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AMC by Jenn

Ryan and Greenlee reveal to Derek, to Maria and to Zach that they suspect Braden for trying to kill them, instead of Zach, regardless of the fact that Zach has confessed. But it is still a mystery if Zach killed Edmund. He still admits that he did. Ryan and Greenlee go to confront Ethan and Kendall with their discovery about Braden. Ethan says he told the truth that he witnessed Zach murdering Edmund and both he and Kendall think Ryan and Greenlee are nuts to be believing Jonathan about Braden shooting Ryan and drugging Greenlee. Simone goes to see Jonathan to investigate what is going on with him. But he refuses to tell her anything and demands she leaves him alone.

Babe asks Stuart if he would try to persuade JR to let her have more visitation of her son. Stuart admits that he doesn't want to help her because she's lied too many times and although she's suffered hardships, she ruined it for herself by failing to come clean and tell the truth. While watching Jamie trying to write a paper and get through school, JR informs him that he has a certificate of MBA and doesn't need to struggle in school the way Jamie has to. A dean comes to inform Jamie that because of what he's done by running off with Babe and committing a felony, he is permanently barred from the university.

ATWT by Eva

B&B by Leigh

Bridget and Nick continue on their romantic trip with Nick not knowing the destination she chose. Nick gives her a beautiful necklace and signs an imaginary card, "To Bridget … Love Nick." Thorne tells Eric he's fired Amber. Stephanie rips into Jackie for trying to get back into Massimo's life.

Days by Danielle

Patrick, believing Chelsea to be Jennifer, kisses her. Chelsea tells Patrick that her name is Angelica and gives him her number. Patrick accuses Eddie of drugging his drink but Eddie denies it. Abby tries to convince Chelsea that if Patrick wanted her, she wouldn’t have had to drug him but Chelsea insists on pressing her luck by dancing again. Billie is confident that the DNA will match but Hope still has her reservations. Billie leaves for the Cheatin’ Heart while waiting for the results. Chelsea, jealous that Patrick is talking to Billie, wants to spike her drink too. Abby takes the herbal mixture from Chelsea and dumps it out to keep her from doing so. Abby drags Chelsea home to keep from being spotted. Hope and Bo rush over to the bar to keep Billie out of trouble. Billie asks Chad, the bartender, to convince the cop she hit to drop the charges. Bo is angry when he finds Billie and Patrick together at the bar. Bo doesn’t believe that Patrick’s drink was drugged because Eddie is nowhere in sight. Bo gets upset when Hope believes Patrick. Billie, Bo, and Hope head back to the hospital to get the DNA results.

John blames himself for Belle’s problems. John comforts Kate as she worries about Philip. John, frustrated that his pain keeps him in bed, considers taking the drugs. Kate walks in but John hides the pill in his hand. After Kate leaves again, John gives in and takes the pill. Jan continues to blackmail Mimi in order to get her to help get Shawn back. Jan denies to Mimi about ever having kept Shawn locked up. Shawn refuses to leave Belle alone but she persists. Belle asks Mimi’s advice on whether she should keep Shawn out of her life. Mimi advises Belle to follow her instincts, reluctantly convincing Belle that it would look bad for her to move on with Shawn. Shawn returns to his loft and Jan tries to convince him to return to her. Shawn has a flashback of being held captive and tells Jan that he knows what she did to him. Shawn explains his memories but Jan pretends that they are only his sex fantasies.

GH by Lisa

Faith dies before she can tell Sonny anything more. Reese takes Alcazar to the police station where he insists to Carly that he isn't involved in the kidnappings. Carly believes Alcazar's claim that he's innocent. Sonny becomes angry at Carly for believing Alcazar. Ric and Jason begin to suspect that Alcazar is telling the truth. Jason and Reese find the triggerman who shot Faith but Jason is forced to shoot him dead in an act of self defense. Sonny absolves Brook Lynn of any guilt over the kidnappings. Sam and Courtney fear that Michael is dead.

Jax becomes momentarily suspicious when Rachel tries to fuel his jealousy over seeing Courtney with Jason. Rachel wants to have Jax for herself. Courtney becomes emotional while thinking about Michael and Jax doesn't think he's the right man to help her. Rachel covers her tracks when Steven catches her with AJ's file at the hospital. Skye overhears Elizabeth and Lucky talking and learns about Emily's rape. A concerned Skye reaches out to Emily without revealing what she knows. Skye voices her hatred of rapists while promising Elizabeth she won't tell Emily what she knows. Skye hears an argument between Luke and Lucky and learns that Luke raped Laura.

