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AMC by Jenn

Lily discovers that she got something wrong, in regard to what she witnessed when Edmund was killed. She goes back to the scene of the crime, meets Edmund and Maria's son, Sam and tells him that she saw his father walking. He does not appreciate her making that accusation about his deceased father. Maria's kids as well as her mother blame her for Edmund's death. But Anita is supportive of her sister.

Ryan goes to meet Braden alone, risking his life. Greenlee is worried. Erica blames Greenlee for Ryan's putting himself in danger. Ryan goes to meet Braden, fails to find him and gets shot at. Ethan is having some real issues about the way he really feels about his father and the possibility that Zach could get found guilty of murder.

ATWT by Eva


B&B by Leigh


Days by Danielle

Tony, still using the voice changer, calls Sami to talk over the plan. Kate criticizes Bo for leaving Billie to help Hope with Shawn so Bo agrees to take Billie home first. While at home, Billie gets a call from Stan. Stan tells Billie that Georgia is miserable and thinks that Bo and Billie abandoned her. Bo promises to stay home with Billie in case Stan calls back. Hope stays with Belle while Rex and Mimi look for Shawn. Hope tries to convince Belle to follow her heart and move on with Shawn. Lucas shows Kate Philip’s video message. Kate rushes to be with Belle and confronts Hope after overhearing Hope’s advice to Belle. Will leaves on his own and runs into Sami disguised as Stan. Jennifer talks with Alice about missing Jack. Jack tries to talk Madison, the clone, out of shooting him and then attempts to run but is stopped by Tony and Bart, also armed. Jack swipes Tony’s gun and aims it at him while Madison and Bart aim their guns at Jack. Jack vows to shoot Tony even if they shoot him just as Jennifer arrives home.

GH by Lisa

A.J. feeds Michael all these lies about how Sonny and Carly aren't looking for him anymore and that he causes them too much trouble. A.J. also insinuates that Carly loves Michael in her own way but that she will always do what Sonny wants first. Michael tells A.J. that he doesn't trust A.J. but starts to wonder if what he said to him was true. Michael falls asleep and dreams that he comes home but Sonny tells him that he has to go back to A.J., his real father and that he and Carly have their "real" son to take care of.

Skye goes to see Sam to ask her to talk Jason out of killing Luke. Sam tells her she isn't involved in Jason's business and won't interfere now. When Sam makes a remark that life is tough and about payback, Skye slaps Sam across the face. Skye tells Sam that Sonny brought on what happened to him not Luke when he helped Faith escape. Meanwhile, Luke tells Jason that he can shoot him if he needs to. Jason tells him he does what Sonny wants not what he wants. Sonny comes downstairs and thanks Luke for coming over. Sonny tells Jason he can leave them alone to talk. Sonny tells Luke that he doesn't have any plans to kill him.

Happy St. Patricks Day

GL by Elizabeth


OLTL by Boo

John looks a bit closer at Julie's car accident and discovers that it was not an accident at all. Daniel is clearly bothered that Bo has been able to prove that the letter found in Jen's printer was not printed from that printer. He pushes Nora to marry him in two weeks. She finally agrees and asks Evangeline to be her matron of honor. Roxy and Natalie walk in to see Evangeline trying to pick out a wedding dress for Nora and misunderstand. Natalie forces Roxy to come clean to John about the birthday party she planned for him. She also pressures Rex to put back the paperwork he took from Bo's office. When Rex attempts to return the papers, Bo catches him. The two try to figure out who knew about the letter that Rex received.

Marcie, Riley, and Jen try to figure out who could be trying to frame Jen. Evangeline arrives to give them the good news about the printer. Marcie is extremely upset to learn from Michael about Julie's death. She realizes that someone is following her book, but doesn't let on about it yet. Kevin and Kelly meet up at the grave of their son and discuss Paul's murder. Kevin is shocked that Kelly suspects him and wonders how they got to where they are now. The two of them decide to start over and re-introduce themselves to each other. We see someone sneak into Jen & Riley's place and plant some more evidence. The camera spans up to show that it is Daniel.

Passions by Shirley

Alistair's pronouncements to Katherine have chills running up and down her spine, and not from pleasure. He wants his payback for helping her leave Harmony for parts unknown, and he is on his way to collect. Fox is tapping his line, however, and is on the verge of finding out where Theresa's baby is, so it may be a race to see who gets there first. Ethan, who is helping Fox with his plan, seems unsure of how he wants it to turn out, since having Gwen back would mean choosing between her and Theresa - again. Theresa is still trying to talk Whitney into keeping her baby. It seems every time it begins to look like she's made progress, Whitney backslides and begins her threats to get rid of the baby one way or the other all over again.

Luis and Sheridan are thrilled at the idea of him getting shared custody of Marty. They both think having the boy around is the medicine Sheridan needs to pull herself together, and Dr. Eve agrees. However, Beth is determined not to let the boy spend time with the two lovebirds, no matter what she has to do to stop them. Someone needs to tie that woman up and stuff her into a back corner of her own basement for a few years.

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead


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