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AMC by Jenn

JR goes to taunt David about how he's ruined his life, no longer has a medical license and will have no influence over his grandson's life. But a woman who remembers Dr. Hayward saving lives recognizes David and cannot understand why he'd lose his medical privileges. JR also goes to visit Babe and Jamie and rub their noses in the fact that they don't have the money and power he has nor custody of the baby.

Krystal finds out from one of her cellmates that the reason why the other prison inmates have it in for her is because they see her as responsible for ending the Miranda Foundation with the lie that Miranda died and with keeping Bianca's child from her. Tad goes to try to help her. But she tells him he must give up on her since she's stuck there for 10 years. She also reflects that she believed that Tad only loved Dixie The woman who has answers for Krystal seems to know Tad as well as the song JR remembers his mother singing to him when he was a child.

ATWT by Camille 

Mike offers to help Katie look for Henry. She refuses. Henry tells Craig that he won’t keep secrets from Katie. Craig tells Jennifer to tell Mike the truth about their one night stand. Mike prepares a romantic homecoming for Jennifer who breaks down in tears at the secret she’s keeping. Rafael goes looking at Celia at the high school and confronts Will and Casey. Will and Casey help Celia hide from Rafael while she changes her clothes. Luke continues his tirade at Julia’s memorial. Lily does her best to prevent Holden from questioning Luke. Aaron tells Holden about finding Luke in the alley burning something. Holden begins to suspect that Luke had something to do with Julia’s death.

B&B by Leigh

Sally ponders replacing Amber with Morgan. Morgan tells her mother (who is a neurologist) she thinks her friend has a concussion. Morgan tells Ridge that the doctor is there to examine him and Morgan's mother is shocked to see it's Ridge. She begins to examine Ridge and asks him questions about his injury, then asks him if he knows who Morgan is. Ridge tells her that he knows Morgan has been kind and taken good care of him but that's all he really knows about her. Morgan tells her mother that all she wants is a little time with Ridge and possibly a second chance. Brooke tells Nick that she spoke with Ridge and he wouldn't tell her where he was.

Days by Danielle

Nancy and Chloe take a walk after seeing Clara sing. Nicole searches the bad side of Salem for John. Nancy steps away to use a phone in the nearby store and Chloe decides to stay outside. Nicole unknowingly approaches Chloe to ask for help because she is lost. Nicole recognizes Chloe’s voice but Nancy rushes up to cover for Chloe by referring to her as Clara’s friend from the clinic. Nicole mentions a desire to donate more to the clinic in Chloe’s memory and Nancy accuses her of only wanting to score points with Brady. Nicole gets defensive and lashes out at Nancy, which prompts Chloe to stand up for Nancy before running off. Nancy lets it slip that Clara’s friend is her daughter but then covers by claiming she meant that the girl was like a daughter to her. Stan stashes the drugs in John’s coat when Brady walks up. Brady demands to hear from Stan why he and John were talking when John claims not to know Stan. Stan covers with a lie about how he and John worked together at the ISA when he was undercover and John confirms the lie. Brady leaves John to go find Nicole. John spots a woman that he thinks is Marlena but the pain keeps him from chasing after her. John takes another pill. Brady finds Nicole and she shares her concern about the strange woman with Nancy. Stan runs into Chloe and realizes whom she was.

After the clone knocks out Jack, Jennifer senses that Jack is in trouble but shakes it off because she believes that Jack is dead. The clone ties Jack up. Jack begins to come to and thinks that the clone is Jennifer and welcomes her kiss until he realizes that she is not the real Jennifer. Jack is able to get out of the trick rope that the clone used and then uses a real rope to tie her up. Jack tries to call the police but is put on hold. Jack decides to head down to the station in person but is surprised by the clone that has gotten untied. Jennifer tells Patrick about hearing Jack and he convinces her that it was only her imagination. Jennifer flashes back to being with Jack at a past anniversary party. Bonnie is concerned when Patrick shows up for the party, obviously under the influence. Patrick almost recognizes Chelsea as his prior dancing partner but decides that it can’t be her. Julie and Maggie talk about Bonnie and Mickey’s decision as they cook for Alice and Tom’s 75th anniversary party. Maggie considers leaving Mickey. Despite Maggie and Julie’s intentions, Alice overhears their talk. Alice tries to get Maggie to see that this is hard on Mickey too and reminds her of how she once moved on when she thought Mickey was dead. Maggie agrees to stick it out. Bonnie overhears the latter part of their talk and vows not to let Mickey choose Maggie. Doug advises Mickey to hurry up and decide between Bonnie and Maggie before he loses both of them. Maggie asks Mickey to talk privately but he puts it off. Bonnie steps in to dance with Mickey so Maggie grabs Patrick to dance, which makes Bonnie and Chelsea jealous.

