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AMC by Jenn

Ethan plays the DVD that reveals that Edmund could walk and doesn't know what to tell Maria about it. Maria is trying to reunite with her children who have both been upset and blamed her for Edmund's death. Aiden informs Jack and Erica that he's afraid that whoever really killed Edmund might want to hurt Lily. He promises to have her guarded without her knowing.

Kendall and Greenlee are trying to figure out what to do about Jonathan and Braden both being suspects in drugging Greenlee and setting up Kendall and Ethan. Ryan tells Jonathan that they both need to stop covering for Braden and realize how sick their family is.

ATWT by Boo 

Paul is shocked to learn that Rosanna has filed papers to have him evicted from Fairwinds. He tells Emily that he will move back to his apartment. Barbara finally convinces Paul to help her keep Jennifer away from Craig. Craig opens the door to meet Henry's fist after Henry sees Jennifer leaving his room. Henry threatens to tell Katie his whole plan but Craig convinces him not to. Jennifer tries to tell Mike about her night with Craig, but she just can't do it. Jack and Holden learn about the drug charges against Julia. Jack is surprised to learn that Keith didn't use the charges to get JJ away from Julia. Lily panics when Will tells her that they found another print at Julia's. She insists that she must confess to Julia's murder no matter how much Will and Carly try to talk her out of it. Carly goes to the station with her. Lucinda finds the Gloves that Will has been trying to burn and questions him about it. Holden suspects that Lily is covering for Will.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke is worried because she still hasn't heard from Ridge. Bridget glows when she tells Brooke about the incredible time she had with Nick. On a flight, heading for Venice, Ridge tells Morgan that he doesn't remember who she is. Morgan tells him she loves him and he's going to be fine.

Days by Danielle

Rex, Mimi, Jan, Shawn, and Belle get word that the search for Philip has been suspended due to bad weather. Belle pushes Shawn away. Jan still believes that Shawn will come back to her, despite everyone’s, including Shawn, attempt to convince her otherwise. Bo and Billie receive word that the lock of hair matches Bo and Billie’s DNA and the lab tech is able to confirm that the previous owner of the hair is currently alive. Kate tries to drive a wedge deeper into Bo and Hope’s marriage so that Bo will return to Billie. Jack realizes that he has been with a Jennifer clone this whole time and asks the clone to prove herself by imitating Jennifer’s characteristic hair flip. The clone spies on the real Jennifer when she stops off at home to pick up a pie plate and watches her flip her hair. The real Jennifer spots Jack outside but isn’t sure of what she saw. Jack sees the Jennifer clone come out and pretend to be shocked at seeing him alive. Jack believes her to be the real Jennifer when she imitates the hair flip.

GH by Amanda

Dillon and Georgie wake with no regrets. Sonny assures Reese that she did all she could for his kids. Lorenzo and Jason by turns comfort for Carly when she breaks down. Emily and Monica lash out at Alan for continuing to villify Jason. Ric and Sonny share a brotherly moment. Liz worries about the wisdom of Lucky going to the memorial. Everyone gets through the memorial. However, Michael is alive on a train.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley, Gus, Buzz, and Zack rejoice in becoming a family again. Gus vows to never let Harley go again. Buzz asks Alan for a truce, but Alan refuses. Bill catches Alan in a vulnerable situation and offers his help. In return, Alan tells Bill about Olivia's deal using the Lewis building. Dinah pressures Edmund to let her carry the baby. At first, he thinks it is an insane idea. Cassie and Jeffrey talk about her problems with Edmund in between his performances. Jeffrey almost spills the beans about his feelings for her. Bill tries to advise Olivia with her problem. Olivia seeks more advice from Harley. Harley tells her that mothers need to do everything in their power to protect their children, even if it's wrong. Olivia get her answer and forwards the picture to Alan. Cassie calls Edmund to tell him that she's leaving. Edmund hears Jeffrey in the background and grows angry. After he hangs up with Cassie, he agrees to let Dinah carry the baby. They prepare for the procedure. Cassie leaves Springfield.