GL by Elizabeth

Olivia goes to Alexandra for help. Webster proves he is telling the truth. Harley has to make a choice between accepting the plea and going back to court. Alan lets Olivia know that she could be the next person that the DA tries to imprison for Phillip’s murder. He makes it clear that she will go to prison or Harley will. Michelle misinterprets a situation. Marina helps Danny move into his new apartment. Tony confronts Michelle, letting her know he realizes she is having memories. Lizzie tries to make Coop jealous by bringing another guy around.

OLTL by Suzanne

Nigel, Todd, Duke, Adriana, Kelly, Dorian, and Kelly are all over at Asa's, helping to answer the Blair hotline.  They still wonder what Asa's up to.  Asa gets a phone call from the homeless junkie, Eddie, that has Blair and arranges to meet with him under the bridge.  Asa has a funny fantasy where he rescues Blair and everyone thanks him.  He goes to meet with Eddie but pulls a gun on him rather than giving him the promised $1 million.  Asa remembers many times when Blair was mean to him, so he decides instead of saving Blair, he will do something else.

When RJ and Lindsay go to the diner, Carlota orders them out.  RJ and Carlota argue, and he tricks her into implying that Antonio abandoned Jamie, which he has recorded.  Antonio and Jessica finish their evening with a kiss at her house.  Later, she sneaks out, all dressed up in a sexy way again, and goes back to the nightclub.  She runs into the guy from the other night but tells him that was a one-night thing.  RJ takes Lindsay to the same place and is pleased to see Jessica acting slutty, knowing he can use this against Antonio.  Meanwhile, Marcie and Michael have a nice chat and grow closer again.  At the Love House, they meet up with the other Love House people to plan Hudson's memorial.  They get pizza and beer, leaving Julie and Marcie to talk (mostly about Michael).  Julie gets called away to have drinks with her boss.  She sees Jessica at the club and is shocked.

Passions by Shirley

Sam is ready to go find and kill Randy for what he did to Jessica, but Ivy and Julian talk sense into him. He sends Ethan, Fox, and Chad to the nightclub to tear it apart while he goes to find Randy and arrest him. He gets more than he bargained for when he does, however, but it's nothing he isn't happy to deal with. Meanwhile, Whitney and Theresa are still talking about Whitney's feelings for her baby and the fact it is her half-brothers, with Theresa trying to convince her friend she can't possibly want it to die. All seems well until mention is made of Whit and Chad living together and Whit can't decide if she wants to or not, to the dismay of her lifelong friend.

Luis manages to get Sheridan to the hospital, where Eve's prognosis for her future doesn't seem good. Beth brings Marty to be checked out at Luis' insistence and her upset at that is added to the upset at having Sheridan still alive. Julian lets Tabitha know he wants to be more active in Endora's life, and Ivy notices the exchange. Later, Tabby wonders what the snoopy Ivy has planned for them. Martin still won't commit to Pilar as to whether he is willing to go back to their old life pre-Katherine, and the other woman is still trying to talk Gwen into bringing the baby back to Theresa, with no success.

Y&R By Patricia  **One Day Ahead

Neil and Drucilla threw Devon a surprise party, which he fought against until Neil gave a speech about the importance of family, and about it being time for Devon to realize he was part of one now. Devon accepted the party, agreed to call Olivia 'aunt', and thanked everyone for what they'd done for him. Ash and Jack told Brad about John hiring Gloria at Jabot, admitted they were concerned about their inheritance, and begged him to keep an eye out on their behalf. Brad later suggested to Jill that they join forces to knock Jack off the throne he'd claimed as his own. Gloria warned Kevin they needed to control the revelation of the truth of their family connection. She also insisted the more involved in John's life she became, the harder it would be for him to sever ties if things didn't work out once the truth was out. Ash later confronted Gloria about her private meeting with Michael, insisting they had much to discuss. Bobby blasted JT for telling Brittany about the kiss with Nikki. Brittany and Nikki went to war about the same topic, and Brittany - after heatedly attacking Nikki's character and intentions, was seized by stomach pains. Nikki rushed her to the hospital.

Dru tells Lilly that she will not apologize any more about what happened with her and Malcolm. Lilly reluctantly helps plan Devon's surprise party. Neil continues to wonder about Lilly's rude behavior. Gloria pays a visit to Michael only to find Kevin there. When Kevin calls her 'mom' she quickly reminds him that no one knows her relationship to him and Michael. She tells him of her new job at Jabot and promises to let the world know that she is their mother when the time is right. Devon isn't happy about the surprise party and attempts to leave. Neil and Dru have a very touching talk with the boy and finally are able to reach him. He agrees to rejoin the party and finally tells them that he knows now he is a part of their family. Jill remembers Jack telling her that she can only work at Jabot if she is part of the cleanup crew. J.T. tells Bobby that he saw him and Nikki making out and admits that he told Brittany this news. The two almost come to blows over this. Brittany confronts Nikki at the ranch about wanting her husband. When she doubles over in pain, Nikki rushes her to the hospital.

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