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AMC by Jenn

While Jonathan is in the hospital, after being stabbed by Braden, he is able to warn Ryan about a bomb ready to go off at Edmund's funeral. Ryan and Aiden rush in there during the memorial service, order everybody out before they are killed, and discover a time bomb underneath Edmund's casket. Most people there inquire who would do something like that and doubt it would be Zach Slater since he's in jail. Ethan believes it's Zach. Maria sees that it's possible that it's Zach. But Erica is able to find out from Lily, and confirm from Zach that he did not kill Edmund. That means the only culprit is Braden. Maria's son Sam gets up and speaks at the memorial service about how his mother betrayed his family by cheating on his father with Zach Slater.

The mysterious woman Krystal met in jail calls JR and tells him he must visit Krystal in jail. Krystal reveals to JR that she did not invite him and does not know who did. When she's talking to him, a knife falls out of her pocket. The guards are ready to take her to solitary confinement. But the woman tells them that Krystal was set up. David strikes a deal with Adam where he will find out from Babe and Jamie where Liza and Colby are if Adam gets JR to stop going after Babe.

ATWT by Camille 

Henry tells Katie that he saw her and Mike together. He wants them to end their marriage so that she and Mike can be together. Katie refuses, telling Henry that he's the one that she wants and they kiss passionately. Keith is released from prison and heads over to Lily's house where he tells Lily that he knows that she is the one who killed Lily. Luke overhears and attacks Keith. Holden asks Jack to compare the fingerprint on Julia's watchband with Luke's. Its a match. They go to Lily's and confront Luke. Lily can't bear it and confesses to Julia's murder. Barbara tries to bribe Craig to either leave Street jeans or to let Jennifer leave. Craig tells Barbara that she doesn't care about Jennifer's well being, she's jealous of Jennifer and wants to ruin her. Mike tells Jennifer that he almost kissed Katie but that he knows that Jennifer is the one he wants to be with. He also tells her that anything that has happened up to now doesn't matter, they're starting over. Jennifer is tempted to tell him about her one night stand with Craig

B&B by Leigh

Brooke is concerned because Ridge missed Hope's recital, and he doesn't answer his phone when she calls. Bridget confides her feelings for Nick to Stephanie, and admits she's feeling guilty about being so happy when Brooke and Ridge are having problems. Stephanie tells Bridget she's sure Ridge will come home after he's cooled off. Nick consoles Brooke with a hug and Bridget comes in just as the two are hugging. Morgan listens to the message Brooke left for Ridge without him knowing. On her way to baby-sit for Thorne and Darla, Stephanie has a car accident and lays unconscious with smoke coming from the car.

Days by Danielle

Shawn heads to the wooded area where he once made Belle a snowman and decides to drink away his troubles. Belle has a nightmare that she finds Philip and Shawn in coffins that each come back to life and accuse her of being responsible for their deaths. Belle finds the heart from the snowman and realizes where Shawn went. Belle heads up there and she and Shawn end up making love. Hope arrives home and finds Billie in Bo’s arms. Billie and Hope argue about Billie’s intentions with Bo. Hope is furious to learn that Bo chose to stay with Billie and asks him whether she and Georgia are more important than her and the boys.

Kate finds John on the pier and they kiss because John thought that Kate was Marlena coming back to him. Kate becomes upset when she walks in on John watching Philip’s video message so John comforts her. Roman convinces Marlena to think positively that they will be rescued just as footage of John and Kate growing closer comes on their TV. Marlena turns to Roman and asks him to hold her and never let go. The injection has paralyzed Jack so that he can only move his head. Bart has been left to keep an eye on Jack until a car comes for them. Bart prepares to shoot Jennifer as she is about to walk in on them but Jack telepathically warns her not to come in. Patrick tries to keep Jennifer from going inside by talking about her and Jack’s past love. Jack slams his head against a chair leg to make enough noise to alert Jennifer so Bart drags him away. Jennifer ignores Patrick’s attempts to keep her away from the house any longer and enters. Jennifer calls out Jack’s name as she is shocked by what she sees.

GH by Amanda

Liz continues to doubt that Lucky can help Emily. Lorenzo tries to comfort Carly. Meanwhile the son she mourns gets his biological father's version of the past. Emily tells Jason the truth about Connor. Reese tells Sam she's not trying to bust Sonny. Lorenzo asks for protection for Carly and Morgan after Ric and Alexis vanish. Ric and Alexis manage to get out of their car. Em wishes she had chosen Lucky.

