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AMC by Jenn

Ryan tells Greenlee she needs to stay at Jack's. When she sees her father, he tells her that maybe she made a mistake to marry Ryan and that'd the whole reason she's in danger in the first place. But she still wants to make her marriage work. Ryan and Jonathan go to the boathouse in search of Braden. But instead of finding him, they run into Aiden, Lily and Reggie who demand to know what they are up to. Aiden confronts Ryan about how he's failed to prevent his brother from endangering people in the past and how he might again.

JR reveals to his father that he is missing his mother. He fires every nanny he hires to take care of his child. He also reveals that he will never give up on making Babe and Jamie lives miserable. Jamie gets a lowly job and he and Babe agree to be together permanently. Babe goes to visit her mother in jail. Everybody is picking on Krystal in her cellblock, even more than they normally would. She demands to know why. A woman steps up and is ready to tell her why.

ATWT by Camille 

On her first day of school, Celia runs into bullies. She changes into more revealing clothes at school and at the end of the day discovers that her backpack containing the ugly clothes Raffi made her wear is stolen. Dusty begins to suspect that there are problems at Street Jeans. Lucinda confronts both Luke and Lily with the burnt gloves. Aaron fires Raffi after he‘s late again. Carly and Lily accompany Jack and Holden to Julia‘s memorial service. An irate Luke loses control at Julia’s memorial service after hearing Holden talk about how thoughtful Julia was. Paul and Jennifer talk about their problems with Mike, Rosanna and Barbara.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke still worried because she hasn't heard from Ridge. Stephanie tells her she's overeating and being paranoid, because the waiter at Café Rouse saw Ridge the night before. After Bridget tells Nick that Ridge still hasn't returned home he summons Amber to see if she's got him locked away somewhere. Amber denies knowing his whereabouts, and Nick warns her to stay away from the entire family or she'll answer to him. Morgan and Ridge arrive and get checked into their hotel in Italy. While he sleeps Morgan's mother comes to see her and tells her how much better off she is being rid of the Forrester family. While Morgan is occupied with her mother, Ridge answers his phone and Brooke tells him how worried she's been and asks where he is.

Days by Danielle

Belle declares that she and Shawn are through. Mimi tries to convince Belle to not give up on a relationship with Shawn. Belle feels that her time with Shawn is what caused Philip to volunteer for the mission; therefore it’s her fault that Philip may die. Jan denies having anything to do with the breakup of Belle and Shawn but Shawn doesn’t believe her. Hope catches Jan trying to entice Shawn to drive his newly fixed motorcycle with a suspended license and vows not to let Jan get away with her dangerous attempts to hold on to Shawn. Hope throws Jan out and confronts Shawn about his intentions with Belle. Shawn gets angry after denying Kate’s accusation to Hope and decides to take off on his motorcycle. Mimi tries to convince Belle to go after Shawn but she refuses. Billie apologizes for being so hard on Hope when Bo reminds her that Hope too has lost a child. Bo and Billie find Georgia’s baby footprints in a stack of papers and Bo faxes it over to the police lab but it turns out that the ink was too smeared to get a good reading.

Brady and Nicole come to check on John but find him gone and a note in his place. They assume that John is out scoring drugs and head out to look for John. They are unable to find him in the dives on the East Side so Nicole suggests that they split up and meet back in 20 minutes. John sees a vision of Marlena at the pier but it turns out to be Stan. John realizes that Stan looks familiar but Stan remains confident that John won’t turn “him” in as he vows to get revenge. Brady finds them just as Stan is offering John another bag of drugs. Marlena dreams of still being at the castle years from now and seeing her reflection as an old woman and of finding Roman’s corpse in bed next to her. Marlena fears that the dream is a prophecy of their future. Roman is adamant that they will get home but secretly feels the same as Marlena. Clone Jennifer confronts Jack and aims a gun at him. The real Jennifer hears Jack calling for her but can’t believe what she’s hearing so she leaves. Clone Jennifer pulls off her mask to reveal that she is one of Tony’s minions and wants Jack to come back to the castle with her but he refuses. Jack spots Jennifer through the window and watches as Jennifer returns after noticing that the lights inside the house are on. Jennifer decides that she left the light on for Abby and heads for her car. Jack knocks the gun away and punches out the clone before grabbing the gun, heading outside and calling for Jennifer but Jennifer drives away. Jack returns to the house to call Jennifer’s cell phone but is knocked out by the clone.