OLTL by Suzanne

Bo and the police show up on Riley's doorstep with a warrant to search the place. Daniel shows up and he gets into an argument with first Riley and then Bo. Paige is waiting for Bo so she advises Riley to fight for Jen. Bo tries to give Daniel advice about Riley. Daniel accuses Bo of fighting with him because he's marrying Nora. Bo denies it and calls him paranoid. Bo and Daniel want to talk to Jen, but she has been gone all night. Jen drinks tequila shooters at Rodi's. Rex pays someone to find something out about Paul's murder, using the same PI that Paul used. Natalie gives him a hard time about getting involved with shady stuff and is angry when he tells her that he stole parts of Paul's file from Bo's office. Antonio chats to Natalie about the weird stuff going on with Jessica lately. Natalie says the stalker sounds like a woman. Rex stops Jen from drinking and works on her. She admits they had fun. Natalie starts arguing with Jen, suggesting she is leading Rex on. Jen goes home and finds out what happened. She asks Riley if they are still going to be together and if he still believes her. He smells alcohol on her breath, but she lies that she didn't drink. He assures her that he believes in her and they will get proof that she's innocent. Paige and Bo go to Rodi's later; they feel sorry for Riley. Bo thanks her for putting up with his job but she is understanding.

Jessica confronts Julie in the park about what she said to Antonio. Julie is a bit scared by Jess' attitude. The man that Jessica dumped at Xanadu confronts her and ends up smacking her, so she uses a Tazer on him to get rid of him. She follows Julie and later gets into a limo she paid for. She chats with the driver when he expresses concern about her bruise, about how she can take care of herself. She brags about how she lived with Tico for months and used him but never had sex with him. She has to get dressed up more normally to go back in her house. Antonio is frustrated when he finds out that Jess won't allow any visitors, even him. He phones her again but she erases the message, saying it's another one that "Jessica" won't get. Meanwhile, John and Evangeline joke around a lot at his place and get to know each other better. She falls asleep as he is telling her that might be falling for her. He gets a phone call about a car accident where the dead victim is Julie.

Passions by Shirley

Today was discussion/argument day on the show. Theresa and Whitney discussed and argued the fact that Whitney can't let her baby die. Theresa says she can't live with Chad and she can't let the baby die. Whitney agreed she can't live with Chad, but still says the baby must die. Julian and Tabitha discussed and argued over custody of Endora. Julian wants to play his part in his daughter's life, but Tabitha says there's no need for that, they don't need him. Endora did her part by causing Tabitha's house to shake like crazy, even tossing a plate through the air and hitting Julian in the head with it. Julian still wants to be in his daughter's life, however. Luis and Beth discussed and argued over him getting half custody of Marty. He wants to have his son live with him half the time so Sheridan can have the baby she needs to get back to her old self, while Beth thinks she just needs to die and get it over with. Edna sneaks the boy in for a visit with his real mother while Beth and Luis argue.

Fox, Chad, and Ethan get together for drinks and a discussion of their success in destroying The Basement, but it ends up in a fight between Fox and Chad over Whitney, as usual. Ethan is stunned to learn Chad's idea.

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Jill advised Gloria not to trust Jack, or she'd regret it for the rest of her life. They agreed the Abbott children needed to be put in their place. John asked Michael if he believed Gloria was after his money only, but Michael insisted she seemed to genuinely love him. Kevin realized that the lottery ticket he'd purchased for Michael some time ago was actually a million dollar winner. Victor asked how Nick would feel if Victoria returned to the company. Nick wondered if this was actually a possibility, or just wishful thinking. Jack and Phyllis spent a romantic morning together, and she let it slip that Victoria might return to town. Jack asked her to get a contact number for Victoria, pretending it was to help Phyllis oust Drucilla, but secretly wanting to contact her for Jabot. Brittany refused to see Bobby, until talking to Nikki, who begged her to just talk to her husband. Brittany agreed, but insisted to Nikki that things with her and Bobby would never be the same.

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