GL by Elizabeth

Webster’s testimony is damaged when Jeffrey puts Gus on the stand and shows him a picture taken of him and Webster in the parking garage the night before. Jeffrey also reveals that Gus knew Webster in Chicago. Moreover, Webster is schooled in beating lie detector tests. Gus tells Harley that he set it all up. He knew they were losing the case, and he had to do something. Gus wants to rest the case, but Harley refuses to let him. She wants to take the stand. Edmund gives Dinah her first fertility shot. Dinah has a nightmare about Edmund taking the baby away from her. She shows up to Edmund’s claiming she is sick, and he jumps at the chance to take care of her. Beth apologizes to Edmund for being so hard on him when they were together. She now understands how a person can have such extreme reactions, as she did with Phillip. Edmund calls Cassie and asks her to come home. Tammy, Sandy, and Marina talk about the trial and the “good news” that is supposed to come. Tammy vows that she is turning over a new leaf and that she wants more control. This will start with her finding a new place to live. Beth and Sebastian meet and sparks fly. Holly tells Sebastian that she wants to write a story about his starting over. He agrees to let her, only if she helps him with information about Spaulding. Bill discovers the picture of Webster and Gus on Olivia’s cell phone and confronts her. Rick vows to never forgive Beth for her betrayal.

OLTL by Suzanne

Antonio asks Jess to help him use his new money for charity, and she agrees, glad to have the old Antonio back.  She turns into her alter and steals his credit card number.  Natalie gets upset when she sees the evidence from Cristian's crimes, as she and John  are locked in the evidence room.  John comforts her as she cries on his shoulder, until they are rescued.  Evangeline is disappointed that John didn't show up for dinner with her old professor.  She comes down with the flu, so Michael takes her home and puts her into bed.  Kevin, Todd, and Starr grill Asa about whether he knows Blair's whereabouts.  Asa denies it, but they can tell he's lying.  Todd comes back later with a gun and points it at Asa, threatening to shoot him if he doesn't tell where Blair is.  Blair tries to convince the nurse and doctor that she is not crazy, but they don't believe her (or have been paid off by Asa).  Dorian almost apologizes to Viki and tries to end their feud, but when she hears that Bo is going to help Viki get out of the embezzlement charges, she gets angry again and insults Viki some more.  Later, Kevin and Kelly tell Viki that they think Dorian is the one that set her up.  Adriana yells at Dorian for not ending her feud and for abandoning her for years.

Passions by Shirley

Sam's short lived pique at Ivy for meddling in his life ended with an apology from....him! Jessica seems to be upset at everyone, saying it's pretty much everyone else's fault that she was too stupid to stay home and out of the bar with the old perv Randy. Her next step was the predictable one - cutting her wrists for more sympathy. Ho-hum. Grace finally called while Sam was dealing with Jessica's tantrum, and she left a message on the machine for him to call her. Whitney has managed to get Fox's complete Power of Attorney, allowing her to sign the adoption papers in his name. He left alone to go retrieve Gwen, Katherine, and Jane and has no idea what is about to happen. Theresa is aware, however, and tries once more to talk her friend out of it. Ethan is simply wondering which woman he will pick.

Luis brings Marty home for a few days and Sheridan is cheered immensely to find him there when she comes home from a walk. Edna, however, is in a heap of trouble once Beth finds out what she's done. She and Precious baracade themselves in the guest room as Beth rants and raves outside the door. I'm guessing it will only take her five minutes to get into the room and take care of the both of them. Tabitha and Endora continue their oh-so-cute conversations while enjoying the chaos all around them.

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Michael told Gloria and Kevin that he loved them both and wanted to start being a real family. Alone with Gloria, Kevin had second-thoughts about lying to Michael about the lottery ticket. Ashley wore perfume samples, then let Paul smell her to give his opinion. After the intimate moment, he updated her on the investigation into Gloria's past. They discovered that the police had gone to her apartment in Detroit 9 months before where her sons had been in some sort of altercation involving a gun. Ash was confused and said her sons lived in Genoa City, then realized Jack has the address of their apartment. After Sharon forbid Cassie to meet with a study group, she snuck out of the house, seeming to be on her way to see a boy. Neil thanked Nick for Dru's contract and promised to help his wife succeed. Dru taunted Phyllis about the contract Nick was planning to sign her to. Phyllis and Sharon's meeting was cancelled because of Dru, angering Sharon. She let it slip to Phyllis that Nikki and Victor had gone to Italy to see Victoria. Nick told Dru to sign her contract ASAP, and reminded her to make training Sharon top priority. Sharon confronted Nick about Dru's contract, then wondered if he was doing everything to ensure Victoria had no place at the company. Phyllis took pleasure in telling Dru she and Sharon were having their meeting as planned. Dru went to complain to Nick and ran into a very confrontational Sharon. Jack tried to convince Victoria, in Italy, to come run Jabot. She said there was nothing but pain in GC for her. Victor and Nikki, on the jet, worried how their daughter would react to them. They arrived in Italy and knocked on the door. Victoria spied them and wondered what to do now that Jack was with her.

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