GH by Lisa

Sam admits to Reese that Jason is holding onto the hope that Michael is still alive. Michael survives the plane crash. Skye confronts Luke about his being a rapist and believes he is a damaged person. Skye tells Luke he is too destructive for her and says goodbye to a tortured Luke. Durant pressures Reese to get the evidence needed to send Sonny to prison. Carly asks Alcazar what he would do if he were in Sonny's place and is unsettled by his response. Reese offers Sonny the chance to turn State's evidence and start a new life with his family.

Lucky warns Luke that Sonny is going to have him killed. Skye fears Luke will dare Sonny to kill him instead of leaving town as he promised Lucky he would do.

GL by Elizabeth

Jonathan reports Reva’s behavior to Josh. Reva spends more time with Paul and realizes something while looking at photos of her family. Ross thanks Blake for being understanding about Dinah. Dinah and Edmund go through with the embryo implanting and then Edmund wonders what he has done. Ross finds out that his daughter may be in love with Cassie’s husband and confronts her about it. Reva goes to see her husband at the office and comes to a startling realization. Tammy sticks up for Jonathan when he gets in trouble with a security guard. The two also bond about things that have happened to them in the past.

OLTL by Suzanne

John is in a crummy mood when Evangeline joins him at the gym, but she cheers him up and they work together hitting the heavy bag.  Antonio tells Evangeline that he wants to fight dirty to win against R.J., but she tells him that he doesn't have to and that they will win anyway.  Blair awakens in the hospital, wondering where she is.  Jessica discovers the bruise on her face but can't remember how it got there.  She lies to Viki that she ran into a door; Antonio shows up uninvited and asks her how it happened.  Dorian is furious that Blair is still missing but Todd is alive, so she rants and raves in her kitchen while David tries to console and make pancakes.  They fight but make up.  Adriana overhears Dorian's rant and plots against the Buchanans, so she rants to Duke about it.  Kelly questions Kelly about what he and Todd were talking about.  He gets annoyed and it leads to an argument, but they make up.  Kevin finds out from Nigel that Asa wasn't really in a board meeting.  Bo checks in with Todd, who gives him all sorts of abuse about not finding Blair.  Bo gets suspicious about why Todd said he won't testify in court against Margaret.  Todd has to comfort Starr because she is so upset.  Todd's PI tells him that he found something of Blair's.

Passions by Shirley

More discussions were on hand today, as Theresa still tried to talk Whitney into wanting her baby and Whitney telling her there is no way. She decides she will leave town, have the baby, put it up for adoption, and get on with her life. Fox joins the discussion, trying to get Theresa to tell him what's bugging Whit, but he has no success. Whitney decides to ask him for help, but says the help she wants is for him to find Jane. He also has a talk with Ethan, telling him he will have to make up his mind who he loves and wants to be with sooner or later. Sam and Ivy face off over his decision to call Grace for help with Jessica, and Ivy may be talking herself right out of his life. Later, she and Eve face off as she warns the good doctor not to reveal what she knows or she risks losing the only friends she has left. Eve says at this point it doesn't really matter, leaving Ivy with a sinking feeling. Could it be bye-bye for Poison Ivy?

Luis and Beth face off over custody of Marty, with him wanting his rightful 1/2 custody and her dragging her heels. She doesn't seem to have much of a leg to stand on, however, but you know our Bethie, she is determined to win and get rid of Sheridan, too. The one thing she won't do is let Sheridan co-mommy Marty.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Brittany tearfully talked to Bobby about their love affair, and how devastated she now was by his betrayal. She said she wasn't sure things could ever be the same between them. Paul gave JT an assignment to go to Detroit to investigate Gloria. Phyllis politely reminded Dru that she could blow the lid off her paternity crisis anytime she wanted. Kevin and Daniel tried to figure out how best to spend the lottery cash, as Gloria interrupted them and realized something was up with Kevin. Alone, he admitted to her that he'd won the lottery, but that the ticket 'technically' belonged to Michael. Jack visited Nikki to ask about Victoria. Nikki was bothered by the conversation, so he left. When Victor came home, she brought up their daughter and Victor, realizing how hurt she was, made plans for them to fly to Italy immediately to see her. Ash gave Brad her blessing to pursue the CEO position at Jabot. When Brad went to Jack, he was not ready to make a commitment, but told Brad he would get back to him. When Phyllis gave Jack the contact info for Victoria in Italy, Jack made arrangements to fly out on the Chancellor Jet. Dru met with Nick, updated him on her division, and - once he'd admitted she was doing a great job - requested a contract so she'd have job security. Nick agreed, then told her to meet with Sharon ASAP to establish a good partnership.

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