know why Bo keeps pushing her and the boys aside. Billie and Bo show Hope the drawings and tape left at the door. Hope is still angry that Bo wasn’t there for Shawn. Billie decides to leave rather than stand by and let Hope minimize her suffering and Bo blames Hope for it. Hope threatens to end the marriage if Shawn gets hurt because Bo chose to stay with Billie. Alone on the pier, Billie hears a young girl calling out asking for “mommy” to come save her. Belle puts a stop to the lovemaking when she remembers that she is still married to Philip. Shawn urges Belle to not wait to move on with him. Belle declares that if Philip dies, she will never be able to move on with any man. Shawn becomes angry, takes off on his motorcycle and gets into an accident.

GH by Lisa

Jason doesn't push Sam away when she reaches out to him. Dillon and Georgie find Ric and Alexis. At the hospital, Ric and Alexis are relieved to learn the baby survived the accident. After agreeing to spend the night in the hospital, Alexis leaves to confront Sonny. Reese and Sonny believe Alexis and Ric's hit-and-run accident could have been caused by Sonny's enemies. Carly warns Sonny not to trust Reese. Reese becomes angry when Durant believes Sonny arranged Ric and Alexis' accident.

Sonny gets confirmation that his enemies are moving against him. Dillon and Georgie dodge a bullet where Mac is concerned. Sam intervenes when two of Sonny's enemies begin to beat Mike at Kelly's but soon finds herself overpowered. Alcazar vows to protect Carly. Emily wonders if things would have turned out better if she had chosen Lucky over Nikolas. Lucky voices his confidence of Emily's love for Nikolas. A traumatized Emily is poised to shoot the two men threatening Sam and Mike.

GL by Elizabeth

Tammy and Sandy find out that she is neighbors with her cousin. Sandy tells Tammy how he feels for her.

After a long night of beating himself up emotionally, Jonathan barges into Tammy’s room.

Harley takes the stand in her own defense. She realizes that if Gus believes in her that she should believe in herself. She makes a startling statement while under oath. Both Gus & Jeffery make their closing arguments.

Danny and Marina spend some time together. Danny and Michelle both receive their divorce papers.

Bill and Olivia argue over her involvement in providing the material that could send Harley to jail. Bill doesn’t believe that she had no choice when it came to setting Harley up to take a fall. He also accuses her of only looking out for herself.

Alan reminds Olivia that she is nothing like her husband.

OLTL by Suzanne

R.J. tells Antonio that Jessica has been giving lapdances to strange men at Xanadu; he even gives Antonio the card for the place.  Jessica goes to Xanadu and hooks up with an Aussie named Logan, telling him that her name is "Tess" before they leave for his hotel room.  The bartender covers for her when Antonio drops by, looking for her.  He is relieved that she is not there after all.  R.J. laughs that Antonio is headed for a big downfall.  Meanwhile, Riley finds some deposit slips with Paul's name on them in a photo album of Jen's; she denies putting them there and they both know they were planted.  Rex and Lindsay visit Jen and they all argue about whether Jen should turn the slips into the police or not.  Lindsay inadvertently gets Jen in trouble with Riley when she mentions that she was out drinking the other night with Rex.  Lindsay puts herself down to R.J., saying she is a bad mother and would be bad for him, and that they should just keep using each other.   He kisses her and assures her that he is happy that she is in his life. 

Daniel gives Bo a hard time again about not arresting Jen, but Nora intervenes.  Nora finds out that Daniel's real first name is Ted just as Rex tells Bo that Paul was overheard blackmailing someone named Ted right before he was murdered.  Meanwhile, Todd threatens Asa with a gun and gets him to tell Todd where he's keeping Blair.  Asa finally tells him where, thinking that they will have a truce, but Todd vows to use the law to go after Asa.  Asa makes plans to skip town as Todd heads to Blair.  Blair is given drugs (but she spits them out) and put in a strait jacket.

Passions by Shirley

Sam anxiously awaits Grace's response to the messages he left for her, but misses the call when it comes. Ivy listens to her message first and erases it, acting as if there was still no response. Upstairs, Jessica is still enjoying her pity party, taking a few more swipes at her wrists, blaming her family for her problems, and deciding on a nice, warm bubble bath at the end. Fox leaves on his trek to find the missing women and baby, since that is what Whitney says will make her happy, and not at all caring that Ethan will be forced to choose between his insane wife and the woman he really loves once Gwen gets back. Meanwhile, Whitney goes into labor in the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, but refuses to allow anyone to alert Fox to that fact, protecting her plan to use his Power of Attorney to sign away her baby once it's here. Theresa realizes what she's up to but can do nothing to stop her.

Sheridan is thrilled to have Marty staying with her and Luis for a few days and gets on the phone to order anything and everything a boy his age might enjoy. Luis takes his son for a walk as Sheridan awaits the delivery of all the goodies. Meanwhile, Beth is in a rage, still trying to get to Edna and Precious. She manages to trick her mother into coming out of the barricaded room and then grabs her in a headlock, with knife to throat, saying she is a dead woman. Precious springs into action to save her friend, jumping on Beth and wrestling her around the house. Beth finally realizes she has met her match and gives up, deciding to go get her son and kill Sheridan first, then come back and finish the job on her mother and Precious.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nick refused to play ref for Sharon and Dru, and sent them to Dru's office to work through their problems. There, Sharon said she'd been treated better at Jabot and told Dru that if she wanted respect, she'd have to earn it. Brad visited Nick and hinted at his desire to find a new job if he wasn't hired as CEO of Jabot. Nick said he'd keep him in mind. Ash, feeling guilty about Gloria's rough past, told Paul to put the investigation on hold. Brad later told Ash that he was beginning to focus on protecting himself, which could mean working outside of Jabot. Gloria confided in Ashley about the abusive upbringing her children had, and about their inability to forgive her for allowing the abuse. Ash tried to comfort her, and gained a new understanding of why she was so desperate to hold on to John; the first man to make her happy. Paul ordered the police report from the incident in Detroit to be faxed to his office. Lily told Dru she was proud of her and loved her. Neil thanked Lily for reaching out to Dru, then told her to reach out to Malcolm next. Adrienne guessed that Lily was Malcolm's daughter, and was shocked when he admitted they were planning to keep the truth from her. Lily set up a morning meeting to talk with Malcolm. Victoria was thrilled to see Nikki and Victor, but insisted they not try to talk her into coming back to GC. Alone again with Jack, she told him she wouldn't take the job, but he told her to think it over for at least 2 weeks, then left.

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