GH by  Amanda

For different reasons, Carly, Skye, and Lucky are worried about what Sonny will do now. AJ claims to Michael that he rescued him from Faith. Skye is upset that Luke is still in town. After a brief, tearful argument, they say goodbye again. She goes at once to ask Sonny to spare Luke's life. Jax works on mending fences with Rachel then takes Courtney out and tells her Michael would want her to be happy and enjoy life. He collapses during dinner. Rachel calls AJ and remembers their time together. AJ claims that Sonny doesn't want Michael anymore. Jason confronts Luke.

GL by Elizabeth

Edmund draws up a contract for Dinah to sign outlining the procedure of the pregnancy. At the birth, she will give the baby to Cassie and Edmund. She agrees to sign it without question. Reva asks Jonathan to move out and takes him shopping for his new apartment. Jonathan feels betrayed and upset. Edmund and Reva agree to abide by Cassie’s wishes. Reva won’t scare her off if she comes back to town as long as Edmund doesn’t pressure her to return. Gus calls Rick, Beth, and Olivia to the stand. Beth’s plan to leave the country with Phillip and the children gets exposed. Rick is outraged. Olivia tries to help Harley’s case in another way. Webster testifies that Harley did not kill Phillip. Jeffrey requests to call a new witness – Gus. Dinah tries to ward off Jonathan in light of recent events. Edmund finds the two of them together and throws Jonathan out. Jonathan suspects something is up when Edmund almost calls Dinah “family.” Lizzie thinks that she can mold Coop into a guy her grandfather would like. She also has plans to expand Company that may include evicting the Coopers from the Boarding House. Like Phillip, she reiterates “You can’t stop progress.”

OLTL by Suzanne

Antonio and a frightened Jessica try to figure out how she could get a bruise on her face without knowing how it got there.  She remembers being in the park but nothing else.  At Antonio's behest, Jessica makes a doctor's appointment so she can get help.  Antonio learns that Jess lied to Viki about the bruise because she was worried about Viki's heart condition.  Riley and Jen pay a visit to Evangeline's office to ask for her help.  After some questioning, Evangeline agrees to help Jen.  Jen is very upset that someone is trying to frame her for Paul's murder.  Nora finds Daniel snooping in Bo's office, but he quickly covers and she believes him.  Evangeline drops by to tell Bo, Nora, and Daniel that she is representing Jen.  Bo, who thinks Jen is being framed, uses Jen's printer to make a copy of the letter, which proves that the letter to Rex did not come from Jen's printer. Todd's PI found Blair's engagement ring, so Todd and Viki go to the pawn shop to question the owner.  He only tells them that a junkie sold it to him.  Kevin and Kelly figure out that Asa lied about his whereabouts the previous night and that he might have a lead on Blair.  Kevin visits Todd to let him know, so that Todd can get the truth out of Asa.  Viki and Kelly have a talk about her heart, Todd, and Blair.  Asa tells Blair, who is in restraints, that no one knows she's alive except him.  He has her in his own private hospital with doctors and nurses that ignore Blair's pleas for help.  Blair apologizes for how she treated Asa and then begs for her life, saying she will do anything.  Asa has her sedated again.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa's remarks seem to have had an impact on Whitney. She hasn't changed her mind about putting the baby up for adoption, but she did take a couple of bites of food. Of course, when Fox came in and she looked at him, her stomach turned over and she made a mad dash for the restroom. Oh, well, one baby step, as they say. Meanwhile, Fox has come up with a plan to find where Gwen and the baby are are talked Ethan into helping him. His life hangs in the balance, but he figures it's worth it to show Whitney how much he loves her. Ahhhhhh! He shows his appreciation for Ethan's help by pinching him about hanging on to both women. He suggests he make up his mind and stick with one of them. My, what a novel idea.

Alistair contacts Katherine and has a gift delivered to her, too, but she wants no part of it. It seems she doesn't really have a choice in the matter. Paloma is home, with Pilar and Martin both hovering over her. She is being rude and insulting to her mother again, but this time Martin won't put up with it. Ivy fears Sam will get Grace to come home, so she wakes Jess up and tells her how great it will be when Grace gets back and Jess is on lockdown 24/7, until she's 35. Needless to say, Jess has a fit when Sam broaches the idea of her mother coming back with her. However, glory be, he realizes the reaction is a result of Ivy's scheming and lets her know he's aware of it and not real happy, either. Finally, someone gets some brain power in Harmony!

Y&R By Christopher Lawrence Menard   **One Day Ahead

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