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AMC by Jenn

Ryan gets shot. Aiden comes to his rescue. But Braden escapes. They go to find Jonathan and he's been stabbed. They rush him to the hospital for emergency surgery. Greenlee reveals to Kendall that she is very worried about her husband and blames herself for his putting himself in danger. She tells her that she's afraid deja vu will happen again. When she lost Leo, Ryan saved her, and now she's failed to save him. Ryan calls her and doesn't tell anything about what happened. She's happy to at least know he's ok.

Erica, Jack and Reggie go to find Lily after she's gone off to the crime scene where Edmund was killed. Erica witnesses Maria asking Lily what she believes she knows about Edmund's murder and assumes that Maria is harassing Lily and traumatizing her. But Lily has voluntarily gone to find out what happened and how Edmund got killed. Erica also blames Opal and her friends and family for causing Lily to get in the paper and be harassed. When they return home, Erica asks Lily if she saw Zach murder Edmund. Although Lily does not answer, Erica can tell that she did not. She goes to confront Zach and tells him he's a liar and he did not murder Edmund. Before Edmund's memorial service, JR asks Ethan if he is really serious about getting revenge upon his father. He tells him he's totally understands that Ethan's feelings to go after Zach are not unlike his need to go after Babe, Jamie, David, Tad and Krystal. JR concludes that Tad, as a father figure to him, betrayed him in a very similar way as how Zach betrayed Ethan. Anita goes to talk to Zach about how he's hurt Maria's children by murdering Edmund. She informs him that the kids blame Maria for Edmund's death. And he, in a sense killed Maria and took her life from her. And he should realize that when he says he loves her.

ATWT by Eva


B&B by Leigh


Days by Danielle

Kate yells at Hope for trying to get Belle to move on with Shawn. Hope insists that there is nothing Kate or anyone can do to change the fact that Belle never stopped loving Shawn. Kate and Hope then argue about their respective roles in Bo and Billie’s quest for Georgia. Bo checks the caller ID for Stan’s call but it is listed as unknown. Bo finds a large envelope on the front porch, marked only in crayon with the word, “Mommy.” Inside, they find an audiocassette and childlike drawings of a little girl and her two parents whom are crossed out. Billie insists on hearing the tape and it turns out to be the voice of a young girl singing hurtful rhymes about Billie. Bo has a locket made for Billie to keep Georgia’s lock of hair safe inside. Hope returns home and finds Billie in Bo’s arms. Stan talks to Will about Sami as Lucas walks up and confronts Stan. Will defends Stan by explaining that he accidentally bumped into him. Stan calls Lucas back to talk about Will and his family and Lucas becomes concerned that Stan is so interested. Stan claims that his family is apart because his son now lives with his mother so he and Lucas continue to talk about Will and Sami. Kate runs into Stan, who is crying from a happy memory with Lucas, and offers to help but Stan rudely brushes her off.

Jack demands to know whether Patrick is still working for Tony while he holds Tony at gunpoint. Madison alerts Tony to the fact that Jennifer is outside which distracts Jack long enough for Bart to disarm him. Madison injects Jack with a syringe. Patrick stops Jennifer from going inside but is vague as to why. Patrick diverts Jennifer’s attention by showing her a newly blooming bush as he keeps shooting quick glances into the house. The sight prompts Jennifer to flashback to when Jack planted the bush. Patrick tells Jennifer that he is jealous of Jack because he got to spend all the time and love with Jennifer.

GH by Amanda

Lorenzo asks Sonny to keep the peace for Carly's sake. Bridget tries to seduce Diego. Elizabeth is worried about Emily and Lucky's situation. Skye catches Dillon and Georgie in bed together. When they get dressed, she asks for their help keeping the Haunted Star afloat. After that, she takes a letter from Luke to Lucky at Wyndermere, in which he promises to track down Helena. Emily explodes in anger at Luke's selfishness. Durant threatens Reese with a conflict of interest charge. Felicia realizes Georgie and Dillon are dating. Alexis aims for romance. Emily has nightmares of her rape. Carly shares a meals and memories with Lorenzo. Sonny breaks into Reese's room to look for information.

GL by Elizabeth


OLTL by Boo

Riley finds the evidence that Daniel planted in his apartment. Blair wakes up in a mental institute and gradually realizes how much trouble she is in. Todd pretends to have turned over a new leaf and promises Bo that he is not going to try to interfere with the police finding Blair. Starr throws a fit and when they are alone, Todd tells her that he really hasn't changed at all. He tells her that he is off to find Blair. Starr insists on going with him. Nora starts to have cold feet about the wedding as her and Evangeline start planning it. Adriana confronts Dorian about her hatred of Viki and asks her to let the past go. Bo is driving himself crazy over the Cramer case and enlists Rex's help. Roxy continues to scheme to get Natalie and John back together. John promises to have dinner with Evangeline and her mentor. Roxy continues to scheme to get Natalie and John back together and manages to trap them together in an evidence room.

Passions by Shirley

It seems Fox's gadget worked, and although Ethan tried to convince him he needs official help, Fox is determined to do it all himself. He doesn't trust anyone, since Alistair's pockets are deep and widespread, and besides, he has a secret desire to be a superhero. His plans work into Whitney's just fine, though, since he agreed to give her his power of attorney. This means the roadblock Theresa informed her of in her plan to have the baby adopted has been thoroughly breeched. Poor Fox, it seems he'll bring Theresa's baby home only to find his is gone for good. Ethan is still trying to figure out who he wants, but does make an odd slip, giving Fox a good laugh, when he calls Gwen "the woman I love." Katherine is distraught at the price she has to pay for Alistair's help getting her out of the country, but Gwen tries to come up with a plan of escape for all of them. Let's hope Fox gets there first.

Luis and Sheridan mend fences in their relationship, but he still thinks she is too unstable to be on her own. He figures Marty might help and heads to Beth's to get his son. Meanwhile, Beth thinks she's come up with the perfect plan to drive Sheridan to suicide by deciding to fight Luis on letting Marty go with him. However, what she doesn't know won't hurt her, although Edna may not be so lucky. Seems Luis gets there to pick the boy up just after Beth leaves for the evening. What's the chances Edna will protect herself by telling him no?

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Jill tried to get close to Kay with an afternoon tea she prepared herself. Kay refused, and told Jill that she would never allow her to go back to Jabot, and would never believe she truly loved her, regardless of what she did. Esther actually defended Jill. Alone, Jill imagined her future as Kay's personal assistant. Brittany found herself unable to agree to forgive Bobby and let him help with the baby, even when Dr. Thompson told her it was for the best. Lauren wondered if some part of Michael wasn't secretly hoping for a piece of the Abbott pie through his connection to Gloria. Kevin, at Gloria's urging, decided it wasn't really stealing to claim the winning lottery ticket he'd bought for Michael. Finding his brother and mother together, Michael surprised them by saying it was time they all start acting like a real family. Sharon was angry at Nick for preparing a contract for Drucilla. He warned her not to question his business decisions. Nikki interrupted their argument and announced she and Victor were going to see Victoria in Italy. Nick was angered and left Nikki alone with Sharon, who proceeded to grill Nikki for info on how close she was to Bobby. Jack visited Victoria in Italy, discovered she was teaching art classes and very happy, then begged her to come back to GC to be Jabot's CEO